356. The time is now!

Let’s look at the cycle again for a moment, the great year in cubits was 135717.12 and the ark of Noah was 235.62. When we look at how it travels the galactic ocean we divide 13571712 by 23562 and we get 576. Or the 8, 4 above and 4 below, in other words the fourthly nights and fourthly days, it also refers to the 40 years wandering in the desert. Now if we divide the great year into its 12 parts we get 1130976 and each sign is 30 degrees so divided by 30 we get 3769.92. Most will not recognize this number but it was given as end date by Nostradamus, but it is a period as when we divide it by the cubit we get 72 which equals one degree. So 1130976 divided by 52.36 is 2160. But as the earth spins we move through them (the signs) on a daily basis, also the sun and planets. But the accurate nodal points are only known when seen through and upon the tree.

Which means one thing! That the tree of 576 is the tree of knowledge! The crown that fell to earth is of course the upside down pentagram and its vessel of 288 sparks, the other 288 are of course in heaven and belong to the tree of life. This is the image shown in another article with a pentagram pointing up and one pointing down. Or 5 and 5 the 10 saphira. What does that mean? That the kabbalah teaches you, or attempts to teach you, the tree of knowledge.

And I have shown you the tree of life all this time while I spoke of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. Now I’ll show you about the safety of the ark, when it’s time to enter. The tree of life is 480. So 135717.13 divided by 480 is 282744 and when we divide this by 12 we get the ark 235.62 of Noah which is equal to 54. Now where are the 5 and 4 located on the tree? The top and bottom of the vesica piscis often depicted with a saint in the middle. So instead of 45 it’s 54.

Now what does that mean, it means the reverse of the flow or field. Much like the earth is undergoing right now. So if you study the previous article you’ll be able to understand what needs to happen and your task ahead. Each degree of the tree of life 235.62 divided by 30 is 78.54 and it takes from there on 5 degrees for the story to be completed as 5 x 78.54 is 3927.

And as you know 39 books in the old and 27 in the new testament.

Today I saw an article about water, by examining individual drops of water at an incredible high magnification, scientists have been able to physically see that each droplet of water has its own individual microscopic pattern, each distinguishable from the next and uniquely beautiful. Testing reveals possible memory functions of liquid water. But what they do not realize is that it’s not in its molecular structure but in the field surrounding it. The torus field. Therefore these patterns are 3D locations, whereby each location and combination has a specific value. This energy pattern is much like the bigger torus of for instance the solar system where the planets take in a position. This of course is in turn a reflection of the bigger one again. The effect upon the earth is like that of unique snowflakes, it’s the principle of memory.

You’ve seen the number pattern on the torus, each number/letter has its own charge/force, frequency and they form the image, feeling and the way it/you respond.
This is also the basis of how homeopathy works, whereby there are no traceable molecules left except its code. Written upon the torus. Consider your field, the aura, it too reveals your inner state.

Now I’ve said that all major religions derive from the same source and they all carry the same message and knowledge. While the truly old languages are layered like Hebrew, Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian and a few others, some did hide at least one of the layers. And at first look they may seem different, like Buddhism or those of the Mayan culture, some have used different vehicles, different stories. But when we kind of overlay them we start to see that they are of the same source. This time we have a quick look at the Bhagavata purana. As you know they talk of numbers etc. But for this purpose I only mention the outer story, Krishna and Christs birth were both predicted by astrologers. When both were born all the children were killed in their village by someone who feared they lose their power over their land. One was a shepherd the other a cow herder. Before their birth an angel appeared to foretell their birth, in the case of Krishna it was mahavishnu who appeared before devaki and vasudeva to let them know their child was his incarnation. The unfavourable birth place, one a stable the other a prison. Both conception and birth were miraculous. Jesus was tempted by Satan, Krishna by demons. Stories of healing a crippled woman and many more.

We have the same happening in other creation stories, even the story of Moses in a basket floating along the river. And all of them make references to the stars and zodiac. But they all describe how it works within you and the universe and the path that needs to be taken, but none is better than the other without full comprehension. Which can be seen in the state of the world until the science of religion is revealed and realized that they never really exercised their free will. Not realizing that they have always eaten of the tree of knowledge. Always believed ego, always looked at the wall in the cave even when they thought they could turn around.

When the call comes, who owns your will?

Moshiya van den Broek