354. Quantum coherence

I usually speak about the structure or blueprint of creation, but this template, like a fractal, is filling all space and describes the all, and the all describes you. What science calls quantum coherence, we assign to gods Omni presence. It’s only spooky action in a distance because it wasn’t known how it was all connected.

Like the snake and the story of Adam and Eve we are so conditioned to see the fruit of which she took to be a real fruit and snake, nearly unable to see them in any other way. When you search the internet you’ll find all sorts of discussions as to what type of tree or fruit it was, from fig to apple, never seeing them as symbolic, we are so blinded by our conditioning. Just take the Fibonacci sequence and its spiral. We recognize it in flowers, trees, shells and we see it in galaxies in the small and very large, wouldn’t it then be logical that it is in some way that it must be connected, a kind of universal law? We see spheres throughout the universe, we see Pi expressing itself in all sorts of ways just like the golden ratio, and there are many more and they must in some way be kind of interwoven. We know that the torus is part of it too just as the electromagnetic field. But both religious organizations as well as scientists are unwilling to look at other fields of research, or other religions to see if there is something linking them. Perhaps of fear that theirs is the least or less important and then lose their grant or fame.

They have tried to create life in laboratories, but did they ever include those laws that are in every living thing or being? Or see if those other religions are just different in a symbolic way? No, all they do is point out that the others are wrong and theirs is the only true one. Even science and religion were once one. And due to it the ancients had an understanding of what historians and others now wonder how they knew.

Now there was a video about the ark of covenant where some so called specialists were talking about its contents and the question they could not answer was if both the two sets of stone round tablets, the first that were broken and the second pair, were put in it or not. Now as long as they haven’t found it they will never be able to tell, unless of course you know where to find it.
So let’s see if we can find it.

If you studied the articles you will know that these round tablets are representing the tree, and the tree is in the garden with the animals or in other words the zodiac. Now let’s look at the measurements given for the ark of covenant: 1.5 by 1.5 by 2.5 cubit, and as you know the royal cubit is 52,36 so the sum is 78.54 × 78,54 × 130,9 = 2945.25. Now in one of the articles you’ll have noticed that the zodiac is not 25920 but actually 25918.2 (1.8 missing, but that is a story for another time). What I can tell you is that the circumference of the circle turns 1.5 times in the bigger zodiac circle and the other circle too. So there you have your 1.5 by 1.5. See if you can figure out the 2.5. But let’s move on, the zodiac 25918.2 divided by the sum of the ark 2945.25 = 88. And the 8 is the tree made up of two circular stones so 8 8 means two sets. Which of course is correct. Just as there are two trees in the middle of the garden.

Perhaps it’s better to give you a little hint as to the third 8, that is also in an ark, but this time it’s in the ark of Noah. And perhaps it starts to dawn on you that the reason why Christ as mentioned in the new testament is related to 888.

So let’s look at the ark of Noah, it was 300 x 50 x 30 = 45000, but they were cubits so we multiply it by 0,5236 so the ark’s real measure is 235.62.

Now the galactic ocean that the ark travelled on and collected the animals from is of course the zodiac of 25920 but again we need to convert it to cubits 25920 x 0.5236 = 13571712. So let’s see the ark being 235.62 and divide the zodiac 13571712 by the ark, the answer is 576.

So now let’s look at the other tree, with its circumference of 480. It fits 54 times in the zodiac and if we divide it by the 8 we get 3.1416 Pi. Now without revealing too much I want you to recall when I said that a bendy river’s length against a direct line between the start and finish has a ratio of 3,1416. Now recall the curling snake and the staff.

In other words there is a science to free will and enlightenment.

Moshiya van den Broek