353. The secret doorway

In the Sever Yetzirah chapter 1:1 it states, he created the universe with 3 books/separim.
The sepher, with text.
The sephar, with number.
The sippur, with communication.
And all 3 are written upon a structure. This will be shown in article 360 although it can be found in parts throughout the other articles and it is more beneficial to read them in order to get a bigger understanding before trying to comprehend it in article 360. But those who did will grasp what they have before them.
It is only through the study and practice of these 3 that we are able to grasp the true meaning, purpose and task before us.

In a previous article I’ve shown you that the story of Adam and Eve is not as it is translated in the bibles that are translated, and that Eve’s temptation was an emotional one, a feeling she was led by. Your gut that communicates and drove her desire. All these energy centres along the spine and its energy points are influenced by both internal as external, your senses pick up data and it translates it through what it has collected before into personalized ideas of what it picked up. But it also picks up the frequencies of light, the seven rays that from the zodiac are fuelling the planets and through them you. All in line with your birth make up and conditioning.

It causes base charges, or emotional sensitivity, and regulates enzymes and hormones.
Through the pineal gland, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, this regulates many functions in the body. Now science says they are sensitive to diet and toxins but what they do not mention is that they are effected by light. And each part of the spectrum has a different effect. Here are a few: hunger, thirst, fatigue, emotions, stress, sleep, rage, survival, sexual activity, electrolyte water/salt growth, weight, body temperature, insulins, to name a few. Both the hypothalamus and pituitary glands are tightly connected and between them they secrete 16 hormones. The pituitary gland has two parts, the anterior and the posterior, whereby the first regulates the thyroid (metabolism), follicle stimulating (release oestrogen ,testosterone and progesterone), prolactin(milk), adrenocorticotropin (related to stress), melanocyte (skin pigmentation) and human growth hormone (growth and development).
The posterior pituitary gland stores and secretes two hormones found in the brain. Oxytocin (birthing, bonding, socialization, behaviour and emotions) and Vasopressin (an anti-diuretic hormone).
And finally the Pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye. Today most doctors understand that one of the reasons the pineal gland is important is because it produces melatonin, which regulates circadian rhythm and induces sleep, and interestingly, the gland needs darkness to secrete melatonin. Sleep disorders are often due to not enough full spectrum daylight or darkness during the evening, but also factors such as excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields and calcification caused by the accumulation of fluoride, but it also plays a significant role in sexual maturation, seasonal effective disorder and depression.

This is one of the reasons why I say to print out an article to read and study, as blue light from computer, cell phone and tablet screens have an effect on perception too.

Now apart from the effect of light on the above mentioned, there is also that fact that it has what is known as DMT, something that is found in most animals and plants, and shamans subtract it from the vine and used to go into altered states of consciousness. Another is “mfcut” or manna used by priests and mentioned in the bible several times. Monotonic gold, the alchemy, now used by people but a warning is in place here, without having established the necessary balance within themselves the effects are like dreams no matter how real they seem, and they find their basis in personal ideas, and this is the least dangerous side effect.

But let’s get back to Adam and Eve, and the snake, the fallen angel which was gods favourite angel. Many ask how it is possible that he had fallen, and questions arise asking if gods work wasn’t as perfect as he said (and he saw it was good). As explained half was taken from Adam, who according to the records was both male and female, and also having explained feeling and thinking/mind. And blind desire let her to listen to feeling. But angels were not male/female so how then could it have happened? For that we need to understand that we have the tendency to take what we read by face value. In other words the snake was a real snake, even though we understand the angel appeared as a snake. But when god sent him into the world of matter he was in-capsulated. He is the kundalini, that is without legs and had to crawl on his belly, this means he did not have senses, no eyes, ears etc. So he needs to live through you. And as your nodal points or chakras were imprinted with your base characteristics at birth by the 7 rays as explained in previous articles, it/“he” was and is drawn to the left and right, the good and evil.

And so it caused the impulse that led Eve to follow him/the feeling – desire. Some think that god turned away and did not prevent it, as a test of freewill which was a possibility given to humanity. And most of humanity even today think they apply this free will, but as long as we listen to feeling and mind, we are still eating from the tree of knowledge and do not apply free will, which is between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.

Just remember that the tree shown in the image is not the correct one and is just to give you the idea. Now this energy that flows through it is also the aura, just like a torus field of an electromagnetic field, and the colours within the field are related to the condition of or state of being. When there is for instance a strong emotional impulse, the snake is curled up and the flow stagnates or alters its field/colour. Now to get a better idea it’s good to take the right trees and place them in the garden, the zodiac.

Moshiya van den Broek