352. Hidden treasures

In one of the articles I spoke of the language before the fall of Babylon and told you that the first language was numbers, but of course numbers are letters too, but each letter has a meaning, represents something, it’s concept driven. Knowledge that is lost, let’s look at a few examples.

The letter A (1) stands for strength/leader and the letter B (2) stands for house. So AB stands for leader of the house. We can still see this root in the word Abba meaning father.

Now let’s look at the letter H which means breath/spirit so if we place the H in between the A and B we get the Hebrew word for love or in other words the essence of the father.

And it was said that Abram would from now on be called abraHAm, the same was with Sara which became Sarah. Now in most translations it says that god did tell Abraham to count the stars, but as you might have expected, it was done without the knowledge of the old language. In Hebrew the word for to count is caphar and means to score, to mark as a tally, to record, to inscribe and it comes from the root meaning book or scroll.

When you look at the old Hebrew letters you can see that their shape is related to their meaning, A for instance looks like a bulls head. A bull as a sign of strength. The picture of the letters below will show you that if you know the meaning of the individual letters/numbers you would be able to understand a great deal of the language.

Getting back to the structure for a moment. As above so below, you’ve all heard this expression, but as in large so in small you likely never heard before, especially as science too is unable to join the two. This is one of the biggest quests of science and the reason why they are coming up with some weird theories. Why do I bring this up? Because the bible has both too, a short version and a larger detailed version, as a matter of speaking. The Jewish do not accept anything but the Torah, but I’ll show you the short version of the whole bible in the Torah. For that we need to go to the genealogy from Adam to Noah.
The names are transliterated nowadays, not translated.
If we do with the knowledge explained above we get best.

Adam = men (Is)
Seth = appointed
Enosh = mortal
Kenan = sorrow (but)
Mahalalel = the blessed god
Jared = shall come down
Enoch = teaching /commencement
Methuselah = his death shall bring
Lamech = despairing
Noah = comfort/rest

So men is appointed sorrow but the blessed god shall come down teaching, his death shall bring (the) despairing comfort. In any other order it would not make any sense. Now I could go a step further and show you the numbers and the ages given to go a step further but it should be clear, it’s already telling the story of Jesus Christ, his death and our sins forgiven to bring comfort.

What else do the letters/numbers do? They show that the translations to the different languages have lost the essence and through it, our ways.

I was reading the story of Adam, both as letter as well as number and came to the bit where it said that god took a rib of Adam and created Eve, but clearly the story didn’t match the sequence and such a mistake has great consequences as you will see. For this let’s go to the book of the generations of Adam.

In the day that god created man in the likeness of god made he him male and female created he them blessed them and called their name Adam, in the day they were created. Both male and female he made Adam. Checking the word for rib in Hebrew showed the correct word is side or half.

It reminds me of proverbs 25-2. It is the glory of god to conceal a thing but it is the honour of kings to search out the matter.

So it will be clear that there is an order of events which is of course reflected above, as in as above so below. Here I like to mention psalm 19:1-4 the heavens declare the glory of god, and the firmament sheweth his handy work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world…

What will be interesting to some of you is the fact that the zodiac names are more or less the same for most cultures over thousands of years. Now there are 12 classical clusters/constellations that are on the ecliptic, and you have the path of the sun in a year, then we have the equinoxes where the day and night are of equal lengths and the winter and summer solstice where they are furthest away. The zodiac or mazzaroth and the stars in the constellations all have names (mentioned in PS 147:4 and Isa 40:26). Zodiac comes from the Greek sodi which means The way, the oldest found to present is in the temple of Denderah.

Now I told you that each sign of the zodiac has 3 decans. Let’s have a look.

Vergo, the virgin
Coma, the infant, the desired one
Centaurus, the dart piercing a victim
Booted, the great Shepard and harvester
Libra, the scales
Crux, the cross
Luis or Victim, pieces to death
Corona, the crown
Serpents, the serpent
Ophiuchus, wrestling with the serpent biting him in the heel while he has his foot on his head Hercules, the mighty man
Lyra, an eagle holding a lyre
Ara, the altar
Dragon, the dragon, the old serpent
Sagitta, the arrow
Aguilar, the eagle
Delpinus, the dolphin
Picks austrialis, the southern fish
Pegasus, the winged horse
Cygnus, the swan
The band
Andromeda, a woman in chains
Cepheud, a crowned king
Cassiopeia, a woman enthroned
Cetus, the sea monster, bound by the lamb
Perseus, armed and mighty man
Orion, a glorious prince
Eridanus, Orion’s river
Auriga, the shepherd
Lepus, the hare or serpent
Canis major, the great dog
Canis minor,
Procyon the second dog
Ursa minor, the lesser sheepfold
Ursa major, the greater sheepfold
Argo, the ship
Hydra, the fleeing serpent
Crater, the cup or wrath
Covus, the raven, bird of doom

Now there are many stories around those characters in every culture with slight variations in some cultures. Now many think they just build stories around them, but that’s where the warning came in not to meddle with astrology, the reason for this is because they did not know the movement of the wheels that penned down the story line. Yes the eights or the trees in the middle of the garden.

Now as said all stars have names, like in Virgo in her left hand she holds alpha: spice ( ear of corn) in Egypt aspolia ( the seed) in Hebrew tsemech ( branch) of the 20 Hebrew words translated branch only tsemech is exclusively used for the messiah (Her 23:5_6 ; zech 3:8,6:12 ; isa 4:2).
The promised seed of the woman (gen 3:15).
With a branch in her right hand and ears of corn in the left (John 12:21-24).

Now let’s have a look at Libra, Hebrew: monzanaim, the scales, weighing. Arabic, al zubena, purchase, redemption. Alpha: Zuben all genubi, price deficient (PS 49:7;62:9) and Beta: Zuben all chemali, price which covers (Rev 5:9) Gamma: Zuben all akrab, price of conflict! Towards Centaurus and victim slain.

The decans, the cross, the crux in Hebrew is adom, cut off (Dan 9:26).
Lupus, or victim,in Hebrew is Asedah, to be Slain. In Egyptian sura ‘l, is a lamb (Heb 53:7).
Then corona, the crown, bestowed (Heb 2:9). In Hebrew atarah is a royal crown (rev 5:9; my 27:29, has 1:12, zech 9:16).
Leo, the lion, in Hebrew is Arieh, lion is associated with the tribe of Judah.

Now I could continue with the references but I am sure you get the drift so to speak. The heavens declare the glory of god.

But let’s go back to the male and female called Adam, and understanding what it implies when he took a side of Adam, he took the female side of Adam to create Eve, Eve by the way translated means manin. Or made of man and has a fragment of man. Which as you will know is correct, like our left and right brain, but also hormonally and the female side is more feeling driven while the male is more mind driven.

Now women often talk about feeling, intuition etc., but feeling and intuition are based on what it has collected through experience, the buckets or emotions. Now why does the bible say that woman must be led by the man? Because feeling must link to mind so that it can be known instead of “I feel something but I can’t fully explain”. But be careful, as you have come to understand our collective experiences are of the tree of knowledge and are unable to see the whole truth. They can only see through the limited points of view.

But through connecting it with mind we become more balanced, more insightful, in other words we start to see our limitations, how we come to judge situations through those limited collections of experience of which were are often not conscious of and the reason why we call them intuition as if they come from a higher source, while they were merely from the collection of past.
But men too are blinded, I suggest you look at what and how the two hemispheres of the brain work and the feeling body.

Now let’s see what god also said, he gave you freewill. Does that mean you can apply it? NO. Now many of you would say “but I can!” All you can is choose between good and evil, “well there you go, see we can!” Well perhaps you’ve forgotten that the tree of knowledge is the tree of good and evil, the one of which he said you’d surely die if you eat of it. Let me explain: the tree of good and evil from which you choose is only a relative and conditioned point of view, therefore god’s love which is the purest of feeling isn’t split into emotions, as emotions are like the white light that is fragmented into the different colours that are limitations or blindness, just look at anger, it’s because you don’t understand why he or she…… or fear… the unknown etc.
So what about good? Are they not relative too? You might think your action is good but can you oversee everything? Think of the butterfly that flaps its wings that could cause a hurricane on the other side. You don’t know how far your actions reach.
God’s love is full of wisdom, in fact they are one and the same. So if you practice what you consider free will you’re still dancing around the tree of knowledge. And that’s not what god meant with free will, what he meant was the choice between the tree of knowledge and the tree of life!

So as long as you identify with that “I”, the I think, I feel, live life through this limited point of view, you really don’t use gods free will that he has given you, and now you may ask yourself who is really walking the spiritual path? Who dares to say: I am a born again…..? Who am I, who is this I?

Ever wondered why none of the true enlightened speak of what it’s like? And a warning here, don’t be fooled by those who give lip service, who say they can’t tell you anything, because one thing they can tell you is what it takes to get on the path. God’s life force flows through you. But this little “I” drains it and replaces it in the heart with conditioned feeling which discolours and depletes it. The pure of heart have god’s love/wisdom flowing through it, like an endlessly flowing spring.

Moshiya van den Broek