32. 3 layers and a window on top of the ark, one cubit

How many of you have taken a look at all that I have previously given about the ark? And how many took the book at hand and have done the math? Very few, so it is time to do so now and keep your star of beth-le-hem at hand next to it.

Before you read the story of Noah again, look up the article where I do mention 188. This number as explained is one step before 99.

Do you recall how you got to 1188 and still recall a little what it means? Do you grasp its relation to only being able to go as high as? I will show you now that this 1188 also belongs in the story of the ark.

Now take your star of beth-le-hem and look at the middle where you see the 4 and 5 together 4+5 makes 9. So the length thereof is 9. Let’s see if this is correct.

The ark was 300x50x30=45, divide 45 by 9=5, multiply by 9=405, look at the star of Bethlehem closely. Then multiply the 300 by the cubit=15708, divide this by 9=1745,333333
Now try to remember where this 17 belongs, and the 45 should be clear.

Now let’s move to the height thereof, 30 cubit but a window of one cubit so 30 minus 1 =29,
29 times the cubit.
29×52,36=151844. Now everything is in 3 here, so let’s see.
Can you place these 3? 15, 18 and 44?
The lower circle is divided by 15 remember?
The 18 should be clear to you by now and the 44?
The 8 divided by two. Now let’s see 15×18(=27)x44=1188.

But the deck was divided by 3 layers.





The 5 and 6 is easy, the zero in between as you see in the drawing as well, the 666 as you see this one 3rd of the ark. One section for mankind.



Moshiya van den Broek