351. Thinker and seeker are brothers on the road

As their journey leads them through the desert and they were getting dehydrated, thinker spots an oasis. “Let’s get out of the sun for a while and sit under those palm trees and enjoy the cool shade.” thinker said, seeker agreed. While they sat under the palm tree they saw a woman who carried a jug with water. Seeker greeted her and asked if she knew a magus who knows the truth. “My master knows of such a magus.” she said. At that moment she offered thinker and seeker some fresh water. “Thank you so much, so does your master now know the truth? And did he offer it to you?” “No, the magus lives in the mountains and the path is full of danger and I am too scared to fail and fall of it and my master fears it too.” “May we ask you to take us to your master so he may point us in the right direction?” “Yes, I will take you to him.” And thinker got up and rolled up his carpet and joined seeker and the woman. By night fall they arrived at the house of her master, who welcomed them in and offered them food and shelter for the night. But seeker could hardly wait and asked his host about the magus. “Have you ever met him?” “No, but I’ve seen those who did.” “And? Were they given the truth?” “I only know that some come down from the mountain glowing like a lamp and others ran down the mountain like they had seen evil itself.” “What did they say they saw exactly?” “That all their fears, all their insecurities came true.” “So what about those that returned glowing as if the light of truth shone from within? How did they overcome those terrible dangers on the way to the top?” “Insecurity is the clay that creates the monsters and fear is the fuel that energizes them one said. They are the destructive force that kills dreams. They make garden hoses appear to be snakes.”

A good house master remains alert, so when burglars try to enter his house he is prepared. His house is not cluttered with what ifs, no dust of doubt left in drawers, no fears brushed under the carpet. Selfless love rules his house. Those make it to the top. The others run to their death.

Let’s look at the technical side of what we call the subconscious. If our neural pathways are used on a regular basis the chemistry of the body makes a myelin sheet around the pathways of our neurons that serves to increase the electrical communication between neurons. So what does that mean in simple words? The more frequent you have a particular thought, the more likely you’ll have similar type of thoughts, the path of least resistance. This comes in handy when we have daily tasks such as walking or a job we need to do frequently. They are like automated. But when we experienced something that caused an emotion like fear or insecurity and we’ve let those feelings control our thoughts, or in other words identified with them, the same thing happens and these pathways become dominant. Habits and personality are built that way. This network is linked to all senses and as these pathways are easier for the signals to flow through they are also preferable pathways, in other words they are conditioned and take the path, see, hear, feel etc. to their liking. It makes you see the garden hose as that snake.

What’s more, it makes your thoughts and actions to fit the conditioning, attracting that what you fear or what causes you to be insecure about. “I am not good enough”, so your attitude already puts you in a negative state, building even more myelin, and this negative energy you radiate out. And as it happens unconsciously such person sabotages the outcome through those automatic controls. Our thoughts which drive our actions are aligned too and strengthen those lines of thoughts. It is what causes you to fail your diet and take that cookie, cigarette, ice cream or another portion.

Now I like to bring up revelation 14:3: And they were singing a new song before the throne and before the 4 living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

So no one can learn that song. You might think that it’s about the words more than anything else, but it’s all about the right tune, the right frequency through a state of being. Only then does one know the how to and order of tune.

We know that the solfeggio were found in the bible, but that still doesn’t show where they come from or are based upon. Just as the 3.6.9. Yes, lots of juggling with the numbers and many theories but it was not until I revealed them and the 7 days of creation in the article ‘Primetime’.

I bring this up because these relate to the state of being. To explain this we have to go back to ego and the heart. As you might recall ego can only be alive if it recognizes of itself which is through the emotions/feelings. It doesn’t care through which emotion or emotions it can draw its life force from. These feelings were built up from the experiences through you, it fed you with thoughts and feelings based upon past judgements. I suggest you read the articles that go into greater detail, but for the purpose of what I am about to explain it will not need the in-depth understanding, but it will if you want to reach the doorway. So let’s continue, ego as said previously needs energy and it does so through you, it does not care about right or wrong, all it cares about is feeding you so it can feed itself, and it will do so by any means. It will gain energy through your highs as well as through your lows, it will lift you up and gain, and the higher he lifts you the deeper you fall from which he gains energy too. And he builds his power over you by simply making sure you identify with the thoughts and feelings it brings up through the conditioned past experiences, which once coloured then become the eyes and ears that judge the next moment. Now the bible tells you not to trust the heart, why is that? It’s because the heart is the centre of feeling, so when these feelings enter the heart it will drain the love that flows in. That love is the life force. So when the heart is free of those impure feelings and in harmony with the love that is the life force then you can give without ever draining it, that is what we call unconditional love. If on the other hand the heart is not pure and has those ego feelings then it will consume the life force, and that what flows from it will trigger other egos too and so keep his kingdom alive. Perhaps this way you’ll start to see that you can’t judge others without judging yourself. And a pure heart will become the fountain of life, playing the right tune.


Moshiya van den Broek