31. 3 major keys

Some time ago a student was desperate to understand the whole, and said you need to show me how it all works.
So if ever there were something to happen to you it would not be lost again.

When I told him not to worry and in time you will get to understand it, he at that time thought that I did not wish to share it with him. Naturally he now does see it differently, it is not that I do not wish to share it with him or every one of you. Some even thought I wanted to keep it to myself so you would depend on me for it. This is as far from the truth as you could imagine. Once you find truth within you and find G-D, then the love is so complete and full that all you can do and be is a vessel that overflows. There is no greater gift than to give, but man thinks through ego’s eyes and does not know that the truth is bigger than the capacity of the brain. This seeing the whole can only be done with the whole and for this you need to find the whole in you.
I provide you with bridges so the truth may recognize of itself in you, so you may learn to open up to it (I can show you the way but you still need to walk the walk).

And more importantly, one should only have such powerful tools if ego is overcome. The danger that would be there if ego would have such knowledge can be seen in those organisations that have only rudimentary bits of it and they run your world.

To them I am the greatest threat, I am here to kill the ego, and yes to replace it with the biggest gift one could ever get, true free will and all the riches you would ever need.

It has been foretold that my father’s kingdom will come, his will be done. There are not going to be any excuses. Be warned, ego will do anything to find excuses. It will do anything to hold on to its own desires, its own ideas. But I tell you none of these will safe you, only truth will.

Now let’s see: the cubit 52,36 the tool used in this world providing you with everything you need in this world.
Golden ratio, PI, etc.
The kings ell, that contains the structure.
And the royal cubit that completes it all.


Now let’s see if it all fits, first to see if it was all taken into the ark, 52,36,56,25,31,25: 5+2+3+6+5+6+2+5+3+1+2+5=45

5236+5625+3125=13986 13 you know 906 you know 916 you know too
986 should be clear too and then you got 13+986= indeed 999

And all multiplications of 13986 will give you 999

But 1x3x9x8x6=1296
And 5x2x3x6x5x6x2x5x3x1x2x5+1620000 (mirror 192)
13986×8=111888 recognize it?
13 times 13986=181818 181+818=999
26 times 13986=363636 363+636=999
39 times 13986=545454 545+454=999
52 times 13986=727272 727+272=999
58 times 13986=811188 811+188=999
63 times 13986=881118 881+118=999
666 the number of man-who completed the circle in 3 worlds and makes it 999
Morning star and evening star.

And to show you that it is indeed a completion:
13986 divided by 18=777.



Moshiya van den Broek