350. Scale of awareness and the infinite

Michio Kaku the famous science spokesman once said that if there are alien civilizations then they might not seek contact because we are a type 1 civilization while they might be a type 2 or even 3, and therefore technically so advanced. It makes it sound so close to each other, 1 or 2. But the difference could just as well be 1 or 200.000. Or consciousness and sub consciousness whereby the first can’t reach the other in fullness, a little like a micro lens and a 360° lens. On a day to day, minute to minute and second to second your awareness focuses on at most a few things, directed by emotional preferences even though it might not seem to be for most of the times. But at the same time that what you call sub-consciousness picks up every minute detail you are not aware of and stores it to the emotions that were present at that particular moment.

Which brings me back to Plato’s cave for a moment again, the pictures on the wall are often explained as the material world, the matrix, some even think it’s like a computer program in the likes of the film the matrix. But a shadow is not a thing but the lack of something, the light of pure awareness. It’s the senses of a material body to recognize of itself and as you identify with it you are unable to see what created it. It’s this not knowing that gave rise to the emotions and ensures our blindness.

You identify with the light that shines through the puppets and so feed them and make them stronger each time you do. Your practice to go and look at an emotion when it arises as if you look at someone else is to lessen its grip on you so you are a little less attached to its reasoning, do not forget that that what caused the puppet in the first place, made you judge and look at things, in other words it will have the tendency to justify the way it acted. The less you identify with that past the more you’ll see, seeing the blindness that was present in those past moments, and being forgiving, compassionate and due to starting to see that it guided your thoughts and feelings you will also start to realize the ability to see this means that there is a you separate from that conditioned personality. And it will dawn on you that the light in the cave behind those puppets is the light of awareness, not the shadows cast on the wall by the puppeteers. Eventually you’ll be able to remain in that awareness even if there is a big puppet casting a shadow to try and get you to identify with it, because that’s the nature of these puppets, they are useful as long as you remain in that light of awareness, their pattern seeking nature is to be used for walking and other jobs that can be run on auto mode, the bodily mechanics that makes certain jobs easy. When do you forget to breath? To find your balance when walking on uneven ground? Or to regulate your body temperature? A master of your own little universe, including the 7 heavens/chakra’s. So you descended to hell and locked him up for a thousand years, you found the culprit, turned the snake into the staff.

Which leads me to day six, when G.d rounded it off, the circle, a finite space, within it the stars. The hexagram and pentagram and the stars within them to infinity .

So infinity in a finite space. Doesn’t it give you the idea of an atom with an enormous force within? Or this zero point energy? Or counter space, ether, the centre of a magnet? Force and motion and a pattern in the smallest of seed.

I wanted to show the stars within stars, because it might have helped you to visualize but you can easily find pictures of them on the internet and other articles if you need the visual aid. I much rather have you visualize them in your own mind.


Moshiya van den Broek