349. Signs of the time

There is a wonderful story originated in the middle east of Aladdin, about an oil lamp that was rubbed and a Genie appeared granting 3 wishes, and I am sure most who know the story will have fantasized about making those 3 wishes. And let’s be honest, there was a time where those wishes would have been pretty much the same kind of wishes at large, and yes some would have wished a less selfish one, one that would affect everyone. My question would be, were you true to yourself? Or did you wish to be or live another kind of life you are living?

So why this question? Perhaps I can clarify by offering you to rub the lamp and give you 3 questions that will give you the truth, but you can’t ask for anything that involves personal matters or provide you with something that is to enrich yourself directly or indirectly in material ways, sorry no lottery numbers, locations of a treasure or stock market info. And like the story of the genie, don’t bother trying trick questions, the purpose here is not to be impulsive and let ego ask the questions, and perhaps you too like those very few will ask questions that are to enrich humanity spiritually, although I do not like to use that word due to it being cluttered and misinterpreted. Don’t get me wrong, that which will truly enrich humanity will bring with it technologies that would now be considered science fiction but the drive to it does not then arise out of ego’s desires. If you take all this in consideration then the questions that you’ll come up with will start to unify, start to be very similar.

And they would and should be very different than the sorts of questions that run the media shows right now. Sure, some of these will, when answered, lead to change, but such change is more like changing outer appearances, we started with spears, bow and arrows, chariots followed after a world changing invention of the wheel, then the engine led to tanks and the wright brothers gave us a way to fight the war through planes and together with electricity and then electronics, rockets and now there is talks of a space army. The biggest question and change according to a large group will come when we discover alien life and anti-gravity and new energy, but just like atomic energy it will be weaponized. Those questions that make a real and lasting change are far more fundamental while at the same time this science will provide these technologies, they will not be used to self-destruct.

A science that includes spirituality. In other words the science of and in conscious awareness and of the creation of the evolutionary process that brought about the external world.

These things will become clear when questions such as, is there purpose to life?, are answered. What has to be understood is that in order to find this science of everything we must include everything, and that means that every aspect of everything must have its presence in it. If I generalize it a little, the stumbling block of science to join the infinitely small and infinitely large. But also biology, chemistry, geometry and life itself, but death too, including the forces we find in nature. But science like men themselves is like little islands with their own kingdoms, seeking to be rulers, each seeking the answer in their own field which in their eyes is the rightful ruler. And so they collect and/or reject in accordance to their personalized believes. What’s more, science is not financed if it does not provide technologies that fuel the economy, the Industries with profitable products. So the quest for answers to questions that would lead to true growth is pushed aside.

In today’s world there are as many belief systems as there are people. Which leads me to false idols. Let me clarify this a little, the bible states you should not follow astrology because it’s not whole, the astrology used is but a rudiment of the spiritual/non material structure, just like the individual parts of science. And the big difference between knowledge and wisdom.

We may know a little and create a vehicle that makes life easy and think we have done a great thing but we did not realize that the fumes produced cause environmental problems, the butterfly principle where the flapping of the wings on this side of the world can cause a tornado on the other side of the world. Or as science said spooky action in the distance, the cause and effect of particle physics showing that it’s all connected. But it’s not spooky at all and certainly not in the way they think.

We can see the same happening with symbols we seem to collect and believe they hold the full truth, the flower of life is but a part of …. But some take it to be the whole, cabalists do the same, Christians take the cross as the holy grail, Jews take their star as the calf, others take dollars as theirs, or math, or a cow in India. But everybody has created their own ways of looking and consider that to be the reality. And if there is an all describing truth in their belief, it must include all he or she believes in and leave everything out he or she doesn’t believe in.

For that reason know thyself, not to be confused with that personality but what had created that belief, even though you might find some agreements with others you’ll come to see that our emotions coloured those beliefs and you’ll discover that emotions rise from not knowing and blind us from seeing.

When we go back to the solfeggio sequence again for a moment and search the internet or type it in on YouTube there are thousands of videos claiming to give you the truth and hidden insights into what Tesla said: if you knew the magnificence of 3, 6, 9 you would know the secrets of the universe. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. And there are nearly as many books on the subject and growing, most include 432 in the sequence and talk about the healing power of music based on 432. Specifically 528 related to DNA. But there are only very, very few trying to find the source of the sequence which does NOT include 432, this is not to say that it does not have its place in music but it’s not part of the sequence that Tesla pointed at. Another statement he made was, the day science begins to study non- physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

But for that to happen they to need to remove those blindfolds, before they can see that the physical and nonphysical universe don’t follow their laws but are a law on themselves, their math is harmonic, musical Universales is about proportion, a mathematical harmonic relationship, of qualities of energy which manifest through number, angles and shapes and pattern of proportions. They are more than notes, they are nodes of how energy travels, the outline on which vibration can then manifest. And it is also reflected on the zodiac, a two octave Pythagorean scale (2:1) on opposite sides cutting it in two.

And each sign has 3 decans allocated 1 physical, 2 mental and 3 spiritual.

Science often calls astrology and the Pythagorean or solfeggio scale etc. pseudo-science and in a way they are right because those who use it don’t really know that there is so much more to it, and are incomplete, but then the same can be said of the scientific community as they theorize and exclude many sides of the whole. Next to that you have the scientists that started to think outside the box and found something and then think they or their ideas about other aspects must be right too and find support with seekers and because he is considered a scientist they take it as truth. But there is only one way to that truth, and it’s not by simply believing what they say or what I say. You need to put it to the test, you need to experience it for yourself. True, the science behind it all can be seen for those who practice, the material side which takes away the ability to free oneself by the conditioning but the spiritual side upon which it’s all build gives you the ability to, if you to hold on to this pure awareness at least for long enough, to get accustomed to its light, so very well shown in Plato’s cave where the practice leads to the ability to turn around and see the cause of the illusion you took as truth. The other is outside the cave. That is where you’ll be when you reach that true awareness, the I in this body, not the I that is this body. The singularity that is really one with the single one that is all. Being aware of the body you reside in, a vehicle.

There is a force that creates motion out of no-thing, separating positive/negative, male/female, or from male, and seeking to reconnect to that no-thing it draws all things back to itself. Just like a magnet. At its centre there is no magnetism and what they call north and south pole is really that what was separated seeking to get back, now doesn’t that closely resemble a familiar story?

And is the 8, the torus, not the same as that magnetic field? And did I not explain that all things are kind of woven to its liking? That matter is in a way no more than force and motion in a geometric pattern? If you break up a magnet and try to separate the positive from the negative then all you get is two magnets each with a positive and negative pole again no matter how many times you split them, and what is more, it will end up spherical. That centre, the plane of inertia, is that no-thing yet lives in everything and everything lives in it. If you join magnets into a long string the magnetic force will spiral around it in a pattern equal to DNA. This field belongs to the pentagram. But more on this a next time.


Moshiya van den Broek