348. Building the picture

The microscopic and telescopic dark matter that blinds us from seeing the truth of the matter.

We are looking for the alchemy of creation. In biology we have a stem cell, a base cell that has the ability to become any other kind of cell, but in chemistry we think that hydrogen is the first on the periodic table, so what is it that we are not seeing?

Now we hear scientists talk about everything being connected and bring consciousness into the equation, but has it brought them any closer? Not unless they know the nature of consciousness.

We peer into the fastness of space, what was there before the big bang, seek to see into a black hole, search for “dark” matter that isn’t there. We look for life elsewhere in the hope to find the answer to how it all come about, to make sense of it all.

We sense that when they say, “know thyself and you’ll know the universe”, there must be a truth to it, and we have Tesla saying “if you understand 3, 6 and 9 you understand the universe”. So now we have some scientists whose ego’s want to be seen in the same light as they were, so they claim that they too went on the journey within. But what have they seen? Other than a way to your wallet.

A popularity contest! Who’s got the X factor, whereby the X is not science anymore, at least not on its own as more and more are seeking it in a more spiritual direction even though they get lost in that too. We had our hopes on science to bring happiness, but we became its slaves, a race to have the latest phone, TV, car or gadget. Fueled by greed and lust for power they became the drivers of economy at great cost.

Who has not read genesis, the story of creation? The beginning where G.d said “let there be light”, and separated the darkness from the light and moved his spirit over the waters? If not I suggest you do, it will only take a few minutes. Now he also said he made you in his image, while you don’t control your spirit let’s say your hand is your spirit, that part you can move through the waters, now imagine darkness and light and you dragging your fingers through it. Like this:

And look at what you create in the wake!

You separate and create a left and right vortex, a polarization and a torus and loads of spheres. Fluid dynamics is getting pretty close to that creation model, even the double split experiment of science can be explained by it instead of the theories about consciousness effecting the outcome.

Matter only gets its solidity from movement and is therefore an illusion. Even electromagnetism, but the laws they follow are those that you follow too. If you closely follow g.D’s hand, keep looking at him in his wake in close proximity. Then you don’t catch the wind of the opposing forces, just like when you ride a bike and are close behind the truck in front of you. But the moment you deviate you catch the wind of your thoughts and emotions and are pushed away. The seed, the spark of light is within it but you keep the separation, polarization going and stop it from radiating out and touching, joining with the light.

You might recall the cubit, the difference between the sphere and a cube, the holy or sacred measure and I am pretty sure you didn’t much think of it, at most as a measure, but have you ever wondered how much of the surface area of the cubit it touches, yes on 6 places, but all together far less than a point of a needle. Now consider the cube as the truth, and as the circle how much you are aware of reality. Not even your sphere center, that divine spark within you. So is it a surprise that it’s called the sacred cubit? And perhaps you’ll get the true meaning of squaring the circle too. Just join cubes together, how much surface touches now? But without first knowing thyself what would you realize? You would judge it in accordance with what you THINK you know.

Now how do we look inside is a frequent question. You already do, you’ve always done it. Really? Yes, open your eyes and look at anything, what do you see? And where do you see it? Out there? No, you don’t. The light reflected from it falls onto the iris, the eye and is translated and projected on your inner screen, the seeing itself happens IN you. Where does the hearing take place? All your senses are translated that way, so what is out there? There is force and motion in a field, matter doesn’t really exist. Even time, time is only interconnected to this cyclic circle matter, movement, take away this awareness from it, draw back out of this identification, then eventually you enter this center that is one with all, timeless yet present in all.

Enough was said about what it is that draws you away from seeing this for now.

As long as it remains an intellectual pursuit, without ever practicing, without traveling this inner journey, all this will remain outside your perception.


Moshiya van den Broek