30. Attention to all who wish to know the Truth

Step 1; start reading from the beginning.
This means from the first articles, this will ensure the build-up of recognition. If you do not, you will not be able to develop the eyes that will help you to build the bridges that will eventually make you see for yourself.

step 2; print it out on paper and take the time to read it without the usual interruptions.

step 3: read it like in meditation, don’t let any thoughts interrupt the reading.

Step 4: before doing so, realize that g-d wishes you to know truth, and does so with all his love, therefore call upon your heart to be loving in return, become aware of this love in your heart, a love you know for someone that is not conditional, hold on to that and not the thoughts that will surely come up while reading.

Step 5: after having read one article, take the bible, Veda’s, or Koran and read the related article and where possible do the math. This is to ensure that it is logged in your mind (this is only to assist you, not something that you need to store, this will happen on another level as you go along.

Step 6: do this with each article until you have reached this article again, then read it all in one go, so taking a 30 to 45 minutes for each article a day also helps you to focus in the way explained above, and your heart will get stronger and be able to start to recognize by itself.

Step 7: practice during the day to look into your life and the world around you in this same way with your heart, because the truth will have found a place there and when you look in the right way, this knowledge will look with you, just as the blindness did that wished to see of itself also.

A final word, I am no prophet, after Jezus came Mohamed who was the last prophet, blessings are upon them. To be prophetic or be a prophesier is to forecast and foretell what is to come, and it was of this time, a time of revelation or the apocalypse, where the last horn will to be blown.

It is time for you believers to stop bowing down for those golden calves.
You are so blinded by them that you do not recognize the truth when it looks you in the eyes.

3×576=1728 is the full 3 finished 8’s. The 26 generations, 2006 divided by 26 = this times 13=1003 and the trinity reaching the highest 9
So let’s see 2006.1728.39 all in one line, now divide this by 13=154320987,6…
Now look , divide the 3 major keys: 5625 5236 3125

So what about the chosen ones, the disciples? Chosen were the 144 and from the whole he collected 12. The whole 1728 divided by 144=12
Yes, plus himself made 13.

Yes, because the 1728 becomes 1872 and 1872 divided by 144=13
And 1728 plus the 144=1872.

So 144 = 1 and 4 and 4, while 4 means half an 8 means it also is 288 and twice 288 is 576 or a full 8. And the one makes 18 or 81

So let’s get back to 2006 1728 39
This came forth through the 3 keys locked within the bible, which contains 304803 letters divided by 3=101601 times 4 revealed another one, but 4 was only half, remember? So 8+1=9 times 101601=914409

And the root of 304803? not of the cycles so leave out the zero`s 3483=5901694672
And as shown above 3 revealed a fourth, so 34 times the root(5901694672) =
2006.576.188 2006 = full cycle 576 of the good and evil overcome 188

And the root 5+9+o+1+6+9+4+6+7+2=49 can get as high as 49.

And a final one for those who personally know me, when the ark
45=235620 has travelled the 8 you will get 188496
You know this 96 as the mover, divide this by the 66 and you will get the same as when you divide the 144 by 99 -1,454545455
If I say this is not the first time an ark was built then by seeing this repeated 45,45,45 will start to fall into place for you.
But another thing you must remember is that there is from left to right and from right to left 129591

And why 66 and 99? Look at the article and see that 609606 or the 96 has two 6’s at both sides and look at 144 above. You will see it has 914409 two 9’s at both sides. 6 times 101601 is 609606 and 8 times 101601=914409
195912/27=4517 45 and 17
129591/72=1799.875 17 and 99 and 8 and root of the king 75.
32 and 55 and 03 325503 3x2x5x5x3=450 3+2+5+5+3=18
Add them up and multiply 325503 times 153 having all the fish in the net.
You can get as high as 49 on the 80 last time 1959
You might also recognize that 129591 divided by 72 is really close to 18
And divided by 144 really close to 9, and divided by 288 close to 360.
And close to 45(0) 129591/72=1799875×25=449,96875 how much difference?
Indeed the royal cubit 00,3125.
And the difference to 54(00)? 5399,625 3,75 but for this you needed to go round the 15 steps on the pentagram remember? So 375×15=5625 this is indeed the kings el.
And how close to 360? 359,975 0,25 difference 20944 times 0,25, yes this is indeed 52,36, and as you know 360 is a cycle, and 20944 is 40 times 52,36, the cubit of the ark of Noah (the 40 days).



Moshiya van den Broek