346. The science of consciousness

A question that often rises is, what happens at death and beyond, what happens when I die? Is it the great nothingness? Gone forever, I do not exist anymore, or is there something after death?

Before explaining it let’s first look at science and what they conclude and teach, it goes like this, first there was the big bang 13 somewhat billion years ago and filled the universe with physical stuff called matter and started interacting, that interaction is called chemistry. And over time we are bound up with a chemistry that duplicates itself and end up with DNA, which leads to biology that leads to for instance humans and that eventually leads to a brain and then to consciousness.

With consciousness I mean our inner subjective experience of being alive, so when I talk to you right now that “I” is what I mean by consciousness. It’s not a physical thing but my identity, my idea of a self, it’s not a physical thing. Now science says matter creates a brain that leads to consciousness, so this would mean that when we die our brain and consciousness would no longer be. Our emotions are no more, now so when something happens on a day to day basis what we consider good or bad, would it actually matter? Under such view it wouldn’t really matter, because once we are dead there are no memories, no feelings anymore, so no meaning to life.

Now why do they think consciousness is the product of the brain? One reason is because our sensory organs are located in the head, on our head, so it gives the idea that it must reside in our head. But there are stronger points that lead them to think like that, neuroscience! Like the way our brain is working and our conscious reacts, for instance if someone gets a stroke or damages the brain in some way, then they might have memory loss or other cognitive impairments and say look there is a clear link, or when the visual cortex is stimulated then the person might experience altered vision. So again, we change the brain and we change consciousness. But there is a logical error in this thinking, that is to say that because two things are correlated the one thing must have created the other. Let me illustrate;  going on right now, there is a group striking in a city in France and there are 100 military police to control it, but more strikes break out all over France and thousand military police are now controlling the crowd. Now there is a strong correlation between the military police and the people on strike. Do we now conclude that the police caused the strike? Now let’s bring it back to the brain. There is a strong correlation between the brain and conscious states. Now can we explain this having a different source and still maintain this correlation? Yes we can, as I’ve explained the none physical structure created the world of matter and it’s all conscious, it is all connected, the fractal nature of the structure leads to that every point within the whole is linked to the whole. And in so it is consciousness that is the creator of all. Although science does not see the correlation shown in quantum physics where their experiments show that particles are connected and can be far apart yet if one is altered the other is also instantaneously altered. Or with the double slit experimentation, that the observer effects the way a photon acts.

One of the issues science has with consciousness is that how is it that my physical body, like I can touch my arm, my leg but I can’t touch my conscious? So what if the brain is an experience within consciousness?

And please do not mistake pure awareness with consciousness, I will get back to that later. Because if you are asking the question at the beginning of the article then you are not yet aware of the fact that the truth is that it’s a mirror image of science, as Max Planck said, who considered consciousness as fundamental and regarded matter as derivative, or as I’d like to say consciousness as causal and matter as effect. So now to the hall of records, our little I, the one you identify yourself with, the material one, the one of good and evil. Although consciousness is non material it is still held down by the little I, “ego”, in the lower spheres. We can say all is consciousness, a kind of self recognition, the level of it depends on awareness or what you identify with, I am this body, and therefore when your body returns to the earth, you return to the earth, as your emotional body does so too but as it seeks to rise it takes with it on its return that which offers the ability to grow. Pure awareness has no body yet knows all. So at death the body returns to the matter it’s made of, personality raises to the level it has risen, and your true nature guides its path. Never being made of matter, you think of it as soul, but soul is 3 part for your journey.

You’re but a tiny fragment in which the whole universe is expressed.

Many popular gurus will tell you to live in the now, the eternal now. But even Jesus had to descend into the underworld first before he, his lower self, died and rose from the ashes, raised again. Which means to find your way within to truly know thyself. To see how this lower self was your guide, and coloured your world.

And it’s not until your heart can be weighed on the scale and be as light a feather, not to be weighed down by ego contaminating the heart. What’s more, if the heart is not free of him, then it drains the flow that otherwise would have no limit. So no matter how much knowledge you gather, no matter how much namaste’s, diplomas, classes of yoga or reiki you took or prayed for good fortune you made, you’ll have to walk the talk. I could tell you about outer body experiences, but with them too, if ego runs the show he would also then weigh you down, keep you in the lower spheres. Perhaps the Chinese story of the fish and learning to fish could be applied here too. You need to experience, then it becomes real for you. I say this because no matter how much I’d tell you about it, the strength you need to hold on to the railing when the waters get wild in life and your ship is tossed from left to right comes from your practise that gives you the experience and strength.

Just a little note on the 6 days of creation as shown in the prime time article and the solfeggio sequence of Pythagoras music of the spheres, the 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741. And the bible code I spoke of in other articles. The first language, not one iota out of place, can be recognized when you check the book of numbers, chapter 7 verses 12 through 83 using the Pythagorean methods or reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers it reveals the electromagnetic frequencies that correspond with the ancient hexagonal solfeggio scale. Listen closely, the six days of creation have an order of events, as in large so in small.

So consciousness is a kind of self-awareness, that recognizes of itself or identifies itself, that by its blindness creates emotions due to its incompleteness and burns habitual pathways called synapses, their own solar system with  unhabitual worlds, and live on a dying world they created themselves out of a disharmonic song. A universe full of them, planets that couldn’t sustain life anymore. Only when all comes together as it should, when all is rightly tuned, with the pathways in accordance with the blueprint, become aware of its plan, that the DVD can be played and can the song be heard.

This then is true awareness.

When our left and right hemisphere would independently function then one side could say yes and the other side say no (I oversimplify these things so it is easier to grasp). Remember I spoke of feeling needs to become wise, gain insight.  The feedback loops we create, mirroring itself creating habitual behaviour made it possible to learn language, make walking easy, learn crafts. But if we lose awareness on how it functions and it takes control, we become its slaves and harmony is going to be lost. And the only awareness left is that of what the mirroring dictates.

The ability to identify with all as source of all, when we’ve returned home and know it for the first time, that is true awareness.



Moshiya van den Broek