344. Solfeggio is prime

There are those who say that the sol-fa and the 432 Hz has no fixed reference in assigning the frequency of a note, except in very recent times, and therefore clearly not of the middle ages. Saying otherwise being pure invention that is not based on historical data. And a fixed reference was decided only in 1859 for the A as 435 Hz and from 1953 it became the current tuning fork “ISO 440 Hz standard”. They go on to say that the Latin language in signing is certainly a vibratory language but they have serious reservations about the semantic content of Gregorian chants, whose words from Catholicism are very distantly related to the original message of Christ. They rather believe that the true Gregorian chant is not necessarily the one developed by the Catholic church, which has eradicated many of the original components.
According to them the facts of these creators of the myth about the 528 Hz frequency are baseless. They are based on so called biblical verses from the book of numbers 7, 12-83 supposedly reproducing the Pythagorean frequencies 174-285-369-417-528-639 and 741 and they go further to say that this preposterous story was deciphered using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the bible verses in simple numbers and incidentally reducing a text to numbers is not a Pythagorean method. This is called numerology, and they point out that it’s the same as taking a phone book or random text and building a bizarre story of frequencies, not forgetting to sprinkle a few pinches of magic.  All this in the belief that it was used by Gregorian  and Sanskrit chants. Then they make a claim that the famous hymn to Saint John the Baptist was a hidden and mysterious song, saying these frequencies are to help humanity to heal which is historically implausible. All this because of the renowned musicologist Jacques Chailley, saying the ancient Greeks did not tune forked heights and the formal standardization of notes in Europe dates only from 1859.

In Queant laxis, the St John hymn, the first syllables of each phrase gave the notes of the Guy d’Arezzo scale. This is what Jacques Chailley said: the Greeks only say tones, or what is regarding string tension, the speculations about these tones apply only to the division of the intervals between strings of a lyre and they became theoretical diagrams.
Everything that relates to the note heights is calculated on the Pythagorean monochord, that is to say an instrument of extreme precision for the interval measures, but no less extreme vagueness in respect to the original accord, which is never mentioned. And finally they say: ”so all these theories seem baseless fabrications created out of fantasy and mystification. The solfeggio story sounded like a farce and a hoax and it seemed important to us to denounce it and even if talking about it exacerbates the problem, this statement will fortunately help you to avoid present or future hoaxes, thanks to the scientific process we constantly seek to develop in everything.”

It sadly is this kind of attitude that made humanity lose some of the great knowledge the ancients had, while we accept Pythagorean mathematics and we use it in our everyday lives, we throw away all that we can’t understand as rubbish and nonsense, throwing the baby away with the bathwater thanks to scientific methodologies. As I will show you, all this is part of the very same structure upon which the universe is build. You will recall that I’ve said that the ancients build everything in accordance with gods laws. And so music as well is part of its expression, as you will come to see, these so called musical notes frequencies are not an invention or simply desired upon after jamming away on a string and decided it sounded nice. Although it does, for the same reason why we find flowers beautiful which is because they are expressions of the same laws within us that we unconsciously recognize. One of which is for instance the golden ratio. More on this a little later, let’s first trace back these notes/frequencies which not only Pythagoras and Leonardo Da Vinci used  but Nicola Tesla knew about as well, and it was him who said he who knows the value of 3, 6, 9 knows the universe, something we will come to see when we return to the structure and prime numbers and the Fibonacci spiral.

But before we do let’s go to where it was known in our time. Our time is this cycle, the time of king David who passed them on to Solomon. From there it went underground so to speak and was passed on among the elect, no not illuminati or new world order but those who freed themselves of ego, so well expressed through the stories of alchemy. Few of those elect were Pythagoras (it was part of his harmony of the spheres), Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci and others. And a few, whose hearts were focused not on themselves but on humanity, were given the insight.

These 6 notes were said to be rediscovered by Dr Joseph Barber who claimed to have been intuitively guided to find the six repeating codes in the book of numbers. He found in chapter 7  verses 12 through 83 number-references that when reduced to a single digit as Pythagoras indicated are called skeins. This is far older than Pythagoras and was known by Thoth.

Hebrew and Greek both as you know use letters to resemble numbers and visa versa. And it will again point to the bible among other ancient texts to be a code, at least for those who do not yet know that it is merely the blindness that Jesus cured. In other words not really hidden, as only for those who are conditioned by outer focus. And as you look at the location of the prime numbers on the hexagram ( star of David ) and  bring each set of numbers to a single digit then each set of 3 will give you the solfeggio sequence, and each leg the next in the sequence, and adding each note to a single digit of each row or leg will give you 3..6..9. Now energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level and we have 70 different receptors  on the molecules, and they will return to correct tune on a bigger scale and why it was called the music of the spheres. The right size and distance of the planets. And the word was with god and he said …. and it came to be. Perhaps you will recognize the fact that the ancient chanting was based on this knowledge.

The six legs of the star of David in the Fibonacci spiral are:

13 1+3=4
19 1+9=10=1
25 2+5=7
31 3+1=4
37 3+7=10=1
43 4+3=7
49  4+9=13=1+3=4
And 7+1+4= 3

The sequence of the first row is 174, the second 285, the third is 396, the fourth is 417, the fifth is 528 and the sixth 639. If we take only those on the spiral where movement starts we have 741,852, 963,174,285,396.
So secondly 1+7+4=3 then 2+8+5=6 and 3+9+6=9 your 369. Tesla’s 369.

These are the 6 straight lines, then we have the curved lines 3 in each direction which are the multiplication series, the Fibonacci sequence but pi too and phi as said, the periodic table and of course the planetary one talked about earlier. On top of that we have the joined pentagram and the great year circle and the cubits 137,5 degrees of the branches or leaves, the forces and their relationships, DNA. Apart from the numbers there is the structural shape, how it expresses itself in the physical world.
Then there is of course consciousness which is limited in each kingdom, the grade or levels in which it can recognize of self within its given perimeter. Such as mineral, plant, animal and human for instance with their subdivisions. So what we have is the blueprint of the spiritual, mental and physical worlds.

And with the knowledge of its order we can become co-creators instead of destroyers who do not know what they do or play with.

The height of a civilization isn’t measured by its technology but by its harmony with creation.



Moshiya van den Broek