341. Singularity part 1

Astronomy and even more so astrophysics, have theorized about black holes and speak of a singularity and I will get back to that further down. Something else I spoke about a few years ago and later referred to, that a proton is not really matter at all, none really are and we could call them black holes too. Science tells us they are 99% space, but I tell you they are 100% space. Let’s take the air and move your hand in the air, you’re not really aware of resistance but now take the same air but you’re driving 90km an hour with your window down and then stick your hand out of the window. Now you feel as if there is a wall pushing against your hand. It’s still air, just like that 1% science talks about, except science speaks of 1% matter and 99% space.

But that 1% is like that air pressing against your hand as you drive along the highway. And so it is with that proton, within it there is a force that spins in a very very high rate, like a little tornado giving the illusion of that wall that pushes against your hand. This is of course that torus which is fractal in a way, meaning it goes from very very small to super large, like the star within. A star within a star within a star etc. Each particle or so called particle is made up of a whole range of these forces within it, these forces are represented and come about through a geometrical pattern, a  pattern we know as platonic solids. These configurations can be found as and in Metatrons cube. So who and what is Metatron?

Metatron is a mythical angel mentioned in some Jewish writings. One version of the myth says that Metatron was created by God as a high-level angel with many responsibilities. A second myth claims that Metatron was originally a human named Enoch, a man who ascended to heaven a few times and was eventually transformed into a powerful angel.

According to the legend, Metatron is part of a select group of angels that is permitted to look upon God’s countenance, an honor most angels, like the seraphim, do not share (Isaiah 6:2). Metatron is sometimes referred to as the “Prince of the Countenance”. But he was selected to be gods scribe, to write down His word and you all know His word is the creative power.

So now you know the patterns that are in the torus represent these forces and that each has a value,  or numbers associated to them like you have seen with the hexagram and pentagram and the others. Now what you were also shown and told is that these spiral patterns move from north to south so what really happens is that these numbers are joined zipped together as they pass through its center,  being unzipped on one end. While I will present some tech which will be more scientific, it isn’t important at all for you to try to understand it any further than being able to see the principle because what happens there is really what happens with DNA. It writes the code that makes you you and humans human etc. Now if you go back to the 99+1% it’s clear that in truth you are that space, or what science calls space while the fact is that this so called space is everything and it is connected to everything.

Now if we ask who you are, people take their past, their achievements to define themselves, some with all the pride they can carry while judging others by their weaker or negative sides and others due to the good they did. But if you, no when you start to comprehend what all the above really implies, you will also understand you’re all connected albeit differently from the usual expression of ‘we are all brothers and sisters’. But will also come to realize that only now are you starting to be able to comprehend and that parables, stories, myths and experience was needed to come to see what your true nature is. And still you identify with that lower nature, the little ‘I am’ with its physical senses and attachments. This is partly due to ego’s habit to take what it picks up mentally and physically as truth. But if you continue to do so and not look within, not practice, then you’ll remain to be misled and blind for the truth behind all that you really are.

Getting back to the zipper and black hole, and this time I will make the comparison through Hinduism. Read the following and see if you can now see it in a different light and see that the stories are the same in their nature. “And he is without beginning and without end, in the midst of confusion, the Creator of all, of manifold form, the One embracer of the universe…
by knowing Him, one is released from all fetters.”

Shiva literally means “auspiciousness, welfare”. He is the third god of the Hindu Triad and he is the god of destruction. He represents darkness, and it is said to be the “angry god”.

The term destruction as it relates to Shiva’s cosmic duties can be deceiving. Often Lord Shiva destroys negative presences such as evil, ignorance, and death.

Also, it is the destruction created by Lord Shiva that allows for positive recreation. For example, an artisan may melt down (i.e., destroy) old pieces of metal during his process of creating a beautiful piece of art.

It is for this reason that Shiva holds a complementary role to Brahma, the god of creation. Shiva protects souls until they are ready for recreation at the hands of Brahma. Because of his connections with destruction, Lord Shiva is one of the most feared and heavily worshipped deities in Hinduism.

However, according to Hinduism, creation follows destruction. Therefore Shiva is also regarded as a reproductive power, which restores what has been dissolved. As one who restores, he is represented as the linga or Phallus, a symbol of regeneration.


In the beginning nothing existed, neither the heaven nor the earth nor any space in between. So non-being, having decided to be, became spirit and said: “Let me become!”. He warmed himself, and from this was born fire. He warmed himself further still and from this was born light.

He is the never-created creator of all: He knows all. He is pure consciousness, the creator of time, all-powerful, all-knowing. He is the Lord of the soul and of nature and of the three conditions of nature. From Him comes the transmigration of life and liberation, bondage in time and freedom in eternity.

Some know him as Shiva the Beneficent. Others praise him as the Destroyer. For some he is Shiva the Ascetic, wandering the world. And for others still he is the Great Lord, king of all creation.

But it is as Lord of the Dance that all his aspects come together in one horrifically significant form. Nowhere else in the human world is there a clearer symbol of what a god is and does.

He has a 1,008 names, including Mahadeva (the great god), Mahesh, Rudra, Neelkantha (the blue-throated one), and Ishwar (the supreme god). He is also called Mahayogi, or the great ascetic, who symbolizes the highest form of austere penance and abstract meditation, which results in salvation.

Shiva has a thousand names, and a thousand faces. Shiva is the essence of the Vedas, and the source of the Word. He is inextricably woven into all that the eye can see.

He is the first among the gods of this world, who made the world so that others could make the things in it. Energy is his name, and he moves through all things, never static.

All that is made, every generation of life, all the wondrous forms that fill our world, all flow from his dancing loins. He is not male, nor female. He is neither human nor inhuman. He has four arms, and he has none. Shiva’s nature at once transcends and includes all the polarities of the living world.


Shiva is believed to exist in many forms. His most common depiction is as a dark-skinned ascetic with a blue throat. Usually seated cross-legged on a tiger skin, Shiva’s hair is matted and coiled on his head, adorned with a snake and a crescent moon. Ganga is always depicted flowing out of his topknot.

Shiva has four arms and three eyes. The third eye, in the middle of his forehead, is always closed and only opens to annihilate an evil doer. A garland of skulls, rudraksha beads, or a snake hang from his neck. Shiva also wears snakes as armlets and bracelets.

The serpent race, despised and feared by all other creatures, found a place of honour on Shiva’s sacred person, simply because he was moved by their plight.

In one hand, Shiva holds his trishul, the Pinaka. The trishul usually has a damaru or waisted drum tied to it. In another hand, he holds a conch shell, and in the third, a rudraksha rosary, a club, or a bow.

One hand is usually empty, raised in a gesture of blessing and protection. The other points to his feet, where the devotee is assured of salvation.

He wears a tiger or leopard skin around his waist, and his upper body is usually bare, but smeared with ashes, as befits an ascetic. His third eye is believed to have appeared when Parvati ( Parvati, the goddess of power, is Shiva’s cosmic consort), in a playful mood, covered his eyes with her hands.

Immediately, the universe was plunged into darkness and there was chaos. To restore order, Shiva formed another eye on his forehead, from which emerged fire to restore light.

The light from this eye is believed to be very powerful, and therefore destructive. Shiva opens his third eye only in anger, and the offender is burnt to cinders.

According to the Shiva Purana, Shiva is said to have five faces, corresponding to his five tasks, the panchakriya: creation, establishment, destruction, oblivion, and grace. His five faces are associated with the creation of the sacred syllable Om.

Wars have been raging havoc around the world by religions. G-d, Allah, yhwh, theirs being the only true g-d, but the truth is that they all prayed to false g-ds, false idols, because they failed to see the one behind them all! What they really did was praying to a personalized idea of G-d.

To this day the Jews all await the Moshiach, the Muslims await the Mahdi, Christians for Jesus returning etc. Why? Because they are closest to Him? No, because the purest of heart are a nation on their own. They are one nation which is something else than nationality. They are the rightful citizens of Eden. His rise is from the underworld, not from the rich and famous nor from the ranks of politics or a particular religion. He is a witness before he is known. The Jews say when he is here they have to obey the 613 laws and the non-Jews 7. How little have they understood of their own language, it’s the 576 plus wisdom which has 37 as value. Now who has collected all the sparks, whose flame burns brightly? Isn’t it them who died and are reborn?

And are they not all born in one? Which of you felt this warm glow on their face as if they stood in proximity of a fire called truth? And how many of you will let the masks/persona reason it away for something it wants and continue to do so?

Part two will be a bit more technical but if you read it after reading this article right before it again, it will make you see through it once again the same truth hidden in everything.



Moshiya van den Broek