28. Could the Star of Beth-Le-Hem have been anything else?

While I do not ask this question, I do understand some of you might ask yourself, is it just coincidence? As you know from the other articles it is based on two circles overlapping each other so they intersect cutting each other leaving 288 degrees, and so make the 8 a 576 degrees in total.

And the Bible itself? It is made up of 66 books, 39 in the old testament and 27 in the new testament. You might say yes but man or the church made the choice which books were added to the old testament. Let us assume this is the case, and man did have a true free will, and they could independently from g-d make the choice which books to add and which they would leave out. Yes a single digit and nothing would fit anymore, remember g-d did say Do not move one iota. Would he be able to trust you?

Man has pride in his works and discoveries, but g-d already gave you everything. Oh how little faith you have! You might remember walking on the beach saying see there are no footsteps next to me, I am on my own, did I not say then you do not see them because I carried you?

You look into the world and into the multitude to find g-d, and say I find no evidence of him. Some even dare to say it is a weakness to believe in g-d so they can hide or blame someone for it. When looking at the wonderful variations in nature, saying, we are who we are by natural selection. Just as all the various plants and animals: nothing to do with g-d, what blasphemy!

All comes from that fruit on the tree, yes even the tree itself, but like every bit of fruit, it will grow to its full potential as it goes through the seasons and the seasons that are in it. Yes the ultimate goal is for the seed to become conscious of itself.

What safeguard! G-d made sure that you eventually would come home again. Yes the snake tempted Eve to take of the fruit of good and bad, its destiny to follow its course to fall to the ground into the darkness of the soil and to develop to grow back to the light. You even look at the fruit and the flowers it might bring, but do not recognize the wonders within because your looking is like a single branch you call sense, nothing more than an instrument to take in of self, first the outer as it is the first contact and finally the source itself from where the development came. A desire that was blinded by outer appearances, yet at the same time guide you home.

Did you never wonder why nothing in this outer world ever brought everlasting happiness? Outer appearances are like the touch of a loved one, it is not the touch itself. But what it does in the heart, a faint recognition of true home, so why faint? Because it builds the idea that it is dependent of the outer instruments.

A purified heart is the gateway to the soul, if the heart is cleared from all that is not pure, then it will become the instrument of pure seeing, hearing, feeling. This feeling is true love, it has full faith in g-d and therefore has his basis in his wisdom. When it did put trust in the snake and not in g-d, it became dependent of the limited mind to interpret the reflections, much like judging a book by its cover. You can see it, feel it, but never the mind of the writer.

You know that you have images in your mind`s eye, for instance in dreams or when you recall a memory. If I would say here that you can see without the outer eyes, you would likely say “yes but“ . Then there are those among you who have experienced an outer body experience or a near death experience and they are very sure that there is a seeing, hearing and feeling that does not need the external eyes or ears. And those who did experience this they will tell you it is not a dream at all, everything tells them it is a real experience. It is, just one thing needs to be said here. There is still the tendency for it to be translated by the mind to which they are so addicted to.

The kind of seeing I am talking about is white light, the kind of seeing you talk about is light broken up into different rays of light, one is whole the other(s) are not.

So let’s look if the star of beth-le-hem, the ark of covenant, the ark of Noah, the stone tablets of Moses, their laws and measurements, could have been anything else.

The star of Bethlehem is built by two rims or circles of 360 degrees intersecting so that they cut each other at 288 degrees making the whole structure 576 degrees.
And there are 66 books of which 39 are in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.

288 divided by 39 =7,384615385 and if we use 360 divided by 39=9,230769231
We multiply the outcome by itself, and watch at which multiplication they become whole:

times 13= 96 times 13=120
Times 26=192 times 26=240
Times 52=384 times 39=360
Times 156=1152 times 156=1440
288 divided by 27=10,66666667 and 360 divided by 27=13,3333333333
Hereto we multiply it with itself
Times 3 =32 times 3=40
Times 6=64 times 6=80
Times 9=96 times 9=120
Times 18=192 times 15=200
Times 24=256 times 18=240
Times 36=384 times 33=440
Times 54=576 times 39=520
Times 63=672 times 45=600
Times 108=1152 times 54=720
Times 135=1440 Times 75=1000
Times 144=1536 Times 81=1080
Times 150=1600 Times 117=1560
Times 162=1728 Times 153=2040
Times 243=2592 Times 162=2160
Times 360=3840 Times 165=2200
Times 375=40000 Times 216=288

And add them both up 9,230769231 plus 7,384615385 and multiply it by itself again
13 times = 216
26 times =432

Or take 9,230769231 minus 7,384615385 and multiply it again by itself
13 times= 24
39 times = 72 or just take the 288/27=10,66666667
78 times =144 and multiply by the kings el(56,25)
104 times =192 = 600.00000.
117 times =216
156 times =288
312 times =576
624 times =1152

For the time being I will leave the math of g-d, and only just point to it where it will help those who have not yet realised the importance of the realisation in all the above.

Each of you who did read any of the articles, and have not taken action, or just think ok when I have time I will look into it some more, or worst case, hold on to their own believes while looking truth in the face, will face only needless suffering, and cry out seeking to blame anyone but themselves, saying but you did not tell me.

All of you who like to believe those self-acclaimed prophets, or messengers of angel this or that, or wait for their g-d`s landing here in ufo`s to safe you, BE WARNED!

If your life depended on holding on to purity for just 7 seconds, then most will be lost the very moment the count started with 1.
Yes before you could utter “yes but” then I hear some saying we got time, 2012 according the Mayan calendar. What Mayan calendar? Your or their interpretation of it, just like all those interpretations of the message of g-d.

You might remember that someone pleaded with g-d not to destroy mankind. Ok, show me 100 believers or even 10, read Sodom and Gomorra. Then, all they had was believe to safe them, now you have proof. Not how you wished it to be, you are not able to buy it with worldly things, not with all the money you gathered, or by the ability to read tarot cards, or by paying someone to teach you how to make a drawing that someone else has done blindfolded.

They cleverly work on the knowledge that if you take a 1,000 people and ask them to keep the drawings simple then you will always have several who will do the same. Yes, they wish to believe their efforts were good, plain and simple as if they are enlightened, or enlightened ramtha, Jesus, angel Michael or any other they claim speaking through them. Yes, ask them how does it work? All they do is collect discoveries of science and link it with religious thoughts and mix it to your liking, one after the other, the Davinci Code bringing millions. All it does is feeding your self-created needs, and then the next, the more mysterious it sounds the better it sells. The latest film is The Secret, believe it and all the material riches will be yours just as g-d intended it.

Let me tell you a truth here, the message is lost with the messenger. Do not confuse the carrier of the message with the knower of the truth, only the knower can deliver it. All other is done from a perspective that does not have its basis in the truth itself.



Moshiya van den Broek