336. Prime time

To number theorists prime numbers are nothing more than a cool mathematical oddity, but they become important thanks to one simple additional fact: as far as the best mathematicians and computer scientists have been able to determine, it is totally impossible to come up with a truly efficient formula for factoring large numbers into primes. That is to say, they have ways of factoring large numbers into primes, but if we try to do it with a 200 digit number, or a 500 digit number,  using the same algorithms they would use to factor a 7 digit number, the worlds most advanced supercomputers still take absurd amounts of time to finish. Like times scales longer than the formation of the planet and, for extremely large numbers, longer than the age of the universe itself according to scientists.

So there is a functional limit to the size of the numbers they can factor into primes, and this fact is absolutely essential to modern computer security. In other words, anything that computers can easily do without being able to easily undo will be of interest to computer security. Modern encryption algorithms exploit the fact that they can easily take two large primes and multiply them together to get a new, super large number, but that no computer yet created can take that super-large number and quickly figure out which two primes went into making it. Simply said, you need a key to unlock information in communication of for instance emails or your credit cards.

Carl Sagan points out in the novel Contact, that there is a certain importance to their status as the most fundamental building blocks of all numbers, which are themselves the building blocks of their understanding of the universe. In that book, aliens choose to send a long string of prime numbers as proof that their message is intelligent and not natural in origin, since primes are one thing that cannot change due to differences of psychology, lifestyle, or evolutionary history. No matter what an advanced alien life form looks or thinks like, if it understands the world around it, it almost certainly has the concept of a prime. That is why a lot of mathematicians view number theory as a little bit like archaeology. The feeling isn’t one of inventing new technologies, but uncovering the logical foundations of the universe, those that describe its behaviour everywhere, throughout all of time. But let me be clear about a few things here, aliens would certainly not send a long series of prime numbers because it would mean they would be believing the same as our scientists do, randomness! And that would not give them the technologies to reach the stars. In fact it would show that they know as little about the uni-verse as our scientists do at this time.

That is not to say that it wasn’t known a long time ago. They knew the structure we have been talking about and that we have shown you. The thing is, it has been staring you in the face, but we come back to it a little later. Let’s first look at what it would mean if it isn’t random at all (and it isn’t). It would mean there is structure in everything, in fact they would all somehow be joined or linked and infinite or infinity is a repeating pattern like the snake that bites its own tail. The cyclic nature, the circular motion that scales down and up. A little like the 1 that after a circle/cycle becomes 10 etc.

Now such a pattern would express itself in nature, like the Fibonacci number sequence. In fact it would be part of it. But what’s more its effect such as the golden spiral would be an expression of these numbers too. Perhaps you remember that I said: the letters are produced and follow the order of the structure, in fact they are created by the structure and are what the stone tablets represent that were placed in the ark of covenant. The law of G-d, now that is indeed a powerful tool.

Let’s have a closer look at the torus first.


For illustration only as both are not fully correct, we know the diameter of both is 432 cubits and the spiral on the left torus is that of the Fibonacci, here they go anticlockwise and if we were to see through it, it would show or give the impression that they go clockwise too. Now if you would colour them like the anticlockwise then the spirals would cross each other. A little like the illustration below.

Now I have often shown you the mirroring of numbers and also that these numbers turn kind of inside out, this too is not random but part of the structure, and the one points to the other. This will not be easily understood when you are not familiar with both the structure and its workings as a whole, nevertheless I will give you an example that does belong to it as you will see shortly.

You are likely kind of familiar with the number 528 as the healing frequency, the miracle note of the original solfeggio musical scale, and 528 Hz resonates at the heart of the sun, as recorded by NASA scientists, and even the buzzing of bees. Let’s delve in a little deeper and look at the Pythagorean frequencies 174. 285. 396. 417. 528. 639. 741. 852. Do you see the pairs? And after this article you will agree that the ancient mystery schools were familiar with the holy science of creation. But let’s get back to 528 for now, there are the two trees back to back, or 88 for you more familiar with the knowledge, 88 x 6 = 528 x 6 = 3168 and in Hebrew it’s the letter value of “the key” and 8+8=16x6x6=576.

Now what has all this got to do with the structure and prime numbers you wonder? It will become clear, patience, there are a few other things I need to mention. All those so called irrational numbers like pi are not irrational after all and have an, until now, not found structure.

The implications of understanding the structure in its entirety are world changing and not just technologically. So is all the material found on this website as their source is one and the same.

For this reason several elements are left out, but it will be enough to change belief into knowing.

This image shows a disc in the centre, extended outwards much like the disc around Saturn. It is based on the same principle as the disc seen in galaxies, and has to do with the flow of south and north, the electromagnetic field. Also only recently on the news, its hexagon on its pole. In one of the previous articles there is a little bit more about it, and I like to point out that everything is really connected as you will come to see. But let’s get back to the prime numbers and lift the veil a little.

Now here we have the hexagon in the middle, I usually use the hexagram or star of David, but I did refer to the bees and 528 earlier and that they move in a figure 8 to show the other bees the location of nectar. Now let’s have a closer look at the left lower leg, it starts with 5 then 11, 17, 23 and 29, 35, 41, 47 Now 5=5 and 11 is 1+1=2 and 17 is 1+7=8 or 528, and repeating 2+3=5 and 2+9=2 and 3+5=8 and so on. Let’s look at the right leg: 4=4 and 10=1 and 16=1+6=7 or 417. Now let’s move to the left top leg: 1=1 and 7=7 and 13=1+3=4 or 174. We move to the right leg: 2=2 and 8=8 and 14=1+4=5 and we get 285. Now the left arm: 6=6, 12= 1+2=3 and 18 = 1+8=9 or 639. The right arm: 3=3 and 9=9 and finally 15=1+5=6 or 396 and there you have the Pythagorean sequence repeating itself.

Now the next bit, prime numbers, picture number 3, the curl of the golden ratio, placed on the hexagon in the correct way, starting from 1, crosses over 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and 49.

The other golden curl goes in opposite direction starting at 5 then 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 also 35, 40, 45, and 50 and what does that mean? The leftovers of the left leg below and left leg above are the prime numbers, no other prime numbers are found on the right side.

And the numbers in these legs that were not prime are taken by the curls of Fibonacci.

Another thing you might have noticed is that the opposite of the left bottom leg is also the one that is making the 528 into 285. Equally so the opposite of the right bottom leg 417 makes the 174 and the arms left and right 639 against 396.

While there is much more to it, this should be more than sufficient to show we are really talking about the tree of knowledge and the tree of life as never openly been revealed.

Consider the given information and ponder over this, and when you do you will realise what it implies.


24-09- 2018

Moshiya van den Broek