27. The Veda`s and the Bible are of one source

Those of you who either studied the Kabbala or did read some articles about it, will know this bit: IV ESDRAS VIII 5,6 (YES HERE IT IS AGAIN THE 5 AND 6 THAT MAKE UP THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM). Moses, on mount Sinai, when receiving both the law and the knowledge of wondrous things, was told by the Lord: “These words shall you declare, and these shalt thou hide”.

If you did read the previous article then the next one will help you understand a little more again. I did mention that if you divide the ark of Noah by 6 you will get 3927 (23562 / 6 = 3927).
There are 66 books in all in the bible 39 in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.

These 66 or 2×33 as in 33 Manu g-ds are also known in the Ati yoga as the 33 sections of the spine, the 33th year of Jesus, the 33 bioelectronic circuits linking the 7 organs each through the 5 senses.

The 35 tattra`s (7×5) these being connected to the 3 rivers: lymph, blood and nerve systems. 33 descending, 33 ascending like day and night, like sun and moon and the hidden middle one making 99.

The pineal gland the 11 must conquer so it may see.

3 x 9 = 27,  12 x 27 = 324 (3 x 108)
324 x 666,666 = 215999,78 (2160) divided by 30 = 719999,26 (72)
4 x 324 = 1296 and 12 x 324 = 3888

One zodiacal house = 2160 divided by 324 = 666666 2160 has 30 degrees, 1 degree every 72 years 72 x 30 = 2160.

Carbon life has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons Carbon becomes diamond.

The earth moves around the sun at 66600 miles per hour. 324 is also the precise Ati yoga number for the completion of the golden sphere. 25920 divided by 80 = 324 (the 8 you will know as the structure)

Each 4 cycles of 324 1296000 years, when there is an alignment with the galactic centre, at the galactic equator, then THE EARTH IS UNDER FIRE.

Matthew mentions a cup 8 times, Mark 5 times, Luke 6 and John 1 time. 20 in total, one up one down make 4 elements.

72 hours has 3 nights and 3 days.

There is a Saturn-Jupiter opposition every 20 years. 3 such cycles form the Chinese zodiac of 60 years, which has 5 breaths of the heliosphere from the sun. The sun (5 sunspot maximums) and charters their 12 animal signs through 5 elements (think pentagram), so the fire horse occurs once every 60 years (soon to be again).

Now think of looking at the 360 calendar again and see if you start to get the bigger picture. Just one to finish this article: the first letter of the bible (in the beginning) and the last letter (being Israel) together means heart/centre.

The ark of g-d 7 x 7 x 7= 343. You will remember this from a previous article.

It must become clear that under each stone you lift you find god.



Moshiya van den Broek