334. Shocking 666

Many of you have seen all the nonsense posted on YouTube and the internet about 666. The number of a man, a man that is the embodiment of Lucifer. I did give a hint in the previous article with the multiplier 44. Let me show you who he was in a previous incarnation in accordance with the prophecies. But before I do: The Hebrew word, transliterated as Hêlêl or Heylel (pron. as Hay-LALE), occurs once in the Hebrew Bible and means “shining one, light-bearer”. The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as Ἑωσφόρος (heōsphoros), a name, literally “bringer of dawn”, for the morning star.

And indeed Jesus Christ called himself the morning star, the light of hope and salvation before the rise of dawn. Nowhere in the original text is Lucifer Satan or the devil. A beast that devours ego, yes. Most people like to point away from themselves, ego points away from itself I should say, blinded due to identification. For those new to this site I suggest you read previous articles so it may become clear. Otherwise the next part is going to be too difficult to comprehend.

In order to show you that he is the morning star, the light bringer, who knows both trees in the garden and has risen, we need to take a look at the two trees again, one that has 480 degrees and the other 576 degrees, 240 below for one and 288 the other. You might recall that the one vessel fell and broke into 288 pieces. The fall was to Hades and to get out on the other side as one, the extended pentagram, the opening being 24 degrees leading to Daath in the star of David, we need to add the one to 24 so it becomes 241 just as 240+1,  and it has been a long way 2304 cycles of 360. Or 480 x 576= 27648 the 12 signs, each step is 72 on the zodiac so 32 paths x 72. But let’s get back at 241 x 27648 = 6663168 and we have 666 and 3168 Lucifer the light bringer and the lord Jesus Christ.

66 books in the Bible 66 x 3,1416 is 2073456 times 6 to have done 666 =12440736. We divide that by the 39 and 27 books of the Bible, 12440736/3927=3168. But let’s go back a moment, the 2073456 as a degree, then we multiply it by 360 = 74644416. Now let’s see if we can let Jesus Christ travel the circle 7464416/3168=23562 and that is the measure of the ark of Noah.

Now let’s return to the two pentagrams. You know from the previous article that the height to fit in the zodiac is 432.00 cubits and to get the center we divide 432 by 2 = 216 but we have 72 degrees overlap which means the 360 raises above the middle line. By 10% of the 216 which is 21.6 therefore 216+21.6=237.6 so for the diameter of the circle we measure the circumference, we multiply 237.6 x 3,1416 = 74644416. So you see perfection but we are not there yet. This was the circumference of the circle, but we need to get the circumference of the eight. So we divide the circle of 74644416 by 360 and multiply by 288 equals 597155328 which is of course half the 8 so we multiply it by 2, this equals 1194310656 so now we have both 8’s or 88.

Now let’s see, 1194310656 divided by 88 =13571712. It doesn’t mean anything to you? Perhaps you forgot they are cubits, just think for a moment where are those two eights? Each on one side? Well let’s see 13571712/88 = 25920 indeed the zodiac.

Now there are 231 gates through which G-d created the universe.

When a person speaks, the spoken word represents only a  fraction of the thought process, which in turn is only a garment to the soul powers expressing themselves in the mind. The whole speech process is one of contraction and condensation and is a metaphor of the chain order of creation. The Divine creative energy, originally emanating in the ten utterances found in Genesis, is configured in the shapes of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as it flows down the chain order of creation.

Each letter of the Alphabeth represents a certain configuration of energy which when combined can create the physical form. This explains the speech metaphor used in creation, “And G‑d said, Let there be light”. G‑d created through the ten utterances which were enumerated in the first chapter of Genesis. The speech metaphor is not just that, but  is exact. When G‑d said, “Let there be light”, it represents a condensation and contraction of infinite energy into the combination of the letters Aleph, Vav, and Reish, which constitute the word “Or” (light). The letters Aleph, Vav, Reish contain all the creative divine energy to create physical light. This knowledge of creation through letters was known to Adam, who named all the creatures through perceiving their spiritual source and ascribing to them a name which describes the flow of creative energy into them.

This means of creation through combinations of letters is referred to by the Sefer Yetzirah when it states that one brick can build one house, two bricks two houses, three bricks six houses, four bricks twenty-four  houses etc. The mathematical formula is simple. If you have two bricks, for example Aleph and Bet, you can build two houses, meaning, you can either write them in the order Aleph, Bet or Bet, Aleph. If you have three bricks then you can create 6 houses (3 x 2 x 1). Four letters can create 24 houses (4 x 3 x 2 x 1). Furthermore, if we take into consideration the final letters and the possibility of inter-changeability of letters called “At Bash” (exchanging an Aleph for a Taf and a Bet for a Shin) the number of houses you can build is enormous.

The 231 gates through which the world was created. This figure is arrived at simply by drawing a circle and writing the Aleph Bet around the circumference of the circle. If one now joined the Aleph and Gimmel with a line, and then with the Dalet, and so on with all the letters, you would have a total of 231 lines. The 231 lines connecting the 22 letters are called the “231 gates”.  This means simply that the gateway of creation is through the combination of letters which represent divine powers.  The 231 gates are hinted at in the name “Israel”. In Hebrew, Israel is spelled YiSRAeL. These letters can also spell out YeSh RLA, which literally means “there are 231”, for the numerical value of the three letters Reish, Lamed, and Aleph equals 231. The Midrash states that at the beginning of creation, “Israel rose in thought”. The name Israel thus alludes to the fact that creation took place through these 231 gates. Some Kabbalists identify these 231 gates with the letters of the residue (Reshimu) left after the Tzimtzum.

The Sefer Yetzirah begins by stating that the world was created by 32 pathways of wisdom. The number 32 is simply the 22 letters of the AlephBeth plus the ten Sefirot. In Kabbalah, the Sefirah of Malchut within the world of Atzilut is called the “mouth of G‑d”. It is through this mouth that the ten utterances of creation found in the Book of Genesis were said. The combinations of letters, each of which represent a flow from the Sefirot, diffuse down the chain. At each stage, their power is reduced and condensed until they create physicality in this world. The words which G‑d used to create the world were not just uttered once, but are being said constantly. In other words, the ten utterances of Genesis are not a mere historical occurrence, rather they are an ongoing dynamic, and represent the constant flow of Divine creative energy which vivifies all creation. If G‑d were for one moment to withdraw that energy from the creation, then the world would cease to exist. If G‑d were to withdraw the energy configured in those letters, or figuratively speaking, if He was to stop uttering the words, “Let there be light”, the Light would cease to exist.

The world is therefore only a manifestation of an on-going flow of Divine creative energy, and G‑d may at will withdraw that energy. The entire physical existence is therefore a dependent existence. G‑d however is totally independent of the creation for His existence.

Furthermore, the entire energy that G‑d expends in the creation of the cosmos is only an infinitesimally small fraction of His infinite power.

Now start a meditative process to help you to fully understand the greatness of the Creator. Firstly, one has a look at the splendid physical creation and sees how G‑d has robed His glory in this world. One then contemplates that everything in this world is influenced and affected by the stars and in turn by the angels in the world of Yetzirah. One contemplates the service of the angels, how they stand completely nullified before the divine. One then rises further into the world of Beriah, the world of the Throne, and finally one stands totally in awe in the world of Atzilut. One may then meditate that even the highest level of Atzilut is the Light of Memale Kol Almin, which is only a fraction of the Light of the Or Ein Sof.

Such meditation puts one “face to face” with Atzmut Ein Sof (essence of the infinite Light). One further note on the 231 gates. The letters are divided over the two trees, 480 has 10 and 576 has 12 letters which implies some connections are seen others are not.

For those who have difficulty with the visualization of this I say, it’s not important other than the realization that it is perfect which should be easily seen in the first part of the article, and for those who can a warning! Do not play with numbers to satisfy ego!

Showing you this is only for the purpose of strengthening your belief and efforts in your meditation,  practice and actions.

The math is perfect and the words given to things are revealing these too. Just like the 1959552 reveal the revolutions of the heavenly bodies to perfection, so it is with their size, distance etc. Or when we look at the names given for gold, silver and other metals, or the colors down to their frequencies. In fact all of creation. Do you realize what that means? And what it means that this is being revealed?



Moshiya van den Broek