332. Gods toolbox of creation

Before reading this article please refresh your memory and reread the previous one and recall the numbers given. 237.6 the circle, 6×66, 396.0 and lord Jesus Christ 3168. The 66 books of the Bible,  you might recall 1188 and the 1056 I will explain shortly. Then we have 792 the diameter of the earth in miles. The sum total of the two trees is 1056.

As I’ve explained god has written down these laws on two tablets, and I mentioned that these tablets,  unlike they are often depicted, are circular. And nature follows its rule. Not even the size of the earth is a coincidence as you will see. And I also told you that this structure is rolling out the text letter by letter/number.

The value of the two trees 1056 is the value of ‘the joy of thy salvation’, and ‘I will raise up the tabernacle of David’. One final number for now 1584, the value of ‘I will establish my covenant’. If we are now to draw the earth with a diameter of 7920 miles and draw a 3:4:5 triangle around it as well as within, you get the following numbers:

So you see that the circumference of the 8 on the other side matches perfectly with the earth and the 3:4:5 triangles and the other numbers. So the 576 and 480 or in other words the two trees make 1056. And it does all in other ways too that is more directly linked to the first layer of the outer story. As you recall you start with 18 and there are 32 paths 18 x 32 = 576. But the law is with you, the covenant. How? The ark of covenant is 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 0.5625 and 18/0.5625= 32. You might also remember the ark of Noah being 45 traveling the circle of the zodiac 8 x 45 = 360 or 45 x 576 = 25920. What’s more 45/5.625 = 8. Yes, the table of 9 the highest number and hides the ark of covenant. Perhaps you recall that I mentioned the entering as 45 and at 54 exiting, a turning point where on the tree the 36 and 60 degrees meet the 4 on the left and the 5 on the right side of the tree, 36+60=96 and 54/0.5625=96 and of course through the 12 signs of the zodiac or 96/8=12.

And if you have run its course you are safe, from 18 to 81. As 81/0.5625=144.

Now place the other stars ‘hexagram/pentagram’ on top of this and you’ll see Daath, with a tilt as shown in Rennes-le-Château, points right in the heart. The Chartres meridian line is a little to the right.

A warning is in place here! You’re entrusted with a sacred secret, one of which it is said kings would sell their kingdoms for, therefore do not juggle with the numbers, or let ego seek its path in the hope to find gold.

Concentrate on the work, your practice! Ego had your whole life and knows you better than you know yourself. Be free from its slavery, it’s time! See the structure and numbers/letters as help to strengthen your belief so you persist in holding on to awareness, not giving ego more tools to have control over you. Don’t pay attention to its excuses nor do its bidding. Usually an insight doesn’t come from thinking but from seeing, uninterrupted by thoughts. When someone learns to drive a car he or she is thinking about all the things she needs to do, looking at the gear stick to shift paying less attention to the driving itself, but once learned it’s kind of automatic and you can focus on driving, you are more aware of what happens around you, you pay attention to the traffic. Now when you listen to someone but also listen to your own thoughts then how much attention do you pay to listening to the other? Each moment is an opportunity to practice! Even when you need to think (which is far less than it makes you think), you can practice so it remains focused at the task at hand and not lead you astray.

Let me explain something, you all have heard about stem cells, and you know when you place them in a petri dish with muscle tissue they will become muscle cells and if you place them in another dish with bone cells they will become bone cells. These stem cells do not yet have a self-image so the environment gives them the input. This happened with you too, in your first 6 to 7 years you are taking this input too. This becomes your subconscious from where habit is driven.

Now at present people only use awareness about 5 to 10% at most, as usually thoughts are busy with past or future. So who runs you now? The subconscious with its basic beliefs!

And how does habit work? Just like any of the skills by repeating. So if the subconscious has repeatedly experienced being told you are not good at something then even when you consciously know it is conditioning, it will not change your subconscious, not unless you alter its conditioning repeatedly through your heightened awareness, catching it in the act each time it seeks to guide you. If you truly realize that those thoughts are not you, that they always take you on a ride away from the moment where it really happens and it is the present that needs your full awareness instead of divided attention, then you already need less thinking, as this thinking should be under conscious control if you need it and you likely only need 5% and 95% awareness and be in the only real moment that is. You do not need to stop it, as you are likely not able to stop it, but you are able to stop giving it your awareness. Eventually it will quiet down.

How else could you clean your House, your heart!? And your raised awareness will prevent it from unwelcome guests.



Moshiya van den Broek