331. Free of ego therefore I am that I am

Some of you will have heard them say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But for it to be true it would need to be a conscious experience as a spiritual being, having a material experience. But as long as we identify with the thoughts and feelings that arise from a dualistic based world we are of and are subject to the world of matter and will not rise above it.

We may pray for help, ask for the satisfaction of our material desires which are created by ego’s idea of happiness, but all of these are conditional and like the seasons come and go.

When we hear that know thyself is the highest goal, the most valuable knowledge one can obtain, then most will mistake this self for the one we identify with generally.

While some of you know that it’s not the I am john, Bob, Cindy, Charles or Samantha or I am a teacher, carpenter, pilot or bank manager, nor does it relate to your material possessions or  where you come from, but in truth these are the only things you can come up with when this question is raised, who are you?

The signals we receive from the outer world through our senses hit our retina, eardrum, skin or receptors on our tongue or nose, a barrier from where they are translated by what it has accumulated conditionally about it, the likes and dislikes etc. But never its full true nature, because we never have direct contact.

This so called inborn desire, this feeling of missing something is often taken hold of by ego as a driver to fulfil its needs, as it finds life in recognition of self although it being of a lower nature. I often say fear loves fear and those who looked at it closely will have noticed that it can be pretty blind if truth be told, it will see reason where there is none, or interpret to fit, and as mentioned in the previous article once the object of desire is reached or obtained desire falls away. But desire itself as an emotion will seek its need again and again as it too seeks to experience, to feel alive, and this too we can see, adrenaline junkies, one more this, one more drink, one more…… Perhaps the thrill of something new is strong enough in other emotions for a little while longer but eventually the need to more, something new, bigger, sweeter or… will cause desire to rise again and you can recognize desire here, but did you see it in fear? In greed, jealousy, or any other of the negative emotions? Or only in what you consider positive?

Never experienced the inability to stop this negative chain of thoughts that raised its head? Yes, you identify with this lower being that belongs to the world of matter, of duality.

Do you “think” gods world is one of duality? Yes, he created it, and for a purpose, but do you really think it’s gods nature? Let’s go back to the garden of Eden for a moment, what did the snake say that will happen if you eat of the tree of duality, of good and evil? You become like gods. Well first of all, not “am”, but “become”. A kind of returning home but knowing it for the first time, hidden in this is the purpose of this plane of duality.

So our true nature isn’t that of duality and therefore to be close to god you need to be more like his nature, which brings us to the title of this article and to another fact one needs to become aware of, that even though we might not understand, god has and does all out of love. Here again we often hear, Oh but I listen to my heart, but your heart can’t be trusted. You might not like it and even argue when I say you’ve sold your “soul to the devil” but it’s kind of true when you are still slave to ego and its emotionally spiced desires. Your heart too does depend on these translations between spirit and the sense filters that judge on the basis of limited insights.

So what we have done is that we made a measuring vessel of our heart which is not in accordance with gods measure. So how do we do that? How do we correct the heart? There is another story in the Bible that tells us about it, while it also tells us about the dangers of an unguarded house in which anyone can enter, and in this case it already happened, it also speaks of a clean house to receive Christ or any of the other names gods spirit is known under.

To fill a heart, your heart, with a love that is as close to god’s love means unconditional, a task that with ego as ruler and measurer is impossible. So this knowledge expressed through the articles needs to become experienced knowledge to gain enough strength, enough willpower to clear it of all that is not pure and replace it with a full trust in god’s goodness and intent and love for him expressed in all and I mean ALL that you do. That way you safeguard it from evil and keep the house clean no matter what matter throws at you in an attempt to break into your house, not because you expect to be rewarded or to gain, but out of sheer love. Being eternally grateful, SUCH A HOUSE is worthy of a king to enter.

But don’t think of it lightly, this undertaking is a path only a few have walked. When the holy spirit enters such house it will overflow, no matter how much you give out, while at the same time it never will know shortness of a blissful fulfilment.

You’re living in a special time, a time both wealth and poverty are reaching their peak, and where both seek and both are blind. Yes, I can hear you think “but it’s better to be rich while seeking”, but I tell you in this the poor have an advantage over the rich. The rich think money can buy them the inner wealth we all deep down search for, they think they can buy a front seat, pay the ferryman, but their currency is worthless, as are their so called good deeds because none were done without a hidden agenda. And it will weigh them down. It might be hard to believe but there will be a moment where they will beg the poor for shelter and food. A food you’re eating of that nourishes and cleans the heart.

Back to the nature of ego and the emotions and the problem that you identify with it. You will recall me saying fear loves fear, so let’s look at the word identify, like personality, which means masks in Latin, to identify comes from the Latin idem ficara which means, to make the same or to make it look the same. If you or the emotion has experienced, it will add it to its collection including everything related to that moment of the experience while it might not even be fully related to the emotion itself, like the smell of a place. So when the nose picks up a similar smell it could trigger the emotion too. Or simply because it is only through its collected impressions that it is able to experience of itself, it does not ignore anything that would diminish that feeling or emotion but simply does not see it. So while anger is triggered and at the same time there is evidence that it’s not justified it remains blind for it. And as you identify with ego you too are blind to it.

But once you recognize it happening you are separate from it. There is no I in it.

In other words you are standing outside of ego, being separate of it. Becoming the observer.

I now like to move to another part which I kept out of the general information and insights because of the danger that ego would manipulate for its own sake, so please remember not to play around with numbers to make it fit your (ego’s) theories. This happens all the time unless you know the structure from where the numbers\letters come. One thing I mentioned only briefly at times in the articles but did not elaborate on is Daath the 33rd path on the tree.

And that there are two trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, and I now tell you that you get through the one to the other. Although I did mention it before in the passing by slightly, by telling you there are two sides to the tree, a little like a mirror image (and pay attention to “a little”) and its entry point is Daath. Unlike what present kabbalists say there is likely only one tree. Now keep in mind, eat of the tree of knowledge and you will surely die, and I did mention that there is an entry and exit point, death and birth. I will go more in depth in other articles as I need to avoid some to seek the moment of exit and or entry dates.

So how does that tree look like on the other side? While there is something you already know, its height! 432.000 as shown to be the diameter of the great year or also known as the zodiac with 25920 years. This tree is made up of two pentagrams and let’s look at it. If we link the legs of the pentagram we get the symbol of the goat with its horns and the other of man. Or as some will say, the devil and with it the number 666. And you will all have seen the number juggling to fit it to a man. From the Pope to Hitler, while the truth is very different, and related to the above. Let’s have a look if mathematically it proofs itself, six score, 6 x 66 = 396 x the cubit 52,36 = 2073456. A number you will not immediately recognize but the logic will reveal itself shortly. Let’s look at the height of the tree 432.000, the centre of it is 216.000, the two joined pentagrams are encircled and are 1/10 larger than its centre point of 216, so 21,6 plus 216 is 237,6 as diameter so we multiply it by 3,1416 equals 746.44416 But we need to divide it by 360 to get the value of a degree so 746.44416 / 360 = 2073456. Indeed your 6x66x52,36.

Now, if we take the cubit times 360 we get 188496 and when we divide by 5 to mark the pentagram we get 3769,92, this number Nostradamus mentioned as end date or new beginning, alpha & omega. Now if 2073456 is one degree then the eight is 119431.0656

And if we divide it by the alpha and omega number 3769.92 we get 3168. And this is the letter value of the lord Jesus Christ in Greek. Apart from it showing that the structure is perfect in every way, and that it spells out life in every way it also shows that Nostradamus was initiated into the sacred secret.

I will continue in a next article.



Moshiya van den Broek