330. The weight of the heart

In Egypt we see a picture of a scale with a heart on one side and a feather on the other side, and we often take this lightly to mean that if a man has been good his heart will be light and raise to the heavens while someone who’s done bad has a heavy heart and sinks to hell. But could weight really have something to do with it?

Let’s have a look at some of the references made to weights and measures in the Book of the Dead and other religious texts.

The Book of the Dead, spell 125:
I have not reduced the measuring vessel
I have not reduced the measuring cord
I have not added to the pan of the scales
I have not tampered with the plumb bob of the scales

And the Bible, Leviticus 19:36:
You shall do no wrong in judgement in measures of the length or weight, just balance, just weight, a just ephah and a just him shall you have, I am the lord your god.

In proverbs 11: a false balance is an abomination to the lord but a just weight is his delight.

And in Deuteronomy 25: 15:
But thou shall have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure chalt thou have that thy days may be lengthened  in the land which the lord thy god giveth thee.

There are many such references in many religious books and old sayings that refer to justice and morals in relation to measures and weights. When we look at freemasonry, it clearly shows measure to be very important, it even refers to god as architect.

This website has shown that the blueprint of creation not only contains the material laws and forces but the morals as well, and it does so in the first language of numbers, numbers that later were expressed in letter. Number is far less susceptible to “miss” interpretation, unlike words, herein lies the basis of the story of Babel where confusion set in.

One other thing should have become clear in the holy text when god gives instructions to build the temple, ark of covenant, the tent, the ark of Noah etc. Namely that it was him who gave these measures. Knowing that shines a light on the many other religious books all over the world, the fact that they all use the same numbers known to most of you as sacred numbers.

Nowadays there are many websites and YouTube videos where they play with these numbers to proof one or the other theory, but without knowing the structure from where they come into being, it is meaningless. Why? Because such structure has rules unlike the number juggling which enables one to add, multiply, subtract or divide for as much as they like to get the desired result. It should also become clear that these measures were not a random choice and there must be purpose, a match that is higher than that of present day science where science is still looking to find the key that ties it all together.

Without going to deeply into it, as that is outside the purpose of this article, let’s have a look at some of these measurements given, and as it will turn out, show that they all point to this blueprint of creation and the laws thereof.

One of the ancient cultures known in Mesopotamia had a circle with 360 degrees, we still use it today!  A circle or cycle whereby its starting point returns like the cycle of the zodiac which too has been in use during those times. Plato called its cycle the great year and its length was also given, 25920 years. Together with the days of the week which related to the planets, moon and sun, they also had the 4 seasons. So these numbers such as 7, 12, 36, 72, 108, 144, 192, 288, 432, 864 all had special meaning to name just a few. With one or more zeros added to them, they are all interwoven into the story being told, like for instance the resurrection of Christ after 3 days, like the sun reaching its lowest point in the sky where in remains for 3 days before it rises again, or the story of Noah and the 8 people on board of the ark traveling the galactic ocean from where it collected the animals, explained in greater detail elsewhere on the website and its measure given as 300 x 50 x 30= 45.000.  Measures that clearly show once the structure is known to express its place, journey etc. Through its measure, as it was said to be in cubits, a royal cubit with a length of 52,36 cm and it will also show that they knew the centimetre and litre. Then there is the minor cubit of 31,25 cm and other measures too such as the hin whereby 32 hin equals 14,61 litre and who’s functions are related to the sacred measures and laws. Even the amount of letters in the Torah of which it is said not one iota should be missed. A little like a construction that if it misses one pillar would fall down. Then there  are hidden numbers like that of the vessel that fell from heaven and broke into “288 sparks” clearly sparks are degrees! And the vessel in heaven mirrored  a circle of 360 minus 72 degrees gives us 288, and resembles a cup if one places the heavenly cup on top we get the shape of an eight or the symbol of eternity. What’s more two such overlapping circles creates the basis of a pentagram which is based on 5 x 72. And its circumference is 576 degrees, the letter value of spirit is 576. In another story it is said that Lucifer’s crown fell to earth. So on these two overlapping circles we can join two pentagrams one as the horned goat the other as the 5 pointed star.

One above and one below, one Adam Cadon, the other as the earthly Adam of red clay.

Only a few of you were aware of something about the structure I kept from you, the tree I’ve shown isn’t the 576 but the 480 degree one, this to ensure a door is not opened before one is ready. But this will be explained in other articles. For now we go back to the basics in preparation for a new step towards self-realization. Many articles back I’ve shown the word, Amen a blessing to have a value of 99.

For understanding I will give you a very short version of the big story to get an idea of this first language. The one starts his journey and steps on the wheel of eternal cycle of life and death. This wheel with its eight spokes is of course hiding its real shape the 8, we still use an 8 on its side as symbol for infinite. So the one stepping onto the wheel can be written as 18 and once the great journey is completed one gets off the eight is then written like 81. So the alpha and omega  the beginning and end is 18 + 81 = 99 Amen.

While the structure is simplex in its nature, it produces complex expressions as we can see in the physical world around us. So our ancient forefathers took gods measures and measured everything by the measure god used in creating these worlds. Many of you who are searching have either looked into and are familiar with the kabbalah and its 32 paths, so let’s see if we can find the short version of the biblical story within the tree 576.

576 divided by the 32 paths is 18. And the zodiac with its big cycle of 25920 along which we take this great journey 25920 divided by 32 = 81.0

Back to the weight of the heart, let me ask you, what weighs you down? Isn’t it your emotions? Your worries, your doubts, your fears, your insecurities, your anger etc.? They weigh heavy on the heart. I’ve explained the nature of emotions and their desire to live through you, and the only way for them to be able to do so is to feel alive by recognizing of self, each of them with a desire to live, fear loving fear, as without recognizing of itself it will not feel alive. And as you all experienced  it will try to see of itself even if the truth is different, and if it can (and it  can!), it will store it in its bucket for a next time, and so recognize of itself more and more. Never to be satisfied, always on the lookout. Just look at desire, and all emotions are rooted in desire to be, to live, to feel alive, desire is a longing for something that you think you do not have or feel, so what happens when it does get or feel what it (the emotion or object attached to the emotion ) was desiring?  It would be satisfied wouldn’t it? But what about desire itself? It lost its liveliness the moment the object of emotion was taken, so desire again lost its feeling of being alive. And as you all know, how long does the thrill of that newly obtained object of desire last? It quickly fades away, it isn’t giving that same feeling it gave you the very first moment,  now careless about you it will continue to see, listen, feel, smell, taste through you, and as long as you identify with ego it will continue to weigh you down.

The whole of humanity in one way or another is slave to ego’s only real weapon. There are millions seeking a spiritual life, a connection to something that gives true meaning to life. They pray and ask god to come down to their level, their attachments and desires to be fulfilled, questioning why life doesn’t satisfy their attachment to ego/desire. Study tarot cards, read about ancient cultures, visit the old temples, collect stones, angels, hug trees, go to yoga classes, become vegan, wear some fancy Indian clothing, burn incense or follow news about conspiracies and think that seeing a relative truth behind it equals awakening. Even when they consider the know thy self the ancient spoke of, it fails to provide to give them the true answer they are looking for, the feeling that makes whole. And how could it? If the one asking, the one wanting, the one who desires isn’t you at all but who ego made you believe to be.

When I said practice and look at a past emotional memory as if you look at someone else so you were not looking through the eyes of those emotions so much, it made you see a little deeper into the situation and realize it was the emotion that judged and valued it, leaving you unable to see the truth in the  situation at the time.  But it’s important to know that even then you are looking at it through emotionally tainted glasses.

Don’t “think” that reading knowledge makes wise, ego will pick from it to suite its own goal, this knowledge is a guide that will lead you to recognize through experience the truth behind those words.

To let go, of ego that is, and to reach god you have to climb up, not to be asking him to come down! To fill that vessel as close to the quality of his love, and you can’t do that with all that clutter stored there. Remember yours is conditional and therefore runs dry if its desire isn’t reached and when it is, desire seeks to feed itself again. But to open up, to truly let him in and nothing else that is conditional, it not only fills but overflows so you never run out.

More on this another time, there is work to do, time to clean the house.



Moshiya van den Broek