329. As in large so in small


In the above picture you see the sun and its magnetic field and on the right you see the earth and its magnetic field. On the left of the earth you see the moon and you see a horizontal elliptic circle around the sun. Imagine this to be a disc much like that of Saturn or the disc of our galaxy. Now all the planets are located around the sun, and each connected to the red and blue magnetic field line, the red being positively charged and the blue negatively charged, and as explained in the previous articles, where they meet they create a toroidal field, a kind of copy of the bigger field but scaled down. These field lines are at various distances from their main body and therefore ranging in strength and wavelength/frequency. Like the galaxy and Saturn each planet has such rings around it at the level where positive and negative meet and collects debris. The toroidal field collects it in its spherical framework. Eventually the planets or moons are formed and there is no material present in these discs anymore or just a few rocks or dust.

This is from the central sun to the sun/black holes in galaxies to solar systems to you and the matter your body is made up of, as you might recall you too have a toroidal field around you.

Mandelbrot’s idea of fractals was correct but it is toroidal in nature.

Electromagnetic force, here too there is much more to it, but to get the principle is far more important here so you become aware of it all being interconnected.

That this goes much further and is based on the ratio’s and rules that express themselves in many other ways is shown in the following.

Saturn or Cronos, also known as father time, has a polar diameter of 108700 km, the orbital speed of the earth is 108700 km/h. The diameter of its rings is equal to the speed of light, Saturn travels 86400 km a day, the sun has a diameter of 86400 km, the moon travels 86400 km per day. I could go on and show much more of the harmony of the planets in relation to their diameter, in relation to the distance to the sun and the number 108 etc. Although I need to say that these numbers do fluctuate somewhat, just like the ratio does in plants as previously explained. What matters here is again that all is connected, and what is out there is in you also. But what is far more important is that all this is the world of effects and not the world of cause, the spiritual world that is our true home. The body that rules this world, the one I want you to experience. So I only show you these things so that you strengthen your belief enough to stop following these thoughts as your own, to know with certainty that ego does not have the ability to see beyond this world nor is it able to answer any of the real questions that matter most. To remain aware that when ego raises its voice through thoughts and feelings, you do not identify yourself with it because this continues judgements based on limited insight.

Let me ask you a question, how many sleepless nights did you have over the ants or mosquitos you killed while walking in the forest or killed before you closed your eyes?  Or the mouse your cat killed today? Or the cells that died in your body? A matter of perspective you would say?

If you were mother earth, how would you look at the little creatures creeping on your skin? All is conscious, but we as a species measure with dualism, the tree of good and evil, the tree we should not have eaten of, the tree of the snake. The true god isn’t the god of dualism but of the tree of life. True, we’ve eaten of it, and now it’s a long way from this limited knowledge back to wisdom, wisdom that is out of reach of dualism, dualism you hold on to so strongly. What if you would identify with this all including consciousness? But you lend your ears to this limited voice of ego. We focus on the light of consciousness that flows through ego, through our limited senses, but the light of consciousness flows through everything.

See it a little like this: you look around you in the room and you can see where everything is, where the food is stored and where the coffee machine is, the heater to keep you warm and clothes to wear, including the door to go outside. Now imagine never having been in the room and you can now only see through a very little pinhole with darkened glass in it, trying to make sense of it all. That is ego’s viewpoint. Ego has gained the glass, with all its limited judgments, and you keep listening to him, giving it the ability to darken the glass of the pinhole even more.

What are those staining agents he darkens the glass with? Fear, because he can’t find its way out, desire, because he can’t find the food he needs, so he compensates, he seeks and thinks he has found it in those little things, if I have this I will be happy, be satisfied. But eventually it never does, we move from material things to money, from money to power, the grass that is greener on the other side. And if it all fails we blame someone else or seek it in drugs or alcohol or thousands of other ways. But the one thing we don’t give up is trusting ego with all its conditioning. It’s so difficult to stop and identify myself with him. True, if you still believe him is you. Even a child burns himself only once on the stove, and you know all this to be true yet you give up so easily. Yes, he built up his strength over you through all these years and you believed in him, but you know by now that his view is very limited. In fact he can’t even see outside, while you’ve been given the key to the door. Stop identifying!



Moshiya van den Broek