328. The architect of the universe

Many of you will be familiar with the zodiac or also known as the great year with its 12 signs each lasting 2160  years totalling 25920 years. And most of you  only associate astrology with it, a pseudo-science at most, something mainstream science will stay well clear of. And understandably so as in its present day usage it is only a rudimental part of a much larger body of knowledge, something that got lost from a time we have no records of, or so it seems. There are of course stories about a time before the flood. Many can be found in most religions and in stories like Plato’s Atlantis and stories about Lemuria to name a few. The internet and YouTube are loaded with theories and speculations as to where this knowledge originated and what it represents. Some talk about the source being of alien origin because of the short history of humanity and the sudden rise of advanced knowledge (remember not too long ago we were still thought to have been cavemen).

Then there are those who are seeing it as an astronomical clock of the cyclical fall and rise of civilisations due to reappearances of comets and meteors and point to the meteor shower each year that caused the explosion of the Tunguska meteor and the disappearance of the dinosaurs. All this to warn future humanity, so why the great secrecy if according to them they hid the message in stone to preserve it? Their great insights are really short sighted. Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson are some of the leading names in this area that turned it into a fat money cow selling courses, lectures etc.

The alien list is even greater with only a hand full integrating the ancient knowledge into their theories, mostly only as the builders of structures like the pyramids.
Then there are a few who are totally focused on the big conspiracy about power, the elite that keep it a secret, the new world order.
Another group is busy with the sacred numbers and seeks to link them up with cycles of planets, seasons and measures, like it having been an farmer’s almanac.
Then there are those who do see it as a larger picture and join it with nature itself.
And finally we have religion that (at least some) links it to the psychology of mankind.

So what is it really? All of the above and more. Like Hermes Trismegistus said, as above so below.  Now where do they go wrong in their thinking? Even those who do consider an ancient civilisation who’s knowledge was bigger than known history. Yes, equal to our own, Randall Carlson said, and continues to say that they were able to measure the circumference of the earth like we do with great accuracy. But here they go wrong, they were not physically measuring it like we do, not even how they did in 300 BC measuring the length of a shadow with the curvature of the earth against a long stick which resulted in a 500 km being off. Then how you might wonder?

Before I answer I want to point out another mistake they all make. Take a circle you have drawn on a piece of paper and you wish to know its circumference. You would measure its diameter would you not? The problem you would encounter is the thickness of the pen line you draw it with, even if it would be half a millimetre thick, between the two there would be a difference in measure. Or let’s take the ratio of branches of a plant or tree, there is always a variation. So if you work it out in theory knowing that is a law inherited in nature, that would be close, in fact you would be able to test the theory which allows a margin of error due to outer influences such as wind and weather etc.

In other words what I am saying is that they had the blueprint of creation, its ratios and order of things and they worked it all out from there.

While it is clear, when one considers the correlations between the sizes, the sun 864000, the moon 2160, the zodiac to name just a few, that Pi shows itself in various ways in nature as I’ve shown you in other articles. Just like the golden ratio is even found in our bodies.

One big governing body. True there are a few scientists who venture on a spiritual path, or so they think, either to get a piece of the popularity contest, or to seriously be looking for answers. But they are still unable to see because of their mind set.

To know the universe there is only one way, something the ancients knew! Know thyself!

It’s not quantum physics nor the spiritual elite, not Fred Alan Wolf, PH.D and members of what the bleep team, nor the rabbis who study Kabbalah  or a swami guru or priest who are seekers too. What that is is the land of the blind where one eye is king. Yes they study, perhaps even day and night but they measure with the wrong instrument. And only those who know what is meant by this make a chance to see it.

It’s the BIG catch 22,  I can’t give up on I until I know for sure that I can give up ego but still be there, and what if I do not think, I will turn into a dumb vegetable… Yes, continue believing in that blinded person who’s vision is blurred! But I tell you nothing is lost but all is to be gained. Be that drop in the ocean in that little wave you call ego, who sees the shore vastly approaching where the wave is going to be crushed, or be the sea that lives another day.

That is what the ancients did and what made them see what is hidden for you. Perhaps I should refer to those days as the time the gods walked on the earth.

Even the so called kabbalists do not realize they continue eating from the tree of knowledge. But the apples start fermenting, creating pink elephants, but never to the tree of life that is full of wisdom.

As explained before it is all experienced in the mind and people try to change outside while a wise person on the other hand changes its perception within.

Some of you might recall that I explained that seeing, hearing, smelling, taste and feeling are really just different ways of translating a frequency, in a way we could say they are all a kind of hearing. Years ago when I explained it, there were some, in fact quite a few who disagreed with me, now science has shown it to be so, yes even smell. While science is still getting to grips with it, consider this question that played on the minds of both evolutionists as well as creationists, what was first, the chicken or the egg. How could an eye ever develop?

Here are two links with both sides of the fence:



And here is a link about science telling of their discovery that smell is a kind of hearing:


Now let’s presume sound (and with it of course vibration/frequency) was the first, and “god SAID let there be light” starts to make more sense doesn’t it? While we only see a small part of a very wide spectrum, internally that light is translated back to electrical signals again and sent to the brain where it sort of resonates with the stored notes of the colours and where we named them. Although a little more complex than this, the principle is enough for the purpose we intent to get across.

Now emotional feelings are first felt elsewhere, and only secondary linked to the brain/mind.  Amplified they resonate with what it has stored in relation to past experiences (no matter how short “sighted” they may be) and cause them to rise as thoughts. Why all this again you might wonder, bear with me, you wish to reach the top of the mountain, you wish to grow , to know and end the suffering, and is knowledge enough? I told the story of the 4 monks finding god when they joined, so surely knowledge isn’t enough? And yet I say it is, the problem isn’t in the knowledge but in you knowing, because if you did, you would live life in accordance. In other words you would be like the other 3 monks too. As right now you still believe your thoughts, you still let them rule you, you still identify with them. Hasn’t your practice shown you all this to be true? Didn’t life show you ego to fall short of getting you there?

What excuse does your ego come up with that makes all this less important than his agenda? A lack of willpower perhaps? Caused by something in your past? Instead of taking on a big thing, start small, don’t try to run a marathon if you can’t make it around the block, even those who do started with shorter distances, a small act of service daily, add a minute of practise every day, overcome a little habit, you may even celebrate a victory. Forget what others say or said, they have their own battles to fight. It doesn’t matter what they are, but that you do them and so build the willpower that will get you there. Oh yes, some will have willpower or so they think, but look closely, who does it serve? It might not be what it seems to be at all, when it serves ego it’s not willpower at all.

Let’s move on to another subject, the sun’s gravity keeping planets in place.

Artist impression of a black hole.

In the above picture you see a jet above and one below and you see a disk around the so called black hole. This disc is where you find the suns (stars) and planets around them. What it doesn’t show is the magnetic field that this electric current creates.

This picture above does show the magnetic field, and the jet above and below in the other picture is the positive and negative charge which meet up at the discs equator where matter collects. Now where these two meet they create a toroidal field, a framework for matter or gas hydrogen in this case. The toroids seen here are the suns in our galaxy and they in turn have the same fields but are planets. Just a matter of scaling. Again, there is more to it. But this is more than enough to get the idea.

So unlike the theory science is presently holding about black holes, the centres of galaxies are linked to the central sun of the universe, like the black holes are linked to the stars in their galaxies, and their suns are linked to their planets, and their planets to their moons etc. These positive and negative charges create the magnetic, toroidal spheres called planets, moons, suns and so called black holes, it’s just a matter of scaling. So this galaxy too is linked to the central sun.

Now this whole harmonic dance, which includes our senses, is born from that sound, “and god said let there be light”. One should be able to grasp the idea that the bees and the flowers were never separate, nor a freak accident of nature, nor were your eyes and ears.

If you want change, be that change!



Moshiya van den Broek