325. The recap continued

When we start to see how all things connect in some way or another, then we start to see a pattern emerge that illuminates the similarities which connect all fields of study and learning, from science, art, language, number, music, astrology, geometry, theology, mythology and just about every other area of learning and communication.

Back to the base line and the circles. Within those two circles there are spikes, both pointing up as well as pointing down. A little like your heartbeat on a monitor in the hospital.

Now these two overlapping circles (and there are two sets, one has a circumference of 480 and the other has a circumference of 576) have a star configuration within them, as you have seen in other articles where the hexagram and pentagram are joined making 7 points.

The 480, twice 6 making the 8 (in a similar way the 5 and 6 making a 7) both with points above the baseline as well as below the baseline. And the 576 has a point called Daath. These lines connecting the points are known as paths of which Daath is the 33rd.

Now imagine something that cannot be compressed yet seeks to occupy the same space, a little like a combustion engine. We get an exhaust jet that removes the fumes out of the cylinder, a volume that can be measured. Now think of those two spheres overlapping, it would press out such jets too. And due to the curve and spin would look like a spiral.

Like the arms of a galaxy, the fuel within are the flames of light, 10 attributes or qualities.

In spirit these colours make white, all shining light, in the world of matter, they make dark. Remember the colours of emotions, and you do not really see the light but only that which reflects it, cannot penetrate it. Now the 576 has 7 on the outer rim and two of which one is Daath. Making 9. 10 is 1 outside the circle, even visually.

Where the two circles intersect it cuts out 72 degrees which means 360 minus 72 leaves 288 degrees. Now if you were to take a sphere and cut out a circle 72 degrees wide, it would look like a bowl or vessel, also known as a cup, by G-D if you were to drink of that! True the 6 rests on two arms of the 5 so the opening would be 144. But you forget that the eight (8) runs its course in another big circle, 360 minus 144 is 216.

Now were they indeed not the degrees of each zodiac sign? What’s more, and pay close attention here, the zodiac was 25920 in circumference so we divided it by 3,1416 which gave us 8250.57295645.., and the diameter of one of the two overlapping circles is 1.5 of its total diameter so we divide 8250.57295645…. by 1.5 equals 55.00.38197096…… which are cubits so we divide by 52.36 and it gives us 288 as diameter. With a circumference of 1728 or as the goddess of 15 said 15 x 1728 is 25920. Or 15 days of 24 hours or twice 12 hours is a full circle. And 1728 is of course 3 x 576.

As there are two circles of 1728 the total adds up to 51.84.0, the slope angle of the Giza pyramid and the number of years mentioned in the Mayan calendar.

I will add a few links which you can read, but please keep it to the links only, I do not want you to be stuffed with data that will only confuse you. The reason I give you these links, is to show that without having seen the structure you fall prey to interpretations. The Zohar itself was written by someone who knew. All commentary works, no matter how intellectual or complicated it may sound, are given by those who are seekers too. There is a warning concerning the Zohar:


Without the proper grounding, one can very easily be led astray by The Zohar‘s text and instead of attaining spirituality, one will be led into all kinds of imaginary fantasies and stories. 


So let me first bring you a little clarity. You’ve seen how perfect the structure is so you can visualise the 8 and its circles rolling around the zodiac. You have seen that with the joined stars in place it marks the zodiac in intervals exactly as the zodiac is divided, the 216.0 for each sign, the 72 and 30 degrees. What would be good to remember is that the ark of Noah had a one cubit opening, so when the ark (you) moves over the waters you pick up influences from the zodiac and visa versa. Yes it works the other way around too, think collected Karma, yes you send out a raven and a dove, it is life and death, not just individually but as a group, country, nation too.

Another point to keep in mind is that the circle is not only cause of cycles, it is also a boundary, a bit like a fence.

There are 288 fallen sparks. This is derived from the line in Genesis 1:2, “and the Spirit of God moved upon (merachefet) the face of the waters. And the earth was without form (תהו  tohu), and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon (מרחפת  merachefet) the face of  the waters.”  Gen 1:2

The Hebrew word merachefet, or “moved upon” is the eighteenth word in the Torah, and with a gematria value of 728 it is the first word that is a multiple of 26, which is the gematria value of the Tetragrammaton . The Ari explains that the word “merachefet” is actually a compound of two words: “met” and “rachaph” – the first and last letters spell met (“death“); the remaining letters spell rachaph (“move“) which has a gematria value of 288. This is also the value of the word ibbur which means “gestation“. So, death and rebirth are all represented in the opening to Genesis, signifying that 288 fragments (“rachaph”) had died (“met”) – an allusion to the shattering of the vessels of tohu into 288 initial sparks.

There is absolutely no point in analysing things, trying to find meaning behind words, numbers, until the person actually possesses the “spiritual mind”, the “kelim” that can reveal anything. That can only be achieved by total self-nullification. Which of course can only happen by the “Light”, the primordial, natural source/force since it is beyond physical, human power.

The LORD is gracious and full of compassion;” has a gematria value of 400. The sefirah (the plural is sefirot) associated with grace, compassion and mercy is Chesed. Its companion, Gevurah is associated with stern judgement. Their combined gematria values total 288!

Perhaps it becomes clear that seeing the structure in all its glory and work, it is quite different from reading the Zohar yet while reading it one will be able to recognize it more easily. Please look at these in this order.





But as a final note, and as addition to the articles ‘Revisiting the rabbit hole’, I like to point out that when we spoke of judgment, we spoke of each word being loaded with emotional attachments, therefore the moment a thought arises and you identifying with it, you judge. Although there are occasions where it is required to think or speak out, never forget that each word is a judgment in and on itself and that everything is part of one great whole, so be gentle, loving and forgiving as they are part of you too.



Moshiya van den Broek