324. Recap

It’s time for a recap, but this time I will make it such that even the blind should be able to see and the deaf able to hear. Having seen the thousands of websites, videos on youtube, scientific journals and magazines with theories which they make out to sound like they know the great mystery while at most they describe, but a description is not an explanation. What do I mean by this? Let’s take gravity. Now they are able to tell you the speed of an object falling, its rate of acceleration and max velocity and yes it is useful, and some impressive formulations will dazzle those unfamiliar with the mathematics used to describe it.  But it doesn’t explain how or why it does so. And the list goes on. Science is riddled with theories and descriptions in every direction, from physics to astro-physics, biology to psychology etc. which left the field open to  pseudo-science and pseudo-spirituality. And do not misunderstand me here, there is truth in spirituality, geometry, astrology, geometry to name just a few, but while science has some rules, pseudo-science/spirituality has very few if at all.

The reason for this is partly due to the fact that one deals with the world of matter, while the other deals with the unseen. One has some means to check if their theories hold true through testing, the other is seldom able to be tested.

Then there is religion which in a way dealt with both sides, but to the majority it is unable to explain either side of the coin. But before you continue to read, I like to suggest you watch this video:


Then continue reading, as it will help you understand the next part more easily. But be careful here too, they do make assumptions that could already condition your outlook on it. I will explain this after you’ve watched it.

So now that you have seen it, let’s look at a few statements they made. Science quantifies, and those who claim to be spiritual say that what is non material can’t be quantified. But this isn’t completely true. The non-material “framework” upon which matter and its movement is woven, this pattern, can be both described as well as explained, that which is not able to be quantified is that which lies behind its creation.

Secondly they presume lots of things based on evolution alone. Statements such as they saw the sky and discovered constellations, even coming to believe they might influence our destiny. Or that we invented math and simply seek patterns, or someone just came up with a number sequence which describes PHI, the list goes on. But consider this, they also say they found these very same patterns in the human body too, just like the nautilus shell, cabbage, sun flower, etc. So if the whole basis of nature shows these patterns (and there is more than the Fibonacci sequence), would it then not be logic to presume that our brain and consciousness is related to it too? And what’s more, how does one recognize something? Conscious or sub consciously, indeed by knowing something about it in the first place, shape, patterns, feeling etc. We like and or dislike in accordance with its vibratory quality. Why do I say vibratory quality? Because that’s what they really are, wave patterns, a frequency that vibrates and depending on its type and strength causes something else to resonate in unison or causes it to be distorted, in either direction. Our likes and dislikes, our feelings both mentally as well as physically. Other articles go deeper into that. So are we really the one that with pride can say, I discovered? I came up with? The whole universe is based on and saturated with both the framework upon which it is woven and causes it to be. The only thing that stops us from seeing the whole picture is that ego. That big fat I, who thinks and seeks to hold on to its distortions. And so it not only fights against the natural flow but also remains stuck to the consequences of doing so. Perhaps when one would at this moment read (BE IN IT, NOT OF IT), one would get a clearer idea of what it means.

Now you will have seen the river and its relationship to PI. So let’s take a river, in let’s say the Amazon, from point A to point B zigzagging through the jungle like a snake. If one takes the length following its pattern, and the measurement from A to B in a direct straight line, its ratio will be 1 to 3,1416 PI.

If you were to ask anyone, and scientist included, what makes a river take such a path through the land, they would (even those who have seen this video) say, water wants to follow the shortest way so it adjusts to blockages such as rocks, trees and when it finds resistance it’s reflected into the other direction until it hits something else again, or similar type of reasons. As if it does so all on its own except by the laws they know, a description that they consider it to be an explanation too. But not one but a whole range of obstacles, soft soil hard soil, trees, stone etc., all to eventually get this relation to PI, 3,1416. All coincidences, the wind that took that seed to plant that tree to strengthen the river bank to force the water the other way, the stone that rolled down to redirect the water for long enough to get this average length, on and on, not easy to phantom is it?

The truth is, that even such questions as which was first, the chicken or the egg, aren’t realistic questions anymore. Nor would it be to ask what was first, the bee or a flower, everything is really connected. We are just still too blind to see it.

But the next step in that (planned) evolutionary process is the big jump. Only a few who made that jump and recorded it, placed it in stone. And there were those who at times touched the silence just long enough to get a glimpse of “inspiration”. You could say they heard it from or in  the heavens or by those from the heavens, depending of their point of view. Alien? To most it will be, but they too are within the same laws and did and have to follow a similar path of growth. Nobody simply gets it, so they could do whatever would please their ego.

It was made in such a way that you can only recognize it to the level of your growth.

Such time of change is upon us, not because there is so much spirituality or because the majority has reached such a high level as many like to think, but because we have reached at just about the lowest point we can get. Yes I realise it doesn’t make someone very liked to say that, and no it’s not doom thinking. But rather it is part of the very structure itself, just like your personal lowest, rock bottom, there is only one way left. But pay attention, this doesn’t mean: let’s sit back and relax, it will lift us up. On the contrary, the time to act is now, otherwise you’re still going to be deep in the hole you’ve been digging, unable to reach the hand that would lift you up. I highly suggest you read the previous 3 articles so that you will recognize it to be close to that time. As said, a time when there are no true believers anymore, and with that I do not mean your personalised ideas about the truth.

So what about free will then? Yes what about it? Free will doesn’t mean thousands of ways, it simply means a choice of two. One, the one most are on right now, that of personalised believes, two, the one that leads you out of the cave (the hole you dug).

Let’s take one more example, one I came across not so long ago, one with a grain of truth, a vehicle used by ego to sell its lies. And there are many others that use the same kind of way. This is what I came across and there are many similar concerning the number 432. The following words are a statement on their website:  “There are those who believe that the 432 Matrix has been kept secret for the power and knowledge it contains. If this is true, then it is no longer secret and you now have the power and the knowledge.”

But there is nothing on the website other than descriptions, and no explanations other than a few wild theories. And adds to buy some 432 music downloads, the “heal yourself type of stuff” that made all this spirituality stuff a big market and tool for financial gain. The yoga places on every street corner like hotdog stands filled with baloney. All wishing to gain in on the “secret”, “demand what you wish for a shortcut to happiness hype”, cocked up by a group of spin-doctors and marketing teams.

True, even informing you with this costs money and it isn’t easy if you are doing it without enough money flowing in, but it’s not even the money flowing in those spiritual commercial enterprises, but the fact that such statements, as found on their website shown above, that lead to an unwillingness to listen to the truth. If you pretend to know, wrote the book, made the film, set up your class, give lectures, then like those scientists who get their funding on the basis of a theory, they will defend it with their teeth if need be at the cost of truth. But not just them, as you have (hopefully) read the previous 3 articles, we all fall prey to this conditioning that blinds us, we become selective, pick up one thing, reject another to fit our personalised theories.

The intention of this website was to slowly introduce you to this ancient wisdom, so you too would start to see these patterns that are in everything and to make you aware of what blocks you from seeing it.

So it’s time to make it easier to see this picture of the non-material pattern behind the nature of things, in biblical terms called the tree of knowledge and the tree of life upon which everything grows. Some of you will say ahh, the Kabbalah you mean? No, the Kabbalah as it is presently known isn’t being told by those who know it but by those who seek to know it. Ok, then is it the flower of life? No, as this too is being told by those who seek to understand it but don’t . In truth they are part of the same thing (which isn’t a thing). Is it the I Ching then? No, but it is also part of it, in fact most of the religions were written by it. If one understands its structure and movements one starts to see the story it spells out.

So let’s recap. The measure that is key to understanding it is the royal cubit. There are several ways in which it reveals its measure, each is a key onto themselves but outside the intend of this article. If one takes a pendulum with a string of 1 meter and lets it swing 30 degrees (360 degrees in a circle and 12 signs of 30 degrees each) then the arc has a length of 52,36 centimetre. The other is if we take both a cube and a sphere with the same diameter and calculate their volume then their difference is 52,36%. The ancients knew this and we say oh but it was very late, much later than the builders of the pyramids etc. that they discovered PI. If one multiplies the royal cubit by 6 we get 3,1416, 5 times we get PHI, 2,618, 8 times we get 4,1888 to calculate the volume of a sphere.

And what does science say? It was from the elbow to the tip of the fingers, an estimate, not an exact. Ok, you mean like me asking you to give me an indication of the amount of meters from here to there and you taking steps whereby you take each step as a metre? Does that mean we do not have a correct metre? Not forgetting that each multiplication gives us these vital parts to build with such precision which they have demonstrated. Not only that they spoke of the great year 25920. How could they have known? Here again we measure with our own ideas on how it must be done. Observation? Because they didn’t have the instruments to make such measures.

If there are any that juggle with numbers, then it’s us, science included, and if we come across a gap in our theory we simply make up another particle because it must be quantifiable and for that to be able to do we must be able to isolate it and measure it. The same happens with the sacred numbers until it fits their theories (not to mention that a description is not an explanation). Yes, some can find these numbers in nature from plants to galaxies and yes in the human body etc. But what brings them about? A question we will answer in another article.

But let’s move on. Now if we take a base line and make a wave pattern both above and below to make a circle, do that with two circles, two overlapping circles, and keep that in mind for a moment. It will look a bit like a wave pattern but with a vesica piscis. Imagine this wave pattern moving from above to below.

Let’s take this 432 as the base line and take 6 cubits or 3,1416 and multiply 432 by 3,1416, then we get 1357.1712. But these are cubits so we divide it by 52,36 and we get 2592.0, the zodiac. And either we take the long way around, moving through the emotions associated with the animals, or we take the direct route, like the river in the Amazon.

Then perhaps when it was said that it comes from the heavens becomes a little more clear. Yes, our being is not just based on the laws but our spirit too, but if we are attached to and identify with, then we follow the curves of the river.

Now as a final one for now, the ark of Noah, for the sea it is floating on is telling you the story and makes it clear that what I tell you is direct from the source.
300 x 50 x 30 cubits or 45,000 cubits, in other words 23562, the ark or Vesica Piscis, created by two overlapping circles has a circumference of 576. Twice 288.
This figure eight (8) the wheel of eternal suffering, is the tree of knowledge. But more of that for another time. So the ark travels around the 8 or 576, so 576 x 23562 is 1357.1712, indeed the number you’ve seen to turn out to be the great year of the zodiac.

Left only to say two things, I am willing to share with you and for he who has eyes to see and ears to hear realises the major implication of even this little bit.



Moshiya van den Broek