323. Revisiting the rabbit hole part 3

Having read the two previous parts, it will be clear that this part is going to go a little deeper into the 4 different parts. But before I do let me first tell you that there is a reason that I kept from you, as to why I did not give you the whole story.

If I would have given you all, it would have simply been too much, you would have picked from it those things that fitted your idea and neglected those things you thought were less important or simply too much to learn. It is a pilgrims pass, two steps forward and one step back. Meaning first you learn something, then you implement it (practise as in practise), then you see/experience it which in turn changes what you learned. How? When you were asked to look back at a past moment, as if you were someone else, the emotional attachment to that moment in the past would not be so strong that you would look through it instead of at it. Nevertheless looking at it still is done and judged by the very personality that was built upon it. But by going back each time you start looking at it with a little less attachment. A little like holding something hot in your hands, after doing it a lot of times you are able to withstand the heat a little more.

This time you were asked to look at it and see how the perception of the situation led to a building of judgement of the next similar situation, and the next etc., gathering more and more things alike, or better said seemingly alike. As an example, you were scared of snakes, because you were told of its dangerous nature, perhaps seen one or two, and death due to its bite, or the very large ones that strangle you to death. And as a result you are not comfortable walking in high grass and  weary for anything long and green. On itself not a bad thing, but one day you walk in the grass and you see a bright long green snake in the corner of your eye, and jump and run away. At home you tell about it, and how lucky you were you picked it up in the corner of your eye. Now everybody picks up a stick or club and walks into the field to kill the snake, but all they find is a green garden hose. There goes your nice day in the field. Now the fear, even while it turned out to be a garden hose, still registered and joins in memory storage anything related to that fear, eventually building so much that you do not like to walk in the grass at all anymore. And this while you know now that it wasn’t a snake at all. But in many other times you never find out if it was true or not, you simply judge it as true, because your measuring tool has in it only that which it considers to be so. Either in feeling only, or both in feeling and associated thoughts. What I mean by that is that each word, each sound, each image, and combinations are having an emotional attachment to it, in various degree. So your experiences and the way you judge and store them are adding to the personality, the way you see things, the way you’re made to believe how things are. So your past is listening, smelling, feeling, seeing and tasting through those conditioned ideas about the world around you. And to some degree it helps you to get around in the world, mechanically it helps you to walk or even ride a bicycle without the need of even thinking about it, in auto drive.

But in the same kind of way thoughts and feelings arise and you have the idea those thoughts are yours (identify with it), I think, I feel etc. Now apart from it being triggered because it recognizes of itself, that what it has collected, it also gets its impulses from external things which are not as obvious, such as planets. Take for instance the moon, who’s influence is scientifically proven to influence you down to physical/chemical reactions such as menstruation cycles in women. And all planets do that. But in this day and age there are a wide range of radio waves that are man-made which also influence you and of which you have no awareness at all.

So the next step in your practise is not so much looking at a past event and trying to see that it did judge due to previous judgments and how it affected a next situation, because your ability to see all its blind spots (all its filtering ways that lead to its judgements) is going to remain somewhat blind, because as said even the words that come to mind are already conditioned. For example fear, which has a personalised meaning to you which might vary from someone else’s idea of fear.

But what is the same for everyone, is the mechanics behind it all, the road map so to speak. As by now you will have been able to see that your truth, and therefore your judgments are riddled with impurities. It is now time to look at the mechanics, to take the same past experience you used in the practise and now see how it does what it does to feed itself, because ego can only feel alive if it recognizes of itself, it does not care about right or wrong, all it seeks is you to believe it to be. So you give it arms and legs so it can prepare its food in the future.

To see its path, to see it getting triggered and cause thoughts and feelings to arise, you already know it can’t see the whole truth. Yes even when you independently “think”, your word choices are loaded with its ideas of it.

How to do this? Not to attach to the thoughts that arise, not to think about it when looking at that past moment, because if you do, then it’s like watching a film but with the sound of another. One that tries to judge it with its limited understanding. So focus only on watching and you will come to see that understanding comes, even without the need of thinking. Perhaps if I tell you that you can’t see light, all you see is that which reflects it, and when it reflects and does not shine through, all you see is its outer appearance. The light of pure awareness is a little like x-ray vision as your awareness grows so things will become clear to you.

Awareness is gods light.

Read it several times, in the way I’ve explained how to read in another article.

So now we move on to the narrow path. At first it’s like walking on the edge of a sword, and there are loads of distractions he will throw up in order to attach to him, to identify. But it is the only path that will lead to the other side without drowning, of which the above it a vital key (to hold on to awareness). As I have said before, everything in the material world is cyclic, and as long as you attach, as long as you identify, you will follow the river that flows from left to right.

Something inherit in nature. Most of you have heard of the 432 hertz, the ancient tuning harmonic instead of the present 440hertz. And some might recall me mentioning that the zodiac with its 12 signs (of influence) are 25920 years long and if we divide it by PI and realise the outcome is cubits it will give you 432.000. The diameter of the zodiac, or a straight line from bottom to top without going around its circumference. Now pay attention: a river, let’s say a river in the amazon zigzagging its way through the jungle from A to B is 3,14 times the length of a direct line from A to B. You might have thought that the hills and rocks and trees on the river bank cause the river to bend and zigzag but as you see PI and its effects run far deeper than you could have imagined.

We can simply turn it round and say 432 x 3,1416 = 1357.1712 cubits so when we divide 1357.1712 by 52,36 we get 2592.0. It does go much further than this, but I will not elaborate on much more than to say 369 is another key 1357+1712=3.0.69, then you might start to see that there is no such thing as coincidence.

So by your practice you will gain strength and willpower to practise to stay alert and raise your awareness so that it becomes your natural state based on experienced  knowledge that there is purpose and a goal planned for all of you. But as you were given free will it’s up to you to choose the long bumpy route, or the most direct. And because it becomes clear, you also realise that karma is part of that structure too.

And remember that even though I asked you to pick a past memory with its sole purpose to recognize, do not dwell on the past other than for the purpose given. As you become more aware, your light will outshine any that will arise and dissolve. But if you follow the thoughts and feelings as you, your own, then whatever you fight will strengthen, and whatever you resist will persist.

The primary cause of unhappiness is hardly ever the situation but the thoughts about them. So separate yourself from them and focus on the silence that is always there. But your attention is focusing on the noise.
Whoever told you that worry is a necessity? Ask yourself does is serve any purpose? Practise listening as if there is to be a very faint sound that you need to hear in the background, but remember it’s not an effort but an awareness, an alertness. Being spiritual has nothing to do with your belief, but with your state of awareness, conscious awareness. Don’t forget the mind does not know what to do with silence, it seeks stimulance, it gets restless, bored. Consider this, what is the difference between happiness and inner peace? The first depends on conditions perceived as positive, the second does not. Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.

But what it also does is expanding awareness, your field of awareness grows. Call it space consciousness instead of object consciousness (the I, the body, the mind and its emotions with its reactive impulses). It might give the impression of something negative, but persist and you’ll come to see it creates space for something new to emerge in your life. And in this awareness the past has no power over the present, this is not to say that you cannot use the brain, in fact you can, other than the brain using you, or more correctly ego using it to create and prepare its food for the future.

Ego, the more I add, the more complete I become, if you give it power by identifying it will become compulsive, object conscious.

Having become aware where these thoughts come from, you will also realise that they are not yours, and they are really like the bubbles that arise out of the mud at the bottom of the pond. But what you should also be aware of is that the bubble bursts when it reaches the surface. So if you let them, they will dissolve. True, new ones will pop up but like the bubbles in the pond they too  will burst and eventually stop if they are not given the energy through your identification anymore.

Don’t misunderstand, being in this world means you interact with the object and experience, but realise that it seeks of itself and becomes compulsive, it looks for more of me, whatever that emotional charge may be. This me of course is the little me with its limited points of view.

So if you seek to buy this or that, what are you looking for in it? More of this little self? My new……. Collecting to these mind objects, adding to its buckets, but not for long as this wanting is a desire that never has enough. Is it adding to this ego? Big, enough, new enough, fast enough, does it make me stand out, be accepted, seen to be better or whatever it may be, or whatever reason it comes up with to justify it fulfilling its desire to add and more to the next to become whole. Anything that influences the sense of self is a mind object. The realm of thought fuelled by emotional feelings.

So our idea of self, to which we have attached too, that which gives us the idea of value, be it knowledge, beauty, kindness, education, all we/he has invested in should not be taken away or we lose that self-worth or unworthiness, like scientists who invested years of study being confronted with a greater truth or new way of looking will  fight to the teeth to defend their theory.

The defender of personality is called ego.

You need conflict to uphold your sense of self, this on a personal level but if that need is of a collective nature, such as we, a group, country etc., we go to war. All this if you don’t know yourself beyond mind, a person or a situation, but you’ll need conflict, albite it is subconsciously.

Why? Because without it, it cannot feed itself.


Moshiya van den Broek