322. Revisiting the rabbit hole part 2

I am a spiritual person, and I like to say that I am someone who always wishes to help others and I look at someone’s eyes to see his soul. I am also a strong woman who will not waver if I made up my mind.”

“Thank  you for that, it tells me about your personality and a little about your past, as being a strong woman does not fall from the sky. Your experiences made you so, just as your kind quality of wanting to help people in need. So you see, you gave me insights into your personality. Kindness is a very nice quality and pleasant, and please do not misunderstand, but it is personality which is not the same as soul. To know someone’s soul is a completely different matter (in fact not matter at all), it is spirit and not worldly.”

Now why all this you might wonder, first of all, truth. By words we speak and actions we take. We have the tendency to hide behind words, we say things that can be interpreted in different ways. When I say happiness it might mean this for you and something else to another, because it depends on our personal experiences that made us like or dislike. We seek truth, but all we measure it by is by comparison (of the experiences we had, we look through them and judge), never seeing the whole picture. We touch someone’s hand and say he or she feels like this, but the senses register in your brain and interpret. We look at something but the picture we see is really happening inside of us. We smell, but its translates within. We hear, but the hearing happens inside of us. And this is the very reason, why there are differences on how people perceive the same thing. Because it is all translated and related to our personalised ideas about things. And that is ok, but truth is not like that, it cannot be this for you and that for another, those are just interpretations. Soul on the other hand is an instrument of truth, it sees how things really are, not how they seem to be.

But how can we see soul? Or experience its way of seeing? If we look through those conditioned eyes that only measure through conditioned experiences which we tend to judge as truth. We identify ourselves with these limited points of view.

What happens to the energy once the body is gone?
Is there individuality after the end of the body?
Do I exist as I?
Do I have a soul?
Is there reincarnation? Or is it just my ego that says there is an I that still exists? But if that I forms part of a larger universe, it has no identity.

Let’s look at it. If you close your eyes and sit, you cannot see me, but you are still here. Right now, is it you who is looking at me or is it your eyes that are looking at me? It is you who is looking at me through the window of your eyes, you are looking at me. If you close that window, do you still exist? Yes? Then you are clearly saying you are much more than the body. You also know, that this body you slowly accumulated. Or in other words what you call “my body” is just something on loan, that you have taken from mother earth, just a piece of the planet. But when the time comes she wants to collect it, atom by atom. Let’s say, I pick up a nugget of gold, I say this is my nugget and I am not willing to give it to you. After a while, I start thinking it is me. Now when the time comes that this nugget is going to be taken from me, I feel I am being terrorized because I am being taken away. But you’re not being taken away. Only the food that you gathered, the piece of planet that you gathered in the form of this body, the planet is asking it back. If only you were aware that this is only something you’ve accumulated. Not intellectually but every moment if you were constantly aware that I am not this body, this is just mine, it is just a collection, I’ve accumulated this. I’ll use it and when it’s necessary I’ll drop it. If this awareness was there all the time in your life, death would just be a change of clothes.

So what happens after you’ve paid back the loan? The question here is, is it willingly or unwillingly. Your body as you know it, the physical body has to return to the earth. But there is a subtler body which is like a wire mash, a framework. Only because of this subtle body you can build this gross body. You eat the apple, it becomes body, you eat bread, it becomes body. Because of there being a subtler framework/wire mash, this body you see, the physical body, is only the material gathering around the subtler body. So when this body falls away, the subtle body, which is also referred to as etheric body is still there, it still has information. But the important difference is that when you had that physical body and a conscious mind, you had a discriminatory capability. So once the body falls away, along with your thinking mind, the logical mind and a discriminatory aspect of the mind that is fallen away, there is no more discrimination, you only happen by tendencies. So certain tendencies are still there.

Why is there so much care in every culture, particularly in this culture, that at the moment of death, if a man is dying, no matter what your relationship is with him, you try to utter god’s name, or you try to create the right kind of atmosphere for him, even if it’s your enemy, a kind of wanting for him to leave well. Because at the moment of leaving in case he is in a certain mode, whatever the mode is, let’s say he is in fear mode right now, once he loses the discriminatory mind, there is no control over the fear. Look at the many times fear has arisen in your life and because of your discriminatory mind, you’ll say it’s ok. But in this case it is not like that, you’ll reason and try to get out of it, but if there is no discriminatory mind, it just snowballs into paranoia, and not like a human, a living human being anymore. It would grow into a million fold, because there is a complete absence of a discriminatory mind. But suppose you create pleasantness at the moment of death, now this too can then multiply because there is no discriminatory mind. Be it sweetness or bitterness, pleasantness or unpleasantness, even when people are living very little use is made of that discriminatory mind and we all know the effect of just following what emotions are whispering in our ears. If it’s the one we call it hell if the other we say he is in heaven, not geographical locations but a state of being.

Reincarnation. So if there is a substantial amount of information still stored, which is  karma, whereas the karmic substance is still strong, then, suppose you left out of feebleness of energy (meaning you became old), energies became feeble and it rested for some time. So this kind of life energies just rests for some time, without too much activity. But suppose the energies did not become feeble, but just broke the body by accident or suicide or someone broke your heart etc.  When you pass and the energies are still intense (as with all uncleaned emotional residue), it will take a long time for it to become feeble without the body and mind. If you had a regular body and the discriminatory mind, let us say, you could have worked out your karma in the next 10 years and made the energies feeble. But now that you don’t have a body, these 10 years may become a 1000 years (perhaps you recall the devil being banned for a 1000 years). You’re in limbo because you have lost this discriminatory mind, and the chances of finding another womb are very small. Because you’re in a certain level of intensity you cannot find. So unless your intensity is right…… But one who has gone peacefully may get back within 48 hours. All depending on the information you still have to work out.

But I will not elaborate any further on this other than to say, if I were to give more, ego would try to fit it in its own ideas and not lead you out of the cave. But more on this in part 3.

There were 4 men, all 4 were sure they knew the way to god. One said, it’s intellect and he thought all others were too dumb to reach god. Another said, pray to him, that is all you need and he will show you the way, devotion, and he thought all others were just wasting their efforts. A third said, it’s in your actions, and showed great discipline in all his movements. The fourth said, you are all wrong, it is in raising your energies, and so reach high enough. It is clear that they would find it hard to spend time together, and would argue all the time about which one was the correct path. But one day after a long journey they ended up on the same bench along the road, and again they started to argue. But then dark clouds appeared in the sky and it was about to rain heavily. The devotee who knew all the temples said, there is a temple close by, let’s go there and take shelter from the rain. So they did. But when they got there, there was only a roof and crumbled down walls. And there was a statue of god in the middle. As it rained heavily the wind started to pick up and blew in the rain from every side, so they were forced to move to the centre very tight around the statue of god. And then all of a sudden the statue spoke. Welcome my children, god said. And all 4 said, why now god? All these years we gave it our all, I studied to learn all there was to know, and I devoted and chanted your name, and I moved my body in every way to please you, and I heightened all my energies to reach you, but now here in the pouring rain you come to us, why now? Because you finally came together, god said.

First you were given knowledge, ideas on how it works. Then you were given a task to practice. On its own without a purpose it would be unhealthy to dwell in the past, and the practise was to look as if you were looking at someone else, not that it was fully possible for you, but it lessened your attachment just enough to be able to recognize how your past was projecting itself to the future so it could relive itself as the only way it (ego) could stay alive. Some did even recognize how it built up its (ego) empire and how it made you its slave, as you identified with it. Both the body as well as the mind. Then there was the next one, now that you knew it could only see through what it thought it knew, while it only has a limited view and the senses were only attuned to the material world. Now you could visualise these blinded memories and brighten them so see more clearly or make them shrink and take them and throw them away behind you.

Then there is the awareness that you are not this body but your body is merely a clothing to be able to be in this world.

And then there is the devotion, the focus on doing good, and the practise to remain aware of it. You are not these thoughts or these feelings but they arise out of this sediment of past and raise as bubbles to the surface to which you say, I think, I feel. Now by experience alone can your awareness get the upper hand together with practise (what some call meditation), not as something you set aside a few moments for, but a 24/7 thing as he only needs a split second to gain control over you.

In part 3 we refine these qualities a little further, deepen the insights into how he tricks you, on all 4 levels.



Moshiya van den Broek