321. Revisiting the rabbit hole part 1

In this article we will look into the traps along the way a little further. This with the intention to make another step. We have explained how ego works and the influences it has on your life. We will only go into that briefly here. As you know you experience the world with your 5 senses, but these 5 senses cannot see the way things are, it can only see things in comparison. You only know light because you know darkness, you know sound because you know silence. Let’s say you touch this bowl with your hand, you might say this bowl is cool, but is it really? If I were to lower my body temperature wouldn’t your experience of touching the bowl be different? Your entire perception is by comparison.

Yes it is good enough for survival but it is certainly not enough to know the nature of life, and I do not mean the way it is projected to be. Let’s say I am 180 cm tall, if I walk on the streets of China I would consider myself a tall person, while if I would walk the streets of the Netherlands I would consider myself to be of average height. In china I would walk like a tall man and feel like a tall man.

So if you want to enhance your perception, as right now everything stored in your mind is based on comparison, and half bits and pieces, I mean, when you are in front of me you cannot see the back of me, yes you can heighten your senses. Take for instance a blind person, his/her hearing will be heightened. We can all heighten our perception , we as the human race on this earth have an advanced neurological system, better than any creature on this planet, but it is merely due to ego that takes your ability away by the thoughts and feelings which it seeks you to identify with.
You might think! But dogs for instance can smell better than we can, and a cat can see much better in the dark, but they do not have the thought processes, they are merely focused on their senses.

In humans the psychological reality has overshadowed the existential reality. When we talk about life I don’t mean your job, house, hobbies, family or your wealth or lack of it, but the life inside, that which keeps the body functioning. The animals are just survival, food, sleep and breed etc. It is fulfilment for them, but we always want more. But look at it closely, it is not more you want but you want all, but if you want all, then you should not place physical boundaries, because the physical can never be all. You’re desiring the infinite but you think you  get there by counting one, two, three, four……. But all it will do is make you count endlessly. Because we look at everything in comparison we have fragmented the world, because we perceive all through sense perception. But we do not have a life perception, so if you have to transcend your senses, and it doesn’t mean senses are bad, in fact you could not survive without them, but once you’re human, survival isn’t enough, something more has to happen. Survival comes natural to you, but other things you must strive for.

But get this! Your senses are inside out. To look inward, where we experience life, do you see the screen in front of you? Can you point at it? Wrong, it’s inside where you see it! You see it within yourself, listen to that music, you hear it within yourself. Where have you seen light and darkness?
All within yourself, pleasure and sadness, it all happens within you, you’ve never experienced anything outside of you. When you touch somebody, you think you experienced how the other feels, no, you only experience the sensations in your hand. Now your entire experience is within, so if that is the case then at least what happens within you must happen the way you want it, and if so would you not keep it in the highest of pleasantness? So why isn’t that happening? If you can keep it (this happiness or pleasantness) for 24 hours your ability to use your intelligence would rise a 100%.

So what I am saying is that it is not a goal but a fundamental necessity!

But what cripples you? So how are we going to be able to manage this inner life? For that we have given you some tools, you can’t turn your eyes a 180 degrees to scan within, you can’t turn your hand inside out to feel the blood flowing within. The mind, well just an accumulation of what you experienced. The body? Made of the earth you walk on and the food you have eaten. But somewhere within there is something else, something that has made all happen, and if that comes into your living experience, then you do not need any guidance of anybody.

So what does it take?

We have given you a few tools to assist in weakening ego’s stronghold over you, and at the same time experiential knowledge on how ego works, looking at past experiences as if looking at someone else’s experience, and eventually detached from the experience itself, as to not look through the emotions that are linked in the image of the past experience. With the intent for you to see that its agenda is a different one from yours, but by identification the impression is made for it to be yours. Once the situation is seen in its true light you are set free from it. That is, if you followed it and also looked at its effects and how it has built its strength and feeds your thoughts and feelings so it can regenerate itself into future moments.

We have talked about it before in greater detail, then we gave you another tool, that of visualisation whereby you can adjust its size (impact) and brightness (strength) and through mentally and physically throwing it over your shoulder, all this to lessen its influence. But they are merely little steps that should build up your willpower, due to having seen the reality of it and how it functions that made you its slave. So eventually you remain aware that if he raises its head you can see it but not be influenced by it. And so eventually it will quite down.

We also talked about the love that grows, and we do not speak of the conditional idea of it, but the love that has all these qualities love stands for. As it will automatically grow due to the insights you gain along the way, compassionate, forgiving, wise, unselfish, and the dangers whereby ego will try to take hold of these insights for its own goal. And believe me when I say I fell for its trap many a time, it only needs a single moment of unawareness and it will justify its selfish act but then with an even greater knowledge it has gained to regain its power over you.

Unlike the few minutes set aside for meditation (which is the practise as described and the holding on to awareness) it is really a 24/7 thing, which by growth in practice  becomes a lasting state as eventually everything points out the beauty in all.

So it’s time to talk about a subject so many talk about but few know, enlightenment.

Let’s assume your eyes are like a pinhole lens, a micro pinhole lens somewhere mounted on a wall, so when you go towards it you will be able to see a tiny part of the wall. Your desire to know more about the wall make you press even harder against the lens (scientist are very good at this). But now move away from the wall, now it’s like having a macro lens that enables you to see the wall from a totally different perspective, a bigger picture that includes other aspects of the wall.

Attachment is like that pinhole, it narrows our vision down to the conditioning, or in the case of Plato’s cave, the further we step back in the cave, the more we will see, eventually we see the puppets being projected on the wall by the flame behind it. This is often the flame or light we see in death, and why is it always like a tunnel? And why are there familiar people? Ever wondered? It is attachment to this earthly life, the physical world. Then after a moment of darkness you become aware of a light, but it’s the light in the back of the cave, not the light outside the cave. But imagine this withdrawal further back and eventually being outside the cave, the theatre called human life. Where the puppets are the hands that move men.

Enlightenment is a state of non-attachment and therefore not attached to the body, not mentally nor physically, so death and enlightened are going hand in hand, and only few will consciously create an attachment so they can remain in the body to fulfil a given purpose.

No matter how hard I would try, you will likely misunderstand, a reason why most of the masters will not speak of it. Anything you understand is always based on what you know, but it has no consequence when we talk about something of a completely different dimension of life, so I will not speak of the other dimension, all I will speak about here are the methods, the vehicle that if you drive it, will lead you there. The only way to really know it. The same reason why if you do not practise and only read the material, then you’ll never really know, at most have an idea about it. You have a body but you do not belong to the body, you have a mind but you do not belong to the mind, you have a family but you don’t belong to the family, you are in this earth but you do not belong to it. But at the same time everything is a part of you. But you yourself do not belong to anything.

The only way to know it is to experience it. Imagine you spend a lifetime without ever knowing what fear or anger is, what jealousy, hatred or anxiety is, you are in a state of bliss all the time, you are intoxicated all the time and at the same time you are fully alert, how would that be? Ever been drunk? Imagine all those times you got drunk and at the same time to have been fully awake and alert. Even if you fall asleep you are wide awake. But the present state of consciousness is that even when you are awake you are still in a deep sleep.

Enlightenment means you have broken the barriers of the physical. The limitations the physical had imposed upon you, you have broken free of. For  most who will reach that moment of enlightenment it is going to be the same as leaving the body, once your energies reach such a peak, you can hold on to the body, only someone who knows the tricks of the body (in all its essence) and who understands the mechanics of the body can hold on to it. Otherwise they have to employ something else to hold on to it. Because they are only learning to drive the vehicle. They do not know how to build the vehicle. So they cannot retain the body.

They would have to play various dramas to hold on to the system.

There is a story of a man who was uneducated (an advantage). They worshiped him as godlike, simple but people could not miss his divinity. But he was crazy about food, he would talk to his student devotees, and say, please wait I will be back and run into the kitchen and ask his wife what is cooking today? His wife was ashamed of this, how can you be like this? People see you godlike and you are mad about food, even I am not bothered about food. Why are you bothered about food? And he would reply, that’s ok but what is cooking? One day she really got angry with him and said, I am ashamed, I am ashamed the way you are, people are worshiping you like god and you are mad about food. That day he told her, one day when you bring me my dinner and I look away one day and have no interest in the food, you must know that there are only 3 days left. This happened 7 years later, one day she brought him his dinner and he looked away. She immediately knew and broke down in tears. He said there was no point in crying, time is up. He didn’t know any other way to hold on except this simple method, he created a conscious desire for the food all the time, everything else was lost as gone and the only thing that bound him to the body was this conscious desire for food daily just to keep himself in the system. This kind of conscious desire you can drop anytime, when you feel it’s done you can just drop it. So the moment of enlightenment and the moment of leaving the body are the same. So that’s why we work people up to a certain point and peg them down right there on the last step, so they serve their natural cause of life in a very beautiful way and when the time comes they will be released from that. As it is an important time where it is needed to have evolved people on this planet.

In part 2 we will go into some questions and answers, part 3 will be about deepening the insights.



Moshiya van den Broek