313. Gnosis part 4

In the last article before Gnosis 3 I stated that I would provide a few links that would help you get a better picture of the whole. For that reason I had to start with part three, because without it and with the following it would be a journey lasting a life time if not more before one would grasp the whole.

Let me start with explaining something that is of vital importance here, in order to fully comprehend what it is we are dealing with (and I do not mean the obvious). It is the fact that the numbers are not separate from the structure that governs them. As you might have seen the 5 and 6 pointed star would make 11 points but in the configuration as shown they make 7 points on the circumference of what is the 8, which stands for eternity (the star with the two tails, also known as the star of beth-le-hem).   But only under the right condition would one move to the 7, and 6 is usually the point of exit. Only when they are aligned is there the opening through which one can pass to Daath. So the large ring of the zodiac and the two overlapping circles within run their course.

Exit and entering and with entering after the 6 picking up a new chain of numbers (signs) for a max of 120 (years).

Unless one understands the wheels of life and (physical) death, working with numbers isn’t going to lead to a full understanding, and many play with these numbers without knowing their place and order. There are those who calculate until they reach the desired number to fit their theories, often not even realising that each has its own meaning. I prefer and have an obligation not to simply tell but to create a situation in which you start to see it for yourself, not just structurally or mathematically but through seeing it in yourself. For that reason the practises described in the articles are the only proper way to develop the eyes to see.

Now let’s go back to the cubit first. A cube and a sphere within it with the same diameter has a difference of volume of 52,36 %.

If we take the zodiac with a radius of 1 meter (100cm) then each section of 2160 years is 30 degrees. But the curve between the two separating lines has a length of 52,36 cm.

Here is a depiction of Ezekiel and the wheels within wheels, the zodiac and 4 directions or seasons.

Just notice that these measures are all part and flowing from the structure given!

Again the same here, all are flowing from the tree of knowledge, the structure.

Sufficient to say all in relationship with the tree of knowledge.

Now the 7 pointed star. It is not as depicted but on the joined star as spoken of before. 7 planets, 7 days of the week.


The platonic solids are derived from Metatron’s cube, which in turn comes from what they call the flower of life. Again, not just the name is wrong, as they simply are the other trees in the garden.


Metatron’s Cube.

Please be aware that this is not the correct tree or the location of Daath, but it will still be with the circles that are right, notice the vesica piscis and the smaller cut or leaf of the flower. One reason why they called it the flower of life is because of the 6 petals. The tree we talk about is the 5 and 6 pointed star joined, or the tree of life. The tree of knowledge of good and evil I will explain at the end of part 5.

Here you see the pentagram described by Venus every 8 years.

Again, these pictures are there just to show you, not really for you to study and try to implement. Just to give you an overall view of it all fitting into one, and only one, structure.


Moshiya van den Broek