306. Awareness and hypnosis

Having gained insight about ego, and your faith grown, to realise you, the viewer, are separate from ego, that there is an awareness that does not need a body and that g-d is reality, you have looked at the past as a 3rd person and looked with love, seen ego’s limited looking and hearing, even seen a bigger picture in those past memories you were not aware of before, led to you to be able to let him go a little more. The thoughts and feelings he caused to arise are not blindly accepted or seen as yours, yet you still experience there still are those thoughts and feelings that are able to trick you in believing you are him, often you fight it with other thoughts, which is often just another mask, ego playing good cop bad cop, but once you know you do not need to seek the past, because the past will come to you, all you need to do right now and now and now and now… Is to be the loving compassion that has grown with your insights, so whenever ego’s shadow seeks to blind you or simply raises its ugly head your loving compassionate light will wash it away. As long as you do not follow his ill advice or pay attention to his thoughts. Be the love, the light where darkness cannot be.

Remember that love is wisdom too, and it means that as you grow in letting go your vision grows and you will see that all is whole and you’ll start dealing with it in that way, forgiving ego and loving the one behind it no matter what, that you see in them the struggle you went through in your blindness and even while you knew, that your knowledge through your own experiences become your tools.

Your physical senses can only pick up from a material world, touch, sound, smell, taste, light, but there is another one. This one needs these 5 senses to satisfy. The other? He is one, he feels all and misses none. It’s called love. It can express itself in this world but the world should not impress on him. For it is not of this world.

The goddess encapsulates to bring into the world and carries within the seed of love, and of itself also, both mirrored in multiplication. Here duality is born first in principle, then clothed by cells to build in its own image too, then the war begins between good and evil, this war takes many years and on the way he’s given lessons and insights of Christ/Krishna etc. yes the Bhagavad Gita contains the same wisdom.

Feeling first born ‘in the world’, it needed to understand it self, wanted to express itself and made connection with the brain so it could express what it understood and discover that the one that is watching differs from the one that tells and feels it, and the one that tells and feels could only build its knowing through its own reflection, therefore never could look into the person in its mirror reflection. Therefore not seeing the whole but disconnectedness. Separate from the whole. Nor recognising himself in the other either, each will recognise its own, ego sees of itself, that is life and death just as awareness sees of itself and therefore knows only life endless no matter how it appears. This life is love in its infinite wisdom. Awareness belongs on the throne.

I would like to bring up hypnosis, while widely used not fully understood, some research suggests you cannot be hypnotised against your will, I say it happens all the time. Or I prefer to say that  when will and awareness are not present it happens all the time from your subconscious.

People in a hypnotic state experience a split consciousness in which there are two different streams of mental activity. While one stream of consciousness responds to the hypnotist’s suggestions, another dissociated stream processes information outside of the hypnotized individuals conscious awareness.

Hypnosis is neither strange nor mysterious. The truth is, you drift in and out of the hypnotic or trance state, on a daily basis. It goes unnoticed because it seems so natural and normal. And that  is exactly what hypnosis is, one of the natural states of mind that all human beings experience when they identify with the ego and its masks.

A bit of truth sometimes shines through clear enough, and result in most of the true breakthroughs in science, or masterpieces in art and music sometimes to be lost again due to pride, look what “I” found/discovered. Sometimes we pick out something “unconsciously” which  carries a part of truth in it, so remember it can happen to/through anyone, even if they themselves are not aware of it. So be ears when listening, do not divide your listening between ego’s rambling and the person you’re listening to, and if you do not need to focus on anyone, then do not focus on ego either, then the truth might also directly be talking to you. And be inspired by…

So what does this have to do with the above you might think, from the subconscious (the veil), there where you cannot reach and cannot see the source, he directs and you in your unawareness are directed.

While the symbol is correct, and consider the Vesica Piscis as the “all” seeing eye in the middle of left and right, good and evil, black and white, sub conscious and  self-awareness. Conscious and subconscious are words that will need to be looked deeper into as well, but that is for another time.

This picture is from a university, from an article about hypnosis and intuition.  Another word often mistranslated and misunderstood as is explained in other articles.



Moshiya van den Broek