305. Immortality

We all have heard about life after death, most of us know about rebirth.
Few know that we don’t need to physically die in order to be born again, and I do not mean the born again Christian movement.

But in this 3D material world we have a vehicle, called the human body and most identify “being” with a body, the ME, I am, and we do so because we measure being against the outside, how we relate to it through our sense receptors. The I or ego builds its belief system against what it receives through these 5 senses which can only see the outer appearance which is generated from the inside. But cannot see it.

Due to the inability to see the whole picture, our highest nature,”Love”, wisdom, is broken down into several incomplete parts called emotions. The material world itself has the same conditions hence the stars are an expression of these separations.

So the moment you enter this world and are disconnected from that love, these stars set in motion these basic receptors and from that moment on any external frequency will resonate with its equal. Now do not forget, they are emotions ,the broken bond of love into incomplete pieces. It identifies as equal to itself and stored into memory emotional buckets.

From that moment on there is an image/imprint to identify with and each time it picks up a frequency identical or similar to itself it is added and given a name or idea, this is this or that, or like this or that. Without these impulses the physical has no reference and can only sense a kind of living through them, an “I am”.

The character/personality is built upon these collections and so is its belief system. The soul is the tree of life, the life source and force and the reason anyone dies is because their Life Force Energy is slowly and progressively being depleted from their bodies by an energy parasite that we call ego, this I of matter, the outer expression of what is encapsulated and “memories” of our past. They get stored in our energy fields whenever we experience an event that then becomes an emotional memory. While there they deplete your energy and you feel this as heaviness, tiredness, weariness, feeling weighed down by “life experience” and so on. As this happens it lowers what many refer to as the “vibration” of that energy field and it’s this lowering that is responsible for both the dying process and for the fact that part of your life energy has “condensed” into a physical state in the first place.
In other words, it is your stored and recorded life emotional history that is causing your Life Force Energy to condense out into what you call your physical body simply by being there inside you.

Interestingly many here call the process of experiencing and recording one’s life history “living” or “life”. Does it surprise you if I say that it actually represents the process of dying?

Now it is definitively possible to permanently “erase” this cumulative storehouse of emotional memories that causes this retraction of the life force. This is described in the articles.

When these practises are done, at some point something amazing occurs.
One’s Life Force Energy returns in these moments where one can let go of that “physical” body and its attachments. Where one does not identify with the thoughts and feelings and In doing so they begin to feel many positive revitalizing things. In particular however they notice:
1. That they feel “lighter” as in more buoyant, more radiant and their awareness is raised, becoming aware of a seeing that feels like looking at this illusionary self from outside, a sense of being in it but not of it.
But also moments of a kind of loneliness, not fitting, through seeing others are either only interested in these ego driven things or are simply not getting it, that they are like slaves whose master creates the illusion they are free.
2. They feel more alive. And also get attacked more, as ego fights with all it can to hold on to its life.
3. They become more “luminous” to others around them. In other words they are emitting more light. They experience that they can express without the need of thinking, words flow as if you can watch it happen. Or at times more dark, in the moments ego is able to let them identify with him again.

What is occurring here at certain times is that as the Life Force returns to the physical body it begins to “transmute” it back into its original “light body” or “love” state. This “rewiring “is sometimes felt in the head and body. A kind of cleansing, when one practises and sees with raised awareness that what is not in accordance with the frequency of wholeness, of love is erased, sometimes bit by bit, sometimes in bigger chunks or when darkness raises its head the light cuts it away.

In a way your spiritual body is getting restored even while in a physical body.
This is our normal, natural, Divine State and also what it means to be Alive, a Human Being and Immortal.
In other words Immortality entails being “fully alive” and “NOT” dead!
Now notice how you feel in your Heart and you will know whether this resonates with your Truth or not.

If you’d like to learn more about erasing these destructive emotional memories, to become aware that the one you trusted your life to, who you defended and considered your caretaker is really the one who keeps you from starting your journey home, then start reading and start  practising.



Moshiya van den Broek