304. The story, your story

The story goes like this: we enter (this world) in darkness, in search of light (love). Darkness sells  itself as light, but light is the revealer and keeper of love. If we keep looking for what darkness sells as light then our light never grows strong enough to outshine darkness. But the light has something that darkness doesn’t have, love and wisdom too. Light can move freely while darkness must stay low, darkness wants control so it seeks a way to move freely too, and eventually it climbs up the tree forcing itself up to drain the light in you. Until we look darkness in the eyes, then we start to see the light he offered us was really darkness and so our light grows. Eventually we remove its hands and feet bit by bit, until darkness is no more.

This story is the story of each and every one, how the story ends for you depends on your alertness and choice. And also on how fearless you actually are. How many talk of courage and bravery before the battle begins? But scatter like mice in the middle of the battlefield. When it makes its plans, the heart’s avid for wounds. But with the first pin prick empties it’s sack of air. Each day I am astonished by those who say they want purity and yet tremble when the hardness of polishing begins. Love is like a court case, to undergo fierce treatment. It is like a proof, no proof and you’ll lose your case. Don’t be disturbed if the judge demands proof. Give the snake a kiss to gain the treasure. This hardness is not directed at you but at the many defects that hide within you. When you beat a carpet again and again, it not to attack the carpet but the dirt in it.

Jesus carried his cross and crown of thorns, Buddha spoke of the road of suffering, and the path of love, they were dragged deep enough into love to know that the divine life could only be found on the other side of an annihilation of self that demanded and cost everything and that authentic spiritual life was not about getting any kind of power but a humble embrace of service, a servant of love, in the name of and for the glory of god. It is far more humble and exalted than the pseudo mysticisms being pushed by the new age. Truth is not tailored as are so many of the contemporary mystical systems, either to flatter human weakness or to inflate human claims to divinity. There are many dangers, temptations, and various forms of inflation, hysteria, and pride that threaten the authentic seeker.

The path of love is the most challenging, even frightening aspect, a fearless and scathingly truthful embrace of the ordeals that true transformation demands, that the awakening demands the price of a vast suffering or rather a series of suffering that lead to the death and rebirth. That one will come to know through both bitter and glorious experiences, that the life of the real lover of god is often one of frightful ordeal and exposure to bewilderment and grief of every kind. That through it and the annihilation opens into the inner garden that only a pure souled dying into love can uncover in all its amazing rapture and loveliness.

All authentic seekers will, if they are sincere, come by divine grace to the test of the cross, of the great death in which the false self and all its masks and games are systematically destroyed to reveal the presence of the divine and deathless self within.
That true alchemy is the alchemy of agony that turns it into a fearless humility and endless courage through the light of true insight and trust.

I would like you to read about the tent in which the ark of covenant was placed, and the preparation of the priest before entering! And the light of 7 offered to the one, and the breastplate with 12 stones and 3.

This transformation, the stage of awakening, demands commitments to the practise of what I call spiritual discipline as that alone can deepen its truth in you (the raven part). Then the second stage, be the lover (the dove) and transformations through the ordeals to become aware of its nature, meaning, price and demand of the sustained ordeals that always follow on a fervent abandonment to divine love and that prepares the lover for the great death. Then to enter the shrine room of the heart where the supreme secrets of love and its working on the whole being of the lover are given and celebrated and so the preparation of the great death, and finally UNION, where the journey to god has become the journey in god, the lover becoming the beloved.



Moshiya van den Broek