21. Building towards explaining the Universe

I will need to build up to it, so we start with connecting some of the numbers with both old and new ones. It will give the impression that it jumps from one bit to another at first, but remember the intention is that you start to recognize (not believe!) the connections yourself. As I explained before, you like flowers because the structure they are based upon is also in you, “the golden ratio”. You don’t know what is the cause of this liking, yet you do; but it is because this ratio is also in you. When you look at a painting and like it, or when man decided to make an A4 paper, it is most pleasing due to the golden ratio.

Planets but cells too have cycles, and the cubit has to do with these cycles.
One of the important cycles is of course the 36 or 360, so let’s see: 36 x 52,36 is 188496 (a 1, and two 8’s, the 4 and 96).
If you did read all previous articles you will start to recognize these numbers are telling their own story, they show the way. In one of the last articles we spoke a little about sin and cosine. And that this 1309 or as in the article 13,90909. 13, being the half cycle. This 188496 divided by this 1309 = 144.

Now let’s move to another (by now) familiar number, 216 (apart from being the 26, as in generations) with a 1 in the middle, the number of which Plato said: “You only need to go as far as 216”, it is also 2160 years for each zodiacal sign (times 12 is a Great Year/Cycle of 25920).

The polar circumference of the Earth is 21600 nautical miles, while the Moon diameter in statute (regular) miles is 2160.

In Babylon there was a measuring unit called a “maneh”. It’s equivalent to 7776 cubic inches, but to them 21600 Um.

A measure used by the Egyptians was a schoenus, a unit of 216000 modern Inches.

A Roman “load” was 3000 libra, 2160 pounds today.

The earliest recorded bushel was equal to 2160 inches.

Classical earth radius 3960 miles.

Now let’s look at the units of weights used by the ancient Romans

432 grains= 1 uncia
648 grains= 1,5 sescuncia
864 grains= 2 sextons
1296 grains= 3 quadrans
1728 grains= 4 triens
2160 grains= 5 quinux
2592 grains= 6 sesmis 36 grains = 12 semisextula
3024 grains= 7 septunx 72 grains = 24 sextula
3456 grains= 8 bessis 108 grains = 36 sicilicus
3888 grains= 9 dodrans 144 grains = 48 duella
4320 grains= 10 dextans 216 grains = 72 semuncia
4752 grains= 11 deunx 432 grains = 144 unica
5184 grains= 12 libra

Now the Mayan calendar

20 days = 18 kin 24 hours = 144 minutes
36 days =20 unials 48 hours = 288 minutes
72 days = 20 tuns 864 hours = 5184 minutes
144 days = 20 katun 1728 hours = 10368 minutes
288 days = 20 bactun
576 days = 20 pictun
1152 days = 20 calabtun
2304 days = 20 kinchilton

1 kin = 1 day or 24 hours or 144 minutes
13 kin = 13 days or 312 hours or 1872 minutes

4 kin = 4 days 96 hours or 576 minutes
8 kin = 8 days 192 hours or 1152 minutes.

Yes, when you start to see the picture. 16 days =384 hours, all the star of beth-le-hem numbers.

YHWH=1656 these are the number of years from creation to the landing of the ark of Noah on the mountain, and the number of weeks in this period  is 864(00).

Now I want to take you back for a moment again to the fishes. They were 153, and I did explain to you the mirroring of numbers a little already and showed you this in the musical notes too. Now look:

153 + 513=666
315 + 351=666
135 + 531=666

You need to get familiar with those principles ,and in relation to this we also spoke of the 17 and before that of the 32 to make a heart and 17 to make it good.

Please take the time to read Mt17:27 (cast a hook)
Jn 21:6 the right side of the ship (casting the net!)
Lk 17:23 until the day they entered the ark 23/32!

And it rested on the mountain on the 17th day of the month. Jesus resurrected on the 17th day of the month. 17 verses 153 big fish in the whole bible. In the genealogy of Jesus Christ the first chapter, the first 11 verses, has 49 words.

Remember 576 x 2 = 1152 the tree of good and evil of which I said “you need to experience (bare witness)”.
Biblical references include Luke14:26, Revelations 3:12, 12:11 and 19:9.

All this is needed for you to recognize the numbers as we move to the Solar System, the Universe, the micro and the macro in the next article.



Moshiya van den Broek