301. There is coexistence but no coincidence

When we speak about Fibonacci numbers, not only do we think of the numbers related to them, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. but also about the petals of a flower etc. But when one would ask how and why that is so, then both the science community and the so called spiritual community are left speechless. Somehow the leaves and flowers of plants express these ratios.

You might recall that I said it’s the fabric of space, the pattern upon which matter comes into being and moves accordingly.

You will also remember the hexagram and pentagram joined to make the vesica piscis and that this figure 8 is encircled and that this circle is the zodiac.

It was also said that the outer is reflected by the inner and the inner in the outer, just like “so above so below” and vice versa.

Now you all know that Pi (3,1416) is related to the circle in such that the diameter of a circle multiplied by Pi gives you the circumference.
Few of you might know that Pi presents itself in other ways in nature as well, for instance in rivers, in so that the length of the river from source to end compared with a straight line is a ratio equal to Pi just to name one. So these laws somehow are reflected in nature and are not just some invented ruler to measure, but a measure nature uses to express itself.

With this in mind, let’s look at the great year. I do not need to talk about how the tree moves within it and how it is related to the story of Noah and the animals in the ark, as I have done so in other articles.
This great year was given to be 25920/12=2160. But science, although never have lived through its cycle to be sure, likes to give it another number.
I have also shown you that if we take this length of 25920 as the circumference and divide it by Pi we get 432.000.

Now those familiar with astrology know that each degree is 72 years so 360 such degrees makes 25920.
360 x 72=25920 and 5 x 72=360 or 360/5=72.
But if we take 72% of 360 we get 259,20.
And if we multiply 360 by 12 we get 432.0 which is twice 2160.
And if we divide 25920 by 12 we get 216.

So you see multiplied or divided in percentage, one in, one out.

Let’s take 360 and divide by Pi.
360/3,1416=114,5912910618793 and multiply it by 72 we get 8250,572956383310 which is equal to the diameter of the zodiac, as multiplied by the cubit gives us 432000. And 114,5912910618793 multiplied by the cubit gives you 6000.

Now the 8 with its vesica piscis can be divided by 3 so 432/3=144.

If we place the fruit on the tree the height of the tree grows with one part. 432+144=576.
Perhaps some of you will start to see why it is called the tree of knowledge.

It is important to know that the circle of the zodiac encircles the 432 diameter and not the 576. When the height is 5×144 we get 720! 6 high would be 864. With 2160 miles as diameter of the Moon and 864.000 miles as the diameter of the Sun.

If we divide 1 by 7 we get 0,14285714 etc.
If we measure the difference between the small sphere and the larger sphere in % we get 7,14285714 etc.
The difference in % between the small sphere and the cube is the cubit (52,36%).

These numbers appear (with the exception of 3, 6 and 9) in multiplying and bringing them back to single digits 2, 4, 8, 16 (=7), 32 (=3+2=5), 64 (=6+4=1(0)) etc.

This ratio (7,14285714) applied to the pyramid of Giza gives us the speed of light.
One side of the pyramid is the volumetric measure of the Ark of Noah in length in Cubits.

The diameter of the bigger sphere is 1,4 times larger than the smaller sphere.

714285714 x 41888=2992.000.

If we take the zodiac of 25920 as the outer circle and apply the same math to get the inner circle then the length of the inner circle is 51,4285714 which is exactly 1/7 of 360.

If we wish to place an 8 (the vesica piscis) in any given circle, let’s say the circumference of 25920, then we divide the length 25920 by 15, in this case it will then be 17280.
We then divide it by 360=4,8 and multiply it by 288 gives 1382,4 and then by 2 gives 2764,8. So each degree of the 576 is 4,8.



The circumference of the circle is 51,4285714 which equals 1/7 of 360.

When 576 is the circumference of the 8 and each degree is 48 and we are told we, our human cycle, is max 120 years, then 120 x 48 equals 576.0.

The tree in the middle as the tree of Life is 480 (circumference) while the tree of knowledge is 576.

The height of the garden is 25920/Pi. Then divided by 3 and multiplied by 4 then gives a total height of 5760. While the tree of Life is 432 in height (diameter). Here you find the ladder.

The factor of growth of the star is 1,5.
432 is 48 short of 480.

From 480 to 576 is 96 which is the Ain Soph crown.



Moshiya van den Broek