300. The power of numbers and geometry

In the articles on this website I have incorporated several steps that will eventually lead you to the truth.

One of those steps was the practise of looking at a past memory, one of which you now know had a limited viewpoint but did not know at the time of the experience.

Without going into detail here, this experience gives you a true insight into the emotional body and how it influences you in day to day life, leading you of the path. It gave you insight into the link between the emotional body as said and thoughts and identification, the ‘I feel’ and ‘I think’, but not the ‘I am that I am’.

Then there are articles which give you insights into your sense perception, which under control of the emotional and mental faculties will ensure the blindness to persist.

And also there are articles with numbers and geometry. Although they give you insight into the structure of creation and the tree of knowledge, there is another side to these numbers to which I hinted, but will go deeper into them here.

I did explain that unlike words which have been emotionally charged, numbers on their own have no or very little emotional attachment. At least as long as we don’t study numbers as merchants or for any other commercial reasons.

I will give you something to ponder upon. Oneness! Do you know that it contains a multiplicity of factors? Now as you ponder upon them you might realise that it is solely done by thought and cannot be grasped in any other way. It forces the mind to rely purely on intellectual processes and to aim for truth itself. It also rewires so to speak and causes a person to penetrate every subject more easily than before.

Geometry too can attract the mind awards truth, produce philosophical thoughts in a way that can reverse the misguided downward tendencies, and make one move receptive. It cleans and re-ignites a particular mental organ which everyone has and this organ is of a far greater value and more worth preserving than any eye since it is the only organ which can see truth.

The next on the list is astronomy as for it forces one to look upward away from this realm to another. And again, I do not mean looking up with your eyes, but the immaterial reality in the attempt to making the mind look up so to speak.




Moshiya van den Broek