298. Mirror of truth

The purpose of the articles in 3 fold:

1). To set points on a universal blueprint so it becomes easier to join them together and see the whole picture.

2).Insights that will lead to a heightened awareness and ability to clean your inner house so that you can reunite with truth.

3).To show that all mainstream religions are based on this one creational blueprint which contains the knowledge of all 3 worlds.

Those who have studied the articles have been working on the masks which narrow one’s awareness, and have come to understand that emotions are giving us a limited point of view. And understand that emotions are limiting because they seek and judge to their liking, like anger, fear, desire, lust and all other faces (masks) tend to reject all that does not fit its idea it has built for itself, and accept anything that does, neglecting truth in the process.

Most will have discovered during this road of discovery within, that they all lack insight. Emotions are therefore blinded and deep down they have one thing in common, FEAR! This means we are starting to see the face of ego behind its masks. Ego itself.

So let’s have a look at awareness. When can it be aware? Something that reaches out and finds reflection, recognizes of itself. Now this word “recognize” means you must know in order to recognize it. As we register input of all our senses, we might recognize one attribute and not the other, merely judging a whole thing on the bases of a small thing. When awareness is focused by an emotion, let’s say fear, then it tends to see only reasons to be scared, while the truth may differ. Yet adding this wrong view to its collection and using it to judge the next moment. Such is its nature. Starting to discover and trying to get a grip on its control over you, might cause irritation. Why can’t I? Why didn’t I? But remember, that is emotion too. As I mentioned before, ego might run the show all too often but even he is controlled. Yes there is guidance from G-d too, unbeknown to ego until now that is. God has made it such that this mirroring, and related to it ‘the law of cause and effect’,  has let you reflect upon your experiences so you are able to start recognizing patterns, discovering that you and him are not the same thing. Just one more thing, to be able to look within, you first start judging your past. Still identifying with him, the I feel, I think, so in a way this him with another mask, playing good cop bad cop, when you think you still use his values that you measure with. I still call this looking skin deep. By the way, feeling helpless is empowering him too, so by becoming aware of him and how he influences him, you can use the best of what you know to become the one that makes the choices.

I said that you must be love, to rewrite those past moments by a better knowing, starting with forgiveness and compassion as part of that love, and the knowledge you have gained. You do not need to think to do this, just look at your past and zoom in and out on them so to speak, do not get stuck in the details. But there are lessons too, so pay attention, stay awake, by full awareness, but do not get stuck to the thoughts that might arise, be love and light. Do not think that one such glance will be enough. As you grow so does your light until darkness has no more place to hide. So your practice is to hold this awareness, in each moment, because ego will try every way and when emotion arises, catch it in de act before he makes you act. So you keep looking in the right direction, walk the narrow path, because eventually that path is a bridge over a ravine. Remaining aware means you double your light. In this light, in the fire of wisdom burns the flame of love. This light is your knowledge too, this light is not ego, as he cannot be in the light, so it can look and shine its wisdom/light/love on your inner conditioning, and on the outside you might start to recognize the triggers ego responses to through its masks which then enable you to look within again with this light in-built wisdom. Do not waist time on worrying whether or not you’ll be able to overcome him totally, because then you give your power to him again, and fear of G-d ? Yes he has made the ravine, as he did the mountains too, but he gave you a bridge too. Remember ego controls your feelings because they are attached to conditioning too. And with the purification process, feeling becomes pure. Each of you have parts that are difficult due to the strength it has gained, but each of you has a place where your quality is less obstructed, from where its light could shine more. You could call it a natural quality/ability, that might not always fit the world you live in because if all would be functioning from this in-built quality then there would be balance. The next bit which will be in this article is about the structure and how conscious moves up. In other words, the nature of consciousness and how its nature rises and falls. If you use that helicopter view above the little I, you will start to recognize the Bible story line in it, and how it relates and is built upon this tree of life and of wisdom.

We need to look at how this idea of the little I grows out to be the one you identify with. Let’s take a single cell. It can only relate to itself in itself, conscious of itself, but if there is another cell then it can relate and reflect. When there is a cluster of cells to form an organ, then its conscious raises above and becomes the collective. Picture the awareness as the 5 pointed star and the collective as the point that raises above it into the heart of the six pointed star. But as it does so, it loses direct awareness of its individual cell. The level of control over the collective cells that form the organ, varies with the level of awareness. Not just organs but nerves, muscles and brain that are all wired to the heart and from there its conscious raises above it. So you can control them to a curtain extent (just as deep as you are able to reach) but this collective of all its parts gives you the idea of self.

The ‘little I’ is like a bad tenant who does not pay rent, who does not look after your house. Now you can clear the house of all the clutter, clear its layers of dust, redecorate it with your finest, so that he may enter it and fill it with all its wisdom and love.

Many more things could be said about this in greater detail but that would not help you, they are only given as markers along the road to self-discovery.



With love

Moshiya van den Broek