296. Christ the Alchemist

They say that when the student is ready the master appears. In alchemy there is a story of a stranger who has a stone that enables him to turn base metals to noble ones gold and silver. He knocks on the door of a person who he then shows the changing power of the stone, turning base metal in gold, then he tells the man that he will one day return and offer him the stone, when do you come back the man asked, one day, that is all I will say, but the person wanted it now.  Eventually he realised he was not going to get it now so he begged him for a little piece of the stone, while he would have to wait for his return. So the stranger gave him a grain of the stone. And the man used up the stone and waited and waited for the stranger to return but he never did.

When the student is ready the master appears, what does this have to do with the above story? If the stranger was the master/teacher then the person could not be the student that was ready as he was both greedy and impatient was he not?

Yes the person was, but being ready does not mean you have overcome or are wise, it just means that you have had enough experiences to reflect upon to understand what the teacher told you, and upon his return you have become worthy of receiving the philosopher stone. The elixir of life.

Christ was that teacher, and he came by many names many times, and he could walk among them but they recognized him not. And he spoke of the second coming, but not to teach but to give to those who are able to recognize him.

Are therefore the two stories not really the same story? Indeed they are. The student is ready to be offered the teachings from the stranger, so he may be ready when the master returns. But as with the person who is blinded by ego, through emotional attachment, mostly not even the material side of it but the drive of the emotions itself, the master will walk past his house, like the story of the mark on the doors looking for Jesus.

The fabric of space.

The trees as shown in the articles are 2D and in spin they become 3D and represent an electromagnetic field, and this field is the framework of creation.

They create a tension field that gives the illusion of a skin, of matter. In the series of “Thrive” they said that the universe is a torus creating uni-verse, it is infinitely small and infinitely large, we see beautiful pictures of fractals, that are a duplication of itself in the smallest to the largest, it is like this, just a matter of scaling. This expansion is related to the relationship of the outer circle and those within. And at the same time it is one of consciousness, its level is determined by connections or reflections of itself, but there are boundaries and focal points, you could call them chakras. But because they reflect and are limited in connection, and charged with positive and negative, therefore bent to remain on the wheel of eternity, be it the cycle of life and death, and become cyclic until becoming neutral. This sounds scary for most due to their attachments with emotional feelings, but it is actually all love, all wisdom and raises above. Just as you see in a vortex, in the eye of a tornado it is wind still. It is there where you can raise above it and sort of see it from above. Much like I explained with the way you look with emotions, that they make you narrow your view point due to the conditions and disconnections between you and others, between you and the observed. In many spiritual communities they speak of brothers and sisters, but in the light of the whole you are part of me, more than flesh and blood so to speak. So we must learn to know ourselves, to rise above the physical to get to connect to and see the greater whole. We seek in the outer world of appearances, and this eventually leads to recognizing patterns/connections, but in the true centre of our self that cannot be reached by senses that are outwardly directed, what most would refer to as the 6th sense, is that which sees all, as its awareness covers all. Pure awareness is at the heart of it.

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Torus mathematics.

Often when you hear about the holy numbers found in ancient texts they show you calculations to get the desired result, such as 3 x 144 is 432 or 36 times 144 is 5184 a number associated with alchemy or twice the great year of 2592.0 and some say, but you can get any number if you multiply divide add or subtract etc. and they are right, because there is a structure from which they come into being, a natural order.

Here it is:
and remember it is also a scaling.

Let’s take the holiest of holies “the ark of covenant”, its measure was given in the Bible 5625 now use it as the diameter to work out the outer circle and the two circles within. Or take the outer circle of the great year, the zodiac 25920 as the circumference and work your way back to find the circumference of the inner circles and you will see the science of god, the science of the ancients.

Now before I go on to show the scale, I will need to number each measurement so you know its measure in relation to the other measurements.

1. is the circumference of the larger circle in which the two smaller are placed
2. is the circumference of each smaller circle within the larger one
3. is the circumference of the smaller one minus the Vesica Pisics
4. the diameter of the larger circle
5. the diameter of the smaller circle

The circumference of the larger circle against the smaller one is 1.5 or also known as the goddess of 15. So if the diameter of the larger circle is 9 then the smaller one is 6 and the radius of the smaller circle is 3.

Next thing you need to know is that within the 3 or centre Vescia Piscis has the same larger circle and within it again the two smaller ones, just one scale down the factor is 30. So if the big circle has a circumference of 5400 then the larger circle within the Vesica Piscis is 180. This is the same for the smaller circles against the smaller ones at the heart within the Vesica Piscis.

Next point is that the smaller circles overlap each other, and if we do not count the degrees where they cut into the other circle, and make it like a cup, then there are not 360 degrees but 288 degrees. This makes that there are two one above with 288 degrees and one below 288 degrees together 576 degrees.

Let’s call this figure of those two overlapping circles the eight, or the sign for eternity, just like the Greek did, a figure eight on its side. And remember the diameter is a line that goes from the bottom of the circle through the centre to the top of the circle.

So let’s calculate from large to small, and let’s start with a more familiar number for this large circle of the picture above. The great year or zodiac 25920.

1. 25920
2. 1728.0
3. 1382.4 x 2 equals the circumference of the eight.
4. 8250.57295645
5. 5500.38197096

The first and second one most of you might recognize but most of you do not recognize the others. Just multiply number 4.) 8250.57295645 by the cubit which is 52.36 and you will get the harmonic number 432. Do the same with number 5.) 550038197096 x 52.36 = 288.

So let’s scale down:

4.)275.019098548 x 52.36 = 144
5.)183.346065697 x 52.36 = 96

Scale down again:

3.)1536x 2
4.)91.6730328495 x 52.36 = 47.8
5.)61.1153552326 x 52.36 = 32

Scale down:

4.)30.5576776165 x 52.36 = 16
5.)20.3717850776 x 52.36 = 10.66666…

Now let me scale up from 25920:

2.)5184 the alchemy number
3.)41472 x 2 = 82944 (check article 231.scientific proof)
4.)2475.17188693 x 52.36 = 12.96
5.)165.011459128 x 52.36 = 86.4

Let’s do this scaling with the real degrees of the eight within the larger circle the 576 degrees:

3.)288 x 2 =576
4.)1718.86936592 x 52.36 = 9
5.)1145.9129106 x 52 ,36 = 6

Scale down:

3.)96 x2 = 192
4.)572.956455306 x 52.36 = 3
5.)381.970970202 x 52.36 = 2

Scale up:

3.)864 x 2 = 1728
4.)5156.60809776 x 52.36 = 27
5.)3437.7383182 x 52.36 = 18

Scale up again:

3.)2592.0 x 2 = 5184
4.)154698242933 x 52.36 = 81
5.)103132161953 x 52.36 = 54

If you look closely you will see that the circle is 18 and the direct diameter or straight line from bottom to top is 81, Alpha the beginning and Omega. You should also have become aware that the great year 25920 is a natural outcome of scaling. From large to small. While there are more things I can point out, this has never been revealed before, and should be enough. But I will show you one more which relates to the great sacred secret in the Bible, the ark of covenant, the Bible as a whole, the ark of Noah .

The measurement given for the ark of covenant is 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 5.625. As a direct line from malkuth to kether.

2.)11781 twice is 23562.0 or equal the ark of Noah 30 x 50 x 300 times 5236
3.)94248 x 2 = 188496 equals 360 x 52.36 or 6 x PI
4.)5.625 x 52.36 = 294.525
5.)3.75 x 52.36 = 1963.5 x 2 = 3927 as in 39 old testament and 27 in new testament

So let’s scale down:

2.)3927 x 2 = 7854
3.)3.1415.9 PI
5.)1.250 x 52.36 = 6545

And we scale down one more:

2.)1309 x 2 = 2618 PHI
3.)10472 x 2 = 20944

And one more scaled down:

4.) 2083.3333333

And finally if we do the scaling from the smaller circle within the larger one as 1.), starting with the 11781 as seen with the ark of covenant.


And one more down:


And again taking the smaller circle as the main circle:

1. 7854
2. 52.36 the cubit. But remember this is 360 degrees and are also 288.
3. 4.1888 formula volume globe
4. 2500
5. 16.66666666

So the height is 3, 2 and 1 cycles within cycles. You are given all the measurements. All in accordance with the Bible and other sacred scriptures.

This is the universal scale, part of the theory of everything, the movements have been partly explained in another article.

Now you have multiplied 5625 by Pi and the answer is 17671.5 and 75 x 75 is 5625 so if we divide 17671.5 by 75 we get 23562 which is another ark, the ark of Noah. Now remember that number while you do the sums as described above.



Moshiya van den Broek