295. The math of the torus universe

Does the mathematics add up? Is the Bible really revealing the very structure of creation other than in words only? And is the torus as shown on truth and revelations “the star of Bethlehem” a perfect fit?

We know that the Zohar “Book of Splendour” mentions the 288 sparks from heaven that fell to earth and that this vessel that broke up in 288 pieces and the 288 that remain in heaven add up to the circumference of the joined stars that make up the star of Bethlehem which is 576. But it is found in the Torah in several ways too.

here is a link http://www.inner.org/parshah/genesis/lech_lecha/E68-0206.php

For those who are interested in the study of Kabbalah a short part of it: “So far we have translated the beginning of this verse as: “Abram crossed through the land”. Let us now look at the original Hebrew words: ויעבר אברם בארץ . The first word ויעבר , “He crossed through” or “He passed through” is equal to 288, the number of sparks of holiness that fell into the mundane reality following the shattering of the vessels of the world of Chaos, the world of Nekudim. 288 is also the numerical value of 243  אברם  and לוט , (Lot) 45, Abraham’s nephew, together. Altogether there are in this verse 45, or מה letters. 45 is the numerical value of the filling of God’s essential Name, Havayah, which is connected to the rectification and elevation of the 288 Divine sparks.”

So we can match the numbers, but as we often see with those who use these numbers, they are unable to show that it all belongs to one system that not just reveals a pattern, but they are the pattern. In other words, the words and numbers are part of the structure and spell each other out. So we can say that the story we are familiar with in the Bible is written upon and by the structure. A living story.

You could also say that the structure writes the story. But let’s have a look at some important basics, the story of the Ark of Noah and the Ark of Covenant. And the word that is God and the creative force at the same time.

First the Ark of Noah that travels the galactic ocean or zodiac, was built in accordance with the instruction of God and where it eventually ended up. We also know that God told him to make it 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits. Equals 45.000 cubit. Which in turn equals cubit=52.36 and 52.36 times 45.000 = 235620.

And the Ark of Covenant was also made in accordance with God’s instruction and that it contained the two stone tablets with the laws. And its measure was given to be 2.5 cubit by 1.5 cubit by 1.5 equals 5.625 cubit.

So if we take a radius of 2.5 and multiply by 2 to get diameter then times PI 3,1416 then we get the circumference of the circle 15708. But there are two circles that overlap each other, this means that in order to draw the bigger circle that encompasses both we need to take radius times 3 “in the heart of the Vesica Piscis, this means the centre is at 3.75. When we multiply this by 2 and then with PI to get the circumference of the big circle of the zodiac we get 235620, which is the Ark of Noah. It takes 1.5 turns to get the top circle to its starting point, and the lower circle to make 1.5 turns to get back to its starting point, so from the tree with its roots on earth and its branches reaching into the heavens to the roots in heaven and the branches here on earth. Let’s go back a moment to the small circle with a circumference of 15708. If we look at this length and divide it by its degrees “360” we get 43.63333333333333 and multiply with the 288 we get 125664 and there are two of these 288 to make the shape of the double star, so twice 125664 is 25132.8 and when we divide this by PI we get 8. Which is indeed its shape.

So let’s see what we have done. A circle with a radius of 2.5 travels from top to bottom by 1.5 turns and for the lower circle to move to the top it also needs 1.5 turns. So we can say with 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 we bring God’s power into this world.

If we take this eight or its value of 251328 and divide it by 32 we get 78.54 and when divided by Pi we get 2.5 a circle with a diameter of 2.5. but multiply it by 78.54 by 33 and you get the platonic great year.

Now pay attention: if a circle has a circumference of 23562 then each degree has a length of 65.45 and if each degree would be the circumference of a circle then 288 degrees is a cubit. 6545/360 = 18.1805555555…x 288 =52.36.

Please recall that there are 5 measures given in the Bible. 45, 288, 31.25, 56.25 and 52,36. 45 cubits was the ark, 288 were the sparks (or degrees) the secret 31,25 and the Ark of Covenant 56.25.

I have explained elsewhere in the articles that these two circles that make up the star configuration, sometimes expressed as the star of Bethlehem are in fact the stone tablets of Moses with the laws.

I said that 45 x the cubit “52.36” is 23562, the circumference of the circle shown above. But I said there are two trees of knowledge one with its roots on earth and branches reaching out to the heavens and another with its roots in the heavens and branches up earth. One dark, one light, like 40 days and 40 nights.

Let’s make this cycle into two parts, one front and one back 23562 divided by two is 11781 just like the old and new testament, one written from right to left and the other from left to right “Hebrew and Greek” but the tree is 360 degrees, while we are told 288, so we divide 11781 by 360 degrees and we get 32.725 and multiply by 288, we get 94248. But we know there are two to make up the Vesica Piscis, overlapping each other at 288 degrees making the total 576 degrees, so 94248 x 2 = 188496 which is 360 cubits. So what about the Ark of Covenant? We know that in order to make the 11781 circle we need a diameter of 375 and we also know that if 375 is the diameter then the radius is half of it. In other words 375/2= 1875 so if we multiply this by 3 then we know the height of the eight ( 576) 3 x 1875 = 5625 in other words the Ark of Covenant.

If we look at a circle with a circumference of 23562 then each point or degree has a length of 6545 and if it would be a circle with 6545 then the height of the 576 or tree would be 31.25.

Each degree length becomes the circle for a bigger or smaller torus.

Now we need to look at the zodiac as given by Plato, 25920 years. If we divide it by PI 25920/3,1416 we get a diameter of 825.057295645. So we follow the same route as before, we divide it by 3, and we get 275.019098548 and multiply it by two to get the diameter of the smaller circle to make the tree again, and we get 55.0038197096, so we multiply it by PI and we get 1728. We divide it in degrees, so 1728/360 and we get 48 and multiply by 288 and we get 13824 and to get 576 we multiply 13824 by 2, the answer is 27648. 3 times this is 82944 or 288 x 288 is 82944, the number that provides the universal constants shown in another article. And again when the answer is 27648 and we divide it by the 32 paths we get 864 or a Day. 24 x 60 x 60.

Now 25920 “the great platonic year of the zodiac” divided by PI, 3,1416 = 825.057295645 then divided by 3 and then multiplied by 2 to get the circumference of the smaller circle that makes up the tree of knowledge is 5500.38197096 times the cubit is 288!!!

Let’s look at the diameter of the 25920 circle again. 825.057295645 divide this by 360 we get 22.9182582123 and multiply with 288 then we get 66.004583.. this 66 might remind you of the 66 books in the Bible. Could that be? Well let’s look a little closer 25920 divided by 3927 gives us 66.004583.. and there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.

Finally if the wave height would be 432 and we apply the same formula again 432 divided by 3 is 144 times 2 is 288 x 3.1416 = 904.7808/360 = 25.1328 the sum equal to that of a circle with a radius of 2.5.

 If “God” is all and all is in God then there is no line but a series of points that can make up a line, so each degree on a circle is really a point or spark with circular properties. And a principle that joins them to all others from 2D to 3D.

All matter has infinity at its centre and the definition of an infinite density is a black/white (W)hole. This means that every cell, every atom, every proton and so on is a mini black hole. Black (w)holes both contract and radiate. All matter has a radiated side and a contracted side. These two sides of the same coin are connected by the event horizon the so called illusionary skin, or rim of the black hole, or matter and there is an energy exchange, or a “feedback” loop between the radiated and contracted sides.

Einstein said that gravity is the result of space-time curving. I am saying yes it curves, but it does NOT ONLY curve. It also curls as it is within its nature to create a spin.

Everything spins.

The infinite density at the centre of everything that spins, every atom, every particle, every planet, every galaxy, provides the necessary torque embedded in the space-time manifold to keep everything spinning as it has for billions of years.

All matter is spun into creation in the form of a double torus shape with a black hole or infinite density in the centre, creating a feedback loop with the infinite energy field.

The star configuration that joins the hexagram and pentagram creates what is called a spindle torus.



Moshiya van den Broek