294. The way to meditation, a way of life

People that are scared are recognized by the brain/ego long before someone has looked at a person consciously by their body language. That our brains and the storage in the subconscious can see before we consciously look, was already known from the research done on people who are clinically blind. That is to say that those whose brains still receive visual impulses, but despite that  can still not see. When presented with pictures of people with different emotions and asked (even though they say they cannot see) to gamble as to what is shown in the picture. To the researcher’s surprise they were right most of the time. It is now called blind sight.

It has become clear that the recognition of emotions is separate from consciously looking. Research has shown that this is also the case for people with normal vision.
Test persons were shown pictures of scared, happy and angry people for a very short moments, too short to consciously see together with a range of neutral pictures. They were also shown pictures of body statures and facial expressions. But with each eye a different picture, to see which half of the brain has this ability. And it has become clear that their score was very very high.

In the previous article I explained about people with brain damage like the case of John, a former fighter pilot. John developed a blood clot in a vein in his leg, which travelled to his cerebral arteries, causing a stroke. Minutes later, when his wife walked into the recovery room, he found he could no longer recognize her face, even though he knew her by the sound of her voice.
There was nothing wrong with his vision or hearing. Another piece of the puzzle was missing. The unnamed, barely understood process of object recognition. John could describe objects in painstaking detail, but he was unable to say decisively what they were. When picking up a carrot, for instance, he noted that it was “long, with a tuft at the end”, and wondered if it might be a paintbrush.

Every memory of every moment has been stored with all the input from the 5 senses even if you were not aware of some of it. Each of this input is charged with its frequency signature. This signature contains information such as polarisation, meaning positively or negatively charged. Emotions are charged just like a person through these experiences, those who are experienced more and those which are sought after more frequently, become stronger than others less frequently experienced. From the examples above it can be seen that each image, each sound, each smell, each taste and touch is emotionally charged. And each in turn is normally linked to the brain and words that are given to identify these signatures. These signatures are limited to your understanding or level of awareness, of insight. You might meet a person, and he or she is judged by the connections that are made before. As this is done from the subconscious all you are aware off are the signals it sends as thoughts or/and feelings.

Because the senses are outwardly directed, meaning focussed on signals from outside of itself, the information only reaches the outward layers and far less those that lay beyond the outward appearance. Yes, even the emotions while they come from within. We are only aware of its outer expression.

So each moment is judged with limited information. You could say that it is a little like a mirror picture, you might recognize yourself in the image but the picture in the mirror leaks/misses a heartbeat, the ability to smell, touch, taste and see. So if the mirror image were to judge you it could only do so by the level of its perception.

The world of matter is a world of charge, either positive or negative with a lot of variation from one end to the other. And if you point your focus to any of it, it disconnect itself from the rest. This is because you cannot see or be aware of its complete signature, only its outer expressions, which of course are also based upon its own focus, dependency of the outer focused senses.

Because of this limited insight of the inner-world of matter including persons, we are unaware of these charges which affect us from what we call the subconscious. We are also not aware of these fields of energies, the range of positive and negative. We do not realise that all spheres be it an atom, planet, moon and sun influence us. Yes we do influence these very small fields, like light, the wave/particle story you are familiar with, but on a macro scale it influences us.

The subconscious, which lies beyond our awareness, is a mysterious world to most. If we wish to access it, because we forgot something like the name of a person, we do not really know where to look for it, and more often than not it is only when we are still or not looking for the name anymore, that it does come up.

Why is this? Why can we not look in the store-cabinet? This is one of the so called veils or abysses. It is explained for instance in the Bible with the story of Adam and Eve and the snake curled around the tree. In others it is the dragon-fire, kundalini, the snake curled around the chakras. It charges/spins around it when we focus on their connections. Let’s say you feel fear, then it is the image built of what it means which recognizes of itself in the outside world and through its senses it will steer, trigger a feeling and associated thoughts to which you then say, I think and or I feel and more often than not act upon it. It makes you a slave due to limited insight (and understand this well !!!! IN-sight).

This is what I will call ego, “it” is made of these emotions that makes a personality. “It” is the outcome of limited view that sees only charge, the outer signature. “It”, the snake runs in a particular way around the tree and it seeks to feed itself to its likeliness, beliefs. “It” is always outwardly directed as it wishes to experience of itself, so it seeks to guide you to experience of itself so it may experience life. Even to the point where it does not care about the instrument through which it does, “YOU”! So it flows from the earth up, all the way to the heart, the centre of feeling, where they come together and control, connected to the throat and brain. So when you are focused on whatever charge/emotion, you become limited. Seeing only the event horizon, “the field created by positive and negative” . But never the centre from where it all came.

So how do we look beyond the event horizon? Reach to the centre of everything? And know it all? How do we stop being a slave, how do we stop being pulled left or right? How do we look within “everything”? This answer was given too.
Some will say: look within, but how does one do that? Because if you do try you can only see through the limitation. The I you identify yourself with, this while it is conditioned by the charge,  the emotional signature, is personality made by the limited input that did not see the whole picture.

So let’s take a look at emotions again. We should now realise that they are limited in Insight, of limited knowledge, anger because you do not understand why, fear because you do not know the outcome, jealousy, greed etc. All are born due to being unable to see the whole. So what about the so called good emotions like love and compassion? They too are conditioned! True they are of lesser evil you could say, but they are conditioned too. They can be seen as the positive and the other as negative.

So when thoughts arise, we know they come from not knowing or at most a limited understanding of outer appearances.

Another thing we must come to see is that consciousness comes from or is where all is connected. The higher consciousness, the higher the connections.

Awareness is at the heart of it. If we wish to meditate we are often disturbed by thoughts or feelings or both, because we do not control them. They pop up from nowhere and we cling onto them. Many practises are aimed at controlling them, stilling them by not paying attention to them, but as most of you are aware, this only happens for a little while and then we followed a line of thought or feeling again, because we do not take this blindness away at its source. We know besides left and right, between positive and negative there is a neutral that is attracted by neither side, it is the causal of a system that, like an electromagnetic field, has a field that leads back to joining them again. A zero point, at the heart of everything, it is the flame of life, the source that has all within it. And therefore a consciousness that is aware of all. You call it God, Allah etc. etc.

And even if you do not believe in Him, you certainly believe the lower one. The master of the world, limited to the world of outer appearances. Who lives its life through you, personality as you know comes from the word that means masks.

What are the “God” qualities?

We know he is not left or right, positive or negative. He certainly is not male or female. God must have allowed the field of experience, and must have limited it, placed boundaries and given purpose. So we know “He-She” is awareness, consciousness and everything is in “Him-Her” and “He-She” is in everything. What else could be said? He must be all-wise considering all the above and he must be love. And these last two, love and wisdom must be like one. So if “He-She” is in us too, if we wish to see what “He-She” sees, we need to have “His-Her” qualities. And with these qualities we should enter the inner world, even if it is not equal, not to its standards, at least we do not look through the eyes of ego, of judgement that has its basis in limitation, was born in darkness. When you are charged you are like a player on a football field moving in the direction of a goal set up by ego, but you did not see the opponent that took away your ball. But he who had a seat high up the tribune did see it coming.

So in order to fight the devil we need to know him first. Once we know him for what he is and its limitations such as individualising disconnecting from the whole, who recognizes its own reflections based only on outer appearances, because his instruments, the senses, are restricted to outer focus much like the mirror, then we know how it seeks to experience through us. Then we understand what his giving of the apple in the Adam and Eve story really means.

The blueprint as explained in the articles, the joined hexagram and pentagram and the Vesica Piscis torus within the zodiac which shows how it influences and creates through its positive and negative forces the world of matter and its attachments, is also the blueprint of all these stories and metaphors and should be recognized for what it is, the trees of knowledge. We may blame money as the cause of evil, we may think that the music it plays is a door to free ourselves, but the truth is that all these are leading you away from the tree of life.

Imagine standing in the centre “of the garden” seeing the duality, but not being part of it. A narrow path indeed to remain neutral, but the centre is the all seeing eye that sees all within the circle. Or walking on the circle with only sight on duality. Yes we are focusing on external things even if it is the knowledge of the mechanics behind it, like the waves. What you need to see is that these fields start from a point, then separate, like an egg. That they reach where they are furthest away from each other, like a magnet when used on metal, when they leave one side, let’s say the north, but eventually get together again in the south. It is the nature and safeguard. Yes, I can hear some of your thoughts: “so we do not need to worry, as we therefore automatically get there”. Yes nature, as in the nature of matter, follows the cycle of life and death, the 4 directions, but if we hold on to it we follow its path, and as we are getting to the end of this great cycle, we have been given a choice, we have the ability to use free will, but this free will is Not the choice of left or right. Or have you forgotten that you are a spiritual being in a material vehicle we took on in the fall.

All we know and think, we know is cyclic but the centre is not. You can walk this earth and be in it, but not of it. The cause is not money and is not this or that person. We cannot solve society by taking money away, or change from fossil fuel to hydrogen, or change from one political party or system to another if the drivers behind those vehicles remain the same. It does not help to point to others that need to change. It does not even change if you were all to go out there and protest. It is the nature within each of you, ego and duality, on which “it” lives. It is not the waking up to greed, fear, desire and lust of others, because it is their nature to seek fuel and become stronger. When ego is given the chance it will take it. Remember? Fear loves fear and does not care about the vehicle “you” to get it.

And believe me, ego is smarter than you. It makes you wait for others to stand up, it makes you think it is left or right, it makes excuses for you. Change can only happen if you change, if your attachment changes. “It” does not change, not even if the whole world changes to you who is still connected to duality.

IT REALLY STARTS WITH YOU, and nobody else but you.

So again: each word has an emotional charge, each memory, each thought, and of course each feeling is emotionally charged. They might vary in strength, and even the so called good ones are only relatively good because each are based on the limiting factor, meaning that each emotion is born out of not knowing the why? The how? Where? And what? The ego has access to all it has ever experienced while you do not have access. You might recall a memory, but are you really the one that does the recall? Don’t you really ask emotion to recall? And is it not really the emotion feeding you with thoughts and feelings? Because all words are emotionally charged and ego can make use of all its colours. It can cover its motive in a sauce of a relative truth and make you feel better. The problem is, you cannot see all the wires that he, “the ego”, controls. Because light in its different colours reveal a part of the whole, white light shows all. But unlike paint which by mixing different colours together makes black, only 3 colours of light makes white again, the Holy Trinity, the Father the son and the Holy Ghost, the spirit or spark of God. Matter, as can be seen, is enclosing the light, and matter is really the field that is positive or negative, or part both. Therefore we live in darkness and inside is light. We say black hole, but that is only seen from the outside, within is pure light. Just like you, all you need to do is to see inside.

And all it needs is the understanding through experience and letting go of that which seeks to hold on to its limited insight that cannot see beyond matter, nor is able to see its own essence, soul, the spark of God. Blindness therefore is dark spots in knowledge that due to attachment block out the light. The more there is the more it blocks and eventually blocks out the light of life.

Look at an emotion, see that it does not see the full picture, it has the tendency to reject anything that does not fit it. It is like tunnel vision, a narrowed awareness, not seeing all factors, but once you become aware of ego and how it works, having seen it for what it is, then you are really already looking at it from a different point of view, outside of, and not equal with. This is the I that is separate from the ego I. This is the awareness that can remain. The I that is attached to the values given by ego and to which you identify yourself with, the I feel and I think and therefore I do or not, will go down with the cycles of matter, the cycle of the eight, of eternity like the devil for a 1000 years. You can rise above the clouds, above the cycle. You wanted to taste of what was enclosed, you stared into the darkness you call light, the outer layers, the event horizon.

I pray you will read this 99 times or as many times as it takes to see it in you too, for they are the chosen ones that can be lifted up. As insight has been reached by seeing all the above within, then ego will lose its grip, for you see its blindness and forgive unconditionally so it too can lose its grip on you.

Call it being reborn if you will, call it being born of a virgin, born outside the attraction between positive and negative or male and female.

Blessed he-she who has opened his-her eyes.



Moshiya van den Broek