293. If seeing is believing

In order to even recognize truth, we need to know it first. We seek answers in effects but never find the true cause. Scientist are seeking what is dubbed the God Particle that gives weight to matter. In other words, they continue to look for the answer in material things while the cause cannot be found in a particle, however small it may be. It is not even weight that causes gravity. If matter came into being in the big bang then the cause must be a non-material one. When we look at a galaxy we might be able to figure out that there is an unseen force that keeps them in spin and in their right orbit. We might be saying the sun in the centre is the cause. But the effect the sun has and the sun itself has a cause too, and inherent in it the effect it shows. That cause must be at its centre and all that follows from it. Call it the spark of God. Conscious, connections and reflections. We are conscious beings, we are aware. Conscious as a person, the whole “body and mind” we are aware of the sum of its parts, we communicate with our parts, like our arms but lost the conscious/awareness of the actual communication. Our consciousness raised above the cell levels into the sum total, the arm. In this there is a key to understanding chakras or focal points. If you are angry, then focussing is done from a lower point of view and you lose a view through the sum total. But from the narrow point of view of the sum total of what anger is understood to be a “field of experience”. So if we wish to raise consciousness we must become consciously aware of the sum total of the bigger whole, become one with it. It is consciousness and matter encloses it into different levels by reflections, separations, the cause of charge, the force of life, in the centre of all, eventually closes, withdraws from where it Matters most. Yes, where we lose the connection with the sum total. Be it cells, organs, or body as a whole.

Emotions are born in limitation, they are the feeling world that seeks to understand, but by its nature can’t see the whole. It is where ego resides, it has given value to everything, given meaning to the words, the pictures you see and the words you hear. The centre of feeling translates it all, it is connected to the storeroom of experiences, seen through the emotional eyes and judging the world around it. It knows of itself through building on its past. Fear is eager to see fear, for fear is its food to stay alive. Such is the case for each of them.

So if seeing is believing, then how do we know something? One common misperception holds that vision springs directly from the eyes. In fact, sensory input is only the first step in a complex journey towards arriving at an understanding of the world. “How it is interpreted by ego”. Every second, the eyes, ears, and skin bombard us with information. It’s the emotional body that determines which details we pay attention to and why.

Even though our picture of the world seems coherent and unified, it actually emerges from the activity those thirty (or more) different visual areas in the cortex, each of which mediates multiple subtle functions.

What’s the Significance?

For neurologists the question of how neurons encode meaning and evoke all the semantic associations of an object is the holy grail of neuroscience. Whether you are studying memory, perception, art, or consciousness. When one studies patients with cognitive abnormalities it will provide insight into the broader mystery of human perception.

This is because brain damage is highly specialized. If you hit your head, you’re not going to experience a general reduction in “brain power”. Instead, a lesion to any area of the brain will in the loss of a specific function associated with that area.

Ramachadran tells the story of John, a 68-year-old former fighter pilot who, one day, began to experience intense nausea and abdominal pain. He was rushed to hospital where doctors determined that he required immediate removal of his appendix. The surgery was successful — but that’s where the routine nature of the case ended. John developed a blood clot in a vein in his leg, which travelled to his cerebral arteries, causing a stroke. Minutes later, when his wife walked into the recovery room, he found he could no longer recognize her face, even though he knew her by the sound of her voice.

There was nothing wrong with his vision or hearing. Another piece of the puzzle was missing. The unnamed, barely understood process of object recognition. John could describe objects in painstaking detail, but he was unable to say decisively what they were. When picking up a carrot, for instance, he noted that it was “long, with a tuft at the end”, and wondered if it might be a paintbrush.

In John’s case, the “wire between the vision and the amygdala”, which is linked to emotion, had been cut. Vision was normal, emotion was normal, “but the two [had been] uncoupled”. Face blindness affects only 2.5% of the population, but this disconnection between sight and emotion inspired the brain and perceives the identity of a person or object in a more fluid, interconnected way than previously imagined: At each stage of processing, whenever the brain achieves a partial solution to a perceptual ‘problem’– determining an object’s identity, location, or movement– this partial solution is immediately fed back to earlier stages has been given an emotional value. As soon as a situation is presented to the senses which carries a similar signature, even if only partly, then it triggers the associated emotion which in turn triggers feelings and or thoughts with a similar signature. In other words when anger recognizes of itself  “and its reasoning” it will cling onto it for life.

It’s as if each of us is hallucinating all the time and what we call perception involves merely selecting the one hallucination that best matches the current input.
Does it not tell you of how little you can count on a single, unquestionable version of reality?

So now that it has shaken your idea of reality, it has become time to also realise that not just you but likely 99% of humanity is a slave of this mirroring effect that seeks to feed itself despite the cost, “the suffering you experience” that it manipulates from below your consciousness, and therefore unaware of how it influenced you and what it took to become aware of its influence, many many years, even life times, before you start to wake up. So be forgiving, be compassionate to your brothers and sisters for they did not know, just like you for all those years. We always seek to blame, the economy is falling, we blame the banks, the greed of people etc. etc. but they follow the same nature, one might have a different make up of ego, of emotional make up, “personality”,  but ego/emotion just needs the opportunity to grow, which it does because of unawareness. So where does it go wrong? Well the stories in the holy scriptures make that clear too. It was the snake and woman, but with woman they mean the emotional body, feeling, and with the snake they mean the fire that runs up your spine that curls around the chakras, around the tree. And it has not got its feet on the ground anymore, it does not live in truth anymore.

When we are born, we are getting an imprint from the stars and planets, please remember that everything is connected, and due to the split we are both negatively and positively charged. Each slightly at different time and place. When the planets and stars move, so are you moved (moved as in emotionally) but yes we have that little extra, the ability to use free will, be in it but not of it. We do not need to follow the nature of positive or negative.

Above the lower kingdoms. In order to free ourselves we need to wake up to this fact and consciously become aware of the inner nature of matter and the nature of God. The singularity, the one that contains all and all contains the one in its centre.

As emotion/ego has conditioned every part of our being through collecting experiences and giving it its own signature and the influences from above, the charge of positive and negative. We need to become disconnected from this attachment. Through becoming that which is above all, all knowing, all loving. In other words all that is not positively or negatively charged. Only there lies true compassion, true love.

You cannot do that because you do not have such great insight, nor do you have such kind of love “yet”. You cannot gain it through collecting information and sort it out/measure it, because of the faculty called the emotional body, so it is a bit like a pilgrim pass, two steps forward and one back, learning and implementing consciously to the very best of our ability, through experience, letting go of these attachments.

Just like you have tried throughout your life, but up to now you only had two choices and therefore a very limited one. Now a third one arises above the horizon. Just in the nick of time, nature follows its cycles of positive and negative. It rises and falls with the tides, life and death, and as we are getting to a close of a great cycle, both the poles are to flip, emotions become so strong that they are expressed into the world and rule it, and just like the dinosaurs and other races that were not able to rise above the tides will sink into the abyss .

And so was the story of the ark, both in entering this life and leaving it or like the story goes, letting go of the raven and not having it return or become the dove that comes back with the olive branch of which the oil is made to light the flame of eternal life, the flame that lifts you above the tide.



Moshiya van den Broek