291. The science of uniting

9 years ago I wrote the first articles after a 7 year period of isolation, concentration, contemplation and letting go, where during that time raising out the darkness felt impossible or staggeringly slow at the best of times. I wanted to see this or that, the beauty of paradise, God. At the end, I gave up, tired. Was this all there was? This race to get and through it, the suffering. The fear that makes us want to hold on and eventually die, Darkness…….. Yes I wanted to die, the darkness, still, peaceful rest. Death. Finally no more suffering and I gave up the ghost and slipped into an engulfing blanket of darkness. A cycle must have passed and I became aware of moving away from the darkness that covered me and I became aware of a bright light in the centre of darkness which became circular, a tunnel and I was drawn into it……… but wait….. was it a birth canal? Was I awakening into a world I wanted to leave behind? So I resisted and pulled back, out of that tunnel to where I could just make out its circular shape from afar. The peaceful surroundings with a bright light.. slowly I became aware of this light having patterns and this feeling of being drawn to it remained. So I moved further away from it and realised that this shape, this light, was darkness. It was the emptiness I focussed upon that wasn’t empty at all. It was made up of circles within circles to points within point, so dense singularities…. full of light, full of patterns, movement and spin. I kept zooming in and out. Atoms, planets and galaxies, they all had the same structure. The outer ring/skin and the circles within its geometrical patterns to an infinity small, the universe in all.

The event-horizon, the illusionary skin of matter, black holes and atoms are the same.

I (re-)discovered the tree and its seed, the story of creation, its workings, effects, the story of life itself and expressed in it. The articles reflect this journey. One I shared with many who are now considered to be the discoverers of it and leaders in their field. One I share with you and will be grateful if you share it with others too.

We all need to let go, we all need to fight this holy war, Jihad, and fight ego with weapons he has no defence against, forgiveness, compassion, not through ego but to ego. He has been the master of your world, king of your castle, to shape his kingdom he uses his army to rule, his weapons are many, experiences you can’t even recall, he caused pathways you rethread, fuels thoughts and feelings to experience of itself. Only through this can he be alive, cares not for your suffering, no, even uses it against you to the point that you believe you are him. Make him your sacrificial lamb and God gives you the light you have never seen.

Several years ago I send an email to several known lecturers such as N. Haramien, D. Winter, M. Rodin and several others about the structure and a link to the articles. I suggested to join forces and their reply was more or less all the same, send it to us (the link) and we will judge it. The next video shows one of them did (N. Haramien). While I am pleased it is spreading more rapidly now than it did several years ago when I explained it in the articles on the internet, it also saddens me that there is still this great big ego stopping them from really joining forces and creating this turning point. Their worry of losing status or place on stage has no ground, the science of God, the laws of God touches every field of science, so once they are all linked up, each individual field of research will be able to find what would have remained hidden to them. And most of all, it would expose ego in all its colours and unable it to hide and manipulate, it will die of starvation. The start of a new world.

Start at 2 minutes into the interview and recall what I have said about the structure and it containing all your past and future, and about changing the past. But you will also realise something vital is missing in his presentation. (videos have been removed from youtube.com)

Please take the picture from “Plato’s Cave” to read on.

The fire in the back of the cave is ego. The actors are instructed by ego and are the emotions, the projections on the wall, the chained persons are characters, personalities, the little I they feed back to the fire/Lucifer. The defused light also casts a shadow on the wall, not of the actors but the characters/personality. It might cause personality to recognize there is another light behind it all, but it is understood and translated by the ego as personality feeds it back to ego. So even though each receives from this light outside of the cave, translating and seeking to understand is still interpreted by the fire in the cave. It can also be seen that this defused light is often over lit by this fire in the back of the cave. You might change your way of looking at things but you are still in the cave. Many think they are seeing, that they opened their eyes, but the reality is different. They are still looking inside the box. At its highest, one may look at or focus on the shadow that the defused light casts on the wall and see through personality, they are still in the cave. When one is able to turn around and look at the set and disconnect, one can walk out of the cave and Be the light of revelations.

…Now that we have understood all of the above, I like to return to the Kabbalistic explanation of the emotions of Atzilut (Emanation) which are born out of the unification of NeHi”Y of Abba and Imma (the gut emotions of Insight and Comprehension), which are the lowest level of the emotions of the intellect of Atzilut, as explained earlier. The emotions of Atzilut, on the other hand, are called Zeir Anpin (The Small Face). Now, as is known, Zeir Anpin is still considered to be part of the Infinite, as stated, “He and His organs and life-force are one”, “The Creator, Israel and the Torah are ONE”.

The upper two levels of the soul, the Chaya & Yechidah, are encompassing lights which do not become limited within the vessels. The Yechidah is the aspect of the simple essential pleasure and desire whereas the Chaya is the aspect of the source of the intellect itself, “Maskil”. These two levels of the soul are not (usually) clothed and limited within vessels at all. It is only Chochmah and the sefirot below it, that are drawn into vessels and limited by them. The Neshamah is the intellect in the brain and the Ruach is the emotions of the heart while the Nefesh is the life-force in the liver.

Although these two encompassing lights of the soul, the Chaya and Yechidah, do not become clothed or limited within the vessels, light shines forth from them into the intellect and below. For example, the desire is revealed within the intellect, in the brain of Chochmah and from there is drawn down into the comprehension of Binah. From Binah it is drawn down even further to stimulate the actual heartfelt emotions.

The way the influence comes from the comprehension of Binah to the heart, to arouse heartfelt emotions is through the “Thirty two pathways of Binah”.

There are four main chambers in the brain: Chochmah, Binah, Chesed of Da’at and Gevurah of Da’at (the reason Da’at is divided into two chambers is because it is specifically Da’at that causes the intellect to lean either towards kindness or severity).

These four chambers each have eight chambers within them: Chochmah, Binah, Chesed and Gevurah going up into the self, and Chochmah, Binah, Chesed and Gevurah going down toward the outside. All in all, there are thirty two main chambers in the brain. These are called the “Thirty two pathways of Binah”.

These thirty two pathways are the source of the emotions of the heart. It is for this reason that the Hebrew word for heart is “Lev” ( לב ) which has the numerical value of 32. It must be noted that these thirty two chambers contain smaller and smaller chambers ad infinitum.

The explanation of the above is as follows. When one is given a piece of information, his brain immediately processes it and places it in one of the four main chambers. It processes by asking such questions as, “Do I need to analyse this information?” “Should I become excited and happy about it?” “Should I be angry and upset about it?” Etc. His brain registers the information and places it in one of the four main chambers. Each of these four chambers is made up of eight smaller chambers. As soon as the information is categorized in one of the four chambers, it immediately undergoes further processing and is channelled to one of the eight sub-chambers of that main chamber. This is done by asking such questions as, “Does this information relate upward into the self or does it relate downward toward the emotions?” “Does it relate to me or does it relate to others?” Etc.

Now, in order for the emotions to come down from the comprehension and understanding of Binah and give rise to the actual heartfelt emotions of Zeir Anpin, there must be a tzimtzum (Restraint) and WITHDRAWAL of the intellect. This brings about a qualitative change of existence from the emotions of intellect (which are still intellect and not actual emotions at all) to actual revealed heartfelt emotions.

Nonetheless, the heartfelt emotions are exactly patterned after the emotions of the intellect. The only difference is that they are now actual heartfelt emotions rather than intellectual leanings. Nonetheless, the heartfelt emotion is the same as the emotion of the intellect. This is to say that when the brain leans a certain way, the heart will also lean that way. While this might cause confusion due to unfamiliar words to those who have not studied Kabbalah in-depth and therefore unable to translate it into a workable tool to enter the inner road, it is so even to those who did or do study Kabbalah.

The reason why so many struggle is that they think they need to intellectually understand it all, and race through so much pieces of the great puzzle being offered. The mind sees that big heap of pieces and is unable to see the picture.

Everything inter-acting, psychology, astrology, astronomy, biology, music, shapes mathematics, geometry etc. creation in every facet, how can we be a scientist in every field? And interlink it all? Each time, just before taking somebody on the inner journey, they feel dizzy, lightheaded, off balance as if hit by a bold of light hitting home. Too much for the mind to take in and yet feeling it is right. A sort of awareness that sees it but cannot yet mentally place it. While the mind (ego) tries to fit it into its belief system or tries to reject it if it cannot use it to defend its own belief system.. meaning some will run away and continue to seek to make mental sense of it, or seek to satisfy their built belief system but return later again, because that spark of insight, was a stillness, stunned just long enough for your spark within to recognize of itself before ego took over again. “The defused light in the cave”.

Most have understood that one has to let go, so they think it means letting go of the material things, of delights, of fears, of the little I, but for most this means the end of life, but I say: “as you know it ”.

But I do not believe in blind faith, I offer you the ability to see who you are not, the ability to see your chains. But you, yourself, have the key to unlock them and set yourself free.

Once the Baal Shem Tov set out to journey to the Land of Israel. Pesach (Passover) was approaching, and he had no money with which to buy the needed supplies. A wealthy merchant, hearing of his plight, came forward and donated a generous amount of money that allowed the Baal Shem Tov to observe the holy week without worry. Knowing the man to be childless, the Baal Shem Tov blessed him for his generosity and promised him that within the year his wife would bear a child.
When the merchant had gone, a Bat Koh pealed out from heaven: “Did you not know that this man’s wife was barren? Because of your promise, the Holy One has to change the very course of nature. For this you will forfeit your place in the World to Come.”
Rather than collapse in despair at having lost his heavenly reward, the Baal Shem Tov danced with joy. “Thank You,” he called to God. “Before this I always worried that my service to You was tainted by the thought of reward, but now I have the opportunity to serve You with no thought of reward, for even the World to Come is closed to me!”

What do you want from spiritual practice? Enlightenment? Bliss? Happiness? Salvation? An end to suffering? A place in paradise? As long as you have a reward in mind, your practice is tainted. Yet, is it possible to act with no goal in mind? Can the ego act without expecting something in return?

When one acts without a goal, with no sense of reward, the act itself becomes the point, and the reward is immediate. This is what all the great mystics know: The doing is the receiving! The doing is the salvation!



Moshiya van den Broek