290. The Code

The Code is a mathematics-based documentary for BBC Two presented by Marcus du Sautoy, beginning on 27 July 2011. Each episode covers a different branch of mathematics. As well as being a documentary, The Code is also a series of online challenges forming a treasure hunt, with clues to finding the treasure being included in the episodes.

It is great that they finally are starting to show the fundamental mathematical pattern upon which our physical universe is based. His ability to keep it simple so that non-mathematically inclined people will be able to follow is vital. So with great interest I was ready at 22.00 hours “local time” UK time 21.00. I was pleased with the first episode. With really only one question Marcus du Sautay spoke about the builders of temples etc. who used these ratios/maths to build them to please God, to build in accordance with his laws or image, but then moved on in a way that said they didn’t know any better… poor souls. While on the other hand he was showing all these laws “they used” to explain the world around us. Never raising the question How Did They Know? Not raising this important question meant I was going to be disappointed because he would have to avoid very real links to the code to stay clear from having to admit the ancients knew more about these laws than scientists do in this present day.

And indeed the second part of the documentary did just that, avoiding, when he explained the code through a tree and the way the branches branched out, he spoke of the Fibonacci sequence but never mentioned the golden ratio. The reason, while being so strongly present in nature? Because those ancient builders incorporated it in their structures too.

During my years of research, study and meditation I came across many chippings of the lapis philosophorum, the philosopher’s stone and just like in all the stories surrounding it where a stranger gives them a grain but greed or other emotions (ego) makes them waist it and the stranger never returns. Alchemical authors sometimes suggest that the stone’s descriptors are metaphorical. It is called a stone, not because it is like a stone but a solid building block metaphorically. The appearance is expressed geometrically in Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens. “Make of a man and woman a circle; then a quadrangle; out of this a triangle; make again a circle and you will have the Stone of the Wise. Thus make the stone, which thou canst not discover, unless you, through diligence, learn to understand this geometrical teaching. Rupescissa uses the imagery of the Christian passion, telling us it ascends “from the sepulchre of the Most Excellent King, shining and glorious, resuscitated from the dead and wearing a red diadem…” Numerous synonyms were used to make oblique reference to the stone, such as “white stone” (calculus albus, identified with the calculus candidus of Revelation 2:17 which was taken as a symbol of the glory of heaven).

Yes, many treasure their grain as if it were the stone itself. Even when the stranger returns, their ego does not recognize him, no even rejects him and his stone. Looking at those grains of gold throughout the internet, in scientific and spiritual communities, groups and books and suggesting to join those grains once again to the stone to become the elixir of life for all is ignored, not realising those grains were the fruit of which Adam ate.

I posted the following on the facebook group truth & revelations which had well over 10.000 members. After explaining there are 3 trees, the question was, do you mean the 3 pillars?  3 pillars yes but 3 trees too,  the trees of good and of evil and the tree of life. 888, the very value of the lord Jesus Christ in Greek. Perhaps you have read that there are 3, double 7’s and 12. The 8 with its 7 point is mirrored , good/evil. As said the circumference of holy spirit is 576. x2= 1152 as was the weight of the shekel and prior it was 3×576= 1728. Trace the numbers, Noah’s ark “8 Persons” 300 x 50 x 30 is 45.ooo x the cubit 52.36 the zodiac 25920 divided by 45 is 576. It travels the great zodiacal ocean. Now pay close attention, the ark 45 times 52.36 is 235.62 “side of Giza pyramid” as it is 300 x 50 x 30 we can measure its volume or contains so 23562 divided by 4.1888 = the ark of covenant 56.25 as its measure was given 1.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 =56.25 the cubit 52.36, multiply by itself and it reveals pi, phi, formula to calculate the volume of a sphere etc., the measure of the world. 52 weeks in a circle of 36.0 degrees. 52+36=88 g/e and 52×36=1872, looks familiar? It was 1728 of the 3 trees, if you add them up 1872+1728 is 3600. The mirroring of numbers is part of the structure, and does not come about by simply playing with numbers as so often seen on the internet but has a rule and place. Just like 2 and 5, not only do they look like mirrors they really are. 576 divided by two is 288, 576 times 5 is 288.0. All it did was move the decimal point. Each cup or vessel, take the eye out, or the Vesica Piscis and you have two halves of the spirit m/f and as the Zohar said, the 288 sparks of the broken vessel that fell from heaven to earth. I realise some will say, I have difficulty with numbers, but let me remind you they represent words too. Then tell us the words so we may understand, I hear you think, but is that really so? What do you think the holy scriptures are?……. Do not believe the stories about personal opinions taking some books and rejecting others to make what is now known as the Bible, 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament, 39.27 multiply it by 6…… indeed the ark again 23562. If I were to half it 23562/2=117.81. Apart from many other things I could say 117.81 is at the middle of the Bible too. There are more secrets hidden in this number related to Jesus and the cross.

I then posted a triangle within a 7 pointed star within a 12 pointed star, there was even an overlay on the star of revelations, with all the letters/numbers on them.

Then I showed the cubit, 0,5236 x 5 = 2,618 (golden mean) 0,5236 x 6 = 3,1416.  0,5236 x 8 = 4,1888 (spherical calculation) and where it can be found, in the difference between a circle and a square with the same diameter which on its own is a revelation. Furthermore both on the website and forum I explained the cause of blindness and if anyone who studies this carefully and does not recognize the significance will likely keep their eyes tightly shut except for personalised ideas until the last horn is blown. In the thousands of visitors and members there was just a hand full who took the time to read and study but many did not take the time or either avoided it so they could hold on to their personalised belief system or select only those bits that strengthens this person-ality/mask. In alchemical terms I would call this painting the gold with lead.

There is a lot to do on free energy both those who research it and who seek it. I have been offered the finance by several investors to build the production ready apparatus for both energy and gravity, as some seem to think that it will help make the world a better place, because according to many it would take the power away from those who they think control the world, but would it? NO it would not, the problem is humanity themselves as a whole, the ego/personality. If it were water that would replace fossil fuel then water would be taxed or/and the material that makes up the apparatus. Greed, desire, fear, lust etc. would find ways to control it. The so called economy is not based on balance but on imbalance, creating shortages as a means to gain more money and power. When we look at the social needs, the health service where you pay for those who cannot afford it is linked to commercial institutes who seek bigger profits. Pharmaceutical companies for instance, but governments are the same, pressing for growth, more to tax, equipment chipped not to last, cheaper equipment but mega profits on the refills, it is DESIGNED to make the rich richer and the poor more controllable. But the real main cause is the blindness in both, the conditioning of personality, a victim needs the abuser, don’t believe it? If you had insight into yourself you would recognize it. You might not have recognized in yourself but if you look at someone who lost control over his/her emotions you would notice that they will even see reason where there is none, it should be clear that the emotional body seeks to feed itself and to do so it will use the physical as well as the mental body to achieve it, and cares not if you suffer as a result. If this happens within you then it will certainly happen “outside of you” for that is what the pointing at others really is. What you recognize “in others” must be in you too, otherwise there could not be any recognition. Through experience some parts of the masks/parts of personality become stronger than others, you call it their character or personality and the more it rules the stronger it becomes. Did you know that this makes you feel different from someone else? Happy are those who are like children again because they are not conditioned and therefore can see truth, because that is in you too, but blocked from seeing into the world.

Here lies the real battlefield, the Jihad, the holy war that needs to be won before humanity is worthy of even more powerful instruments.

Let’s go back to the present state of the economy for a moment. I personally know of a multinational company that set up an office in China and buy a product that costs around 3 dollars from a production company. They then sell to farmers in Europe for 47 Euros. The government pays a subsidy of 27 Euros, the farmer pays 17. Then the company off shore will put in his bill and the money flows out of the country tax free. These kinds of things go on with oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, electronics etc. And mountains of food destroyed to keep prices up while there are those who starve.

What is not needed is another political party, what is not needed is the suffering, what is needed is for you to change. The focusing should be on opening the eyes, we could put up rules so the funds are not sucked out or the work is not placed in lower tax, cheaper labour countries but because it is not based on balance you will need to adjust and continue to create law upon law due to the nature of ego. We could lower the taxes so work would return to us but this would be at the cost of others, again balance, equality, 10% would work well just as can be found in the Bible, education fully focused on the quality within the child instead of a need within an unbalanced system so it can grow into its rightful place.

I do not need your vote, but your heart into it.



Moshiya van den Broek