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A master mason 33 degree.

The esoteric teachings are so carefully concealed that the casual reader is not even aware of its existence, let alone concealment. Only when it is recognized that the Biblical narrative contains deeper significance than is apparent on the surface, then we realize that the ancients buried an entire SECRET DOCTRINE beneath an apparent recital of history. Once the key is discovered and the door unlocked, one is struck with admiration of the genius of those capable of such an achievement.

Hidden beneath this narrative, be it factual history or the figment of the imagination, is a startling revelation of the working of Universal Law, consistent with and in keeping with the known facts of nature as modern material science has revealed them. This narrative is so logical that it should convince the open minded investigator that these ancient philosophers knew far more of the origin and early development of the race than we, modern men, do.

One point must be constantly borne in mind in a study of the “GREAT LIGHT”. The Old Testament is allegory, history, nomenclature and numerology, combined and entwined. Also, it contains innumerable astrological references which cannot be understood in any other light. To a great extent the Old Testament is an exposition of the negative aspects of Universal Law. The “cause and effect”, the “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”, of Karmic Law and Action. It explains how NOT to live, and recites the effects of violation of Law. It contains far more “thou shalt nots” than “thou shalt”. It applies to the material and mental; (esoterically) it is instruction for the Entered Apprentice and the Fellow-craft, it is PREPARATORY to the third degree.

The advent of the “EXAMPLE”, the “PROTOTYPE” or the “MASTER” changes all of this. The New Testament contains instructions on the spiritual plane. Herein the ESOTERIC instructions are not so heavily veiled as in the Old Testament, although even in the New Testament deeper meaning is present if not apparent on the surface.
Now the MASTER MASON is told POSITIVE aspects of Universal Law. No longer an “eye for an eye” but “forgive thine enemies”; no more “thou shalt not” but rather “THOU SHALT”. Now, not so much instruction of “how not to live” and the horrible consequence of violation of Law; instead we found wise counsel “HOW TO LIVE” and the benefits resultant from cooperation and obedience to Universal Law.

If you look down as you enter the main door of Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street in London, there is a pentagram on the floor, a five point star. The lecture on numbers in the Zelator degree of the Societas Rosicruciana, uses Pentagram to illustrate the number five and the six point Seal of Solomon or Star of David to illustrate the number six. Both are very ancient symbols and I want you to concentrate on the question of where they came from.

For the first step I need to draw your attention to the two planets closer to the sun than Earth -Venus and Mercury. Take Venus first. Because it is a little nearer the sun than the earth is, its orbit is shorter: though the speed of both through space is similar, from any starting point, Venus gains on the Earth, like an athlete on the inside track at a bend. If both start from the same position on the zodiac, Venus reaches a point when, seen from earth, it is on the far side of the sun, directly in line with it. That is the Superior Conjunction. Venus gets back to the starting point before the earth, starts on the second orbit and lines up between the earth and sun, an Inferior Conjunction and continues its orbit, getting further ahead of earth until the next Superior Conjunction.

Because Venus and Earth take different times to complete their orbits, it is 8 years before the two planets arrive back at the same initial point. In that time Venus has completed 10 orbits and the Earth 8. There have thus been ten conjunctions – five superior and five inferior in the 8 years. The next step is to imagine two circles, each representing the zodiac as followed by the sun, and mark on one the position of the superior conjunctions and the order in which they occur. On the other circle, mark the positions of the inferior conjunctions and the order in which they occur. In both cases, draw a line between position one and position two, then position two and position three and so on. The result is more than interesting: the result is shattering.
This is a stunning fact, but there is more. Mercury, like Venus has a shorter orbit than Earth; in the case of Mercury, very much shorter. Mercury completes three orbits in just under 50 weeks, so that there are six conjunctions -three inferior and three superior in each year. If all six are marked on the circle of the zodiac and the three inferior joined by lines drawn 1-2-3-1 and the three superior joined 1-2-3-1. The result is a hexagram -the Star of David or Seal of Solomon. What makes this an even more striking image is that, as you will all recognise, the order of drawing the triangles is the same as that used in the dedication of the temple prior to a Martinist meeting.

These are real phenomena and can only have one of four possible explanations.

• First, it is just a meaningless coincidence. Science has a habit of dismissing anything it can’t explain as a coincidence. I wouldn’t like to calculate the odds against the chance of a figure like a regular pentagram being produced by the conjunctions of Venus or a regular hexagram being produced by the conjunctions of Mercury… by chance, when both are extremely ancient symbols, but it must be billions to one against.

• Second, these very ancient symbols might be among the last remnants of an earlier civilisation, along with myths and very ancient remains. Perhaps these symbols represent a lingering remnant of its observation and learning.

• Third, these might be an example of what Carl Jung described as OE synchronicity -meaningful coincidences. Remember that, by an inexplicable coincidence there are supposed to be the same number of hexagrams on the I Ching as there are loops on a strand of DNA. Perhaps these symbols describe something about universal reality.

• Fourth they could be the language of creation, the principles, written down in such a way that the story we read on the outside which covers the truth is the translation in an outer story, whereas every letter and or number stood for a principle that formed a word.

Each of the possibilities seems in some degree absurd -coincidence, information from a forgotten civilisation, synchronistic links embedded in the fabric of reality. I know which is the right explanation, but which do you think is most likely?

Let’s look at The Shekinah: Image of the Divine Feminine. The Shekinah is the image of the Divine Feminine or the feminine face of God as it was conceived in the mystical tradition of Judaism, originating perhaps in the rabbinic schools of Babylon and transmitted orally for a thousand years until it flowered in the writings of the Jewish Kabbalists of medieval Spain and south western France. In Kabbalah, religion ceases to be a matter of worship and collective belief. It becomes a direct path of communion between the individual and the Divine. In the imagery of the Shekinah, Kabbalah gives us the cosmology of the soul and the relationship between the two aspects of the godhead that has been lost or hidden for millennia.

The mythology of the Kabbalah is so gloriously rich, so broad in its imaginative and revelatory reach, and so intensely nourishing to a world that lacks any awareness of the Divine Feminine, that to discover this tradition is immensely exciting. The Shekinah reveals the missing imagery of God-as-Mother that has been lost or obscured in both Judaism and Christianity.

Whereas the Old Testament is the written tradition of Judaism, Kabbalah offers the hidden oral tradition, wonderfully named as “The Voice of the Turtle” (turtle dove). This mystic knowledge or mystic tradition of the direct path to God was described as the Jewels of the Heavenly Bride.

The Bronze Age imagery of the Great Goddess returns to life in the extraordinary beauty of the Kabbalistic description of the Shekinah and in the gender endings of nouns that describe the feminine dimension of the godhead. But the Divine Feminine is now understood as cosmic soul, the intermediary between the godhead and life in this dimension who, as the Shekinah brings together heaven and earth, the divine and the human in a resplendent vision of their essential relationship.

The mythology of this tradition restores the image of the sacred marriage in the union of the Divine Father-Mother in the ground of being. There is not a Mother and a Father but a Mother-Father who are one in their eternal embrace: one in their ground, one in their emanation, one in their ecstatic and continuous act of creation through all the invisible dimensions they bring into being and sustain. No other tradition offers the same breath-taking vision, in such exquisite poetic imagery, of the union of male and female energies in the One that is both. The Song of Songs was the text most used by Kabbalists for their contemplation of the mystery of this divine union. Yet one has the feeling that this way to union with the Divine may descend from some unknown source that nourished Egypt, Sumer, and India.

The Kabbalistic tradition describes the feminine image of the godhead as Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Holy Spirit, giving woman what she has lacked throughout the last two and a half thousand years in Judeo-Christian culture – an image of the Divine Feminine in the godhead that is reflected at the human level in herself. The Shekinah is Divine Motherhood, Mother of All Living. Women can know themselves, in their role as mothers, in their care and concern for the well-being of their loved ones, as the instinctive custodians of her creation.

The thirteenth-century “Zohar, The Book of Radiance or Splendour” that was the principal text of Kabbalah, contemplates the mystery of the relationship between the female and male aspects of the godhead expressed as Mother and Father, and their emanation through all levels of creation as Daughter and Son. The essential conception of this mystical tradition expresses itself as an image of worlds within worlds. Divine Spirit (Ain Soph or Ein Sof) beyond form or conception is the light at the centre, the heart, and moves outward as creative sound (word), thought and energy, bringing into being successive spheres, realms, veils, or dimensions imagined as veils or robes that clothe and hide the hidden source yet at the same time transmit its radiant light.

The transmission of light from source to the outer, manifest level is also imagined as an inverted tree, the Tree of Life, whose branches grow from its root in the divine ground and extend through the worlds of emanation. The primal centre or root is the innermost light, of an unimaginable luminosity and translucence. The inner point expands or is sown as a ray of light into a dimension described in some texts as a sea of glory, in others as a palace that acts as an enclosure for the light; from this womb it emanates as a radiant cascade, a fountain of living water, pouring forth light to sustain and permeate all the worlds or dimensions it brings into being. All life on earth, all consciousness, is that light and is therefore utterly sacred. The Zohar [principal text of Kabbalah] describes nature as the garment of God.

The Talmud reports that the Shekhinah is what caused prophets to prophesy and King David to compose his Psalms. The Shekhinah manifests itself as a form of joy, connected with prophecy and creativity: Talmud Pesachim 117a) The Talmud also reports that “The Shekhinah does not rest amidst laziness, nor amidst laughter, nor amidst light headedness, nor amidst idle conversation. Rather, it is amidst the joy associated with a mitzvah that the Shekhinah comes to rest upon people, as it is said: ‘And now, bring me for a musician, and it happened that when the music played, God’s hand rested upon him’ [Elisha] [2 Kings 3:15]” ( Pesachim 117a). Thus the Shekhinah is associated with the transformational spirit of God regarded as the source of prophecy:

“After that thou shalt come to the hill of God, where is the garrison of the Philistines; and it shall come to pass, when thou art come thither to the city, that thou shalt meet a band of prophets coming down from the high place with a psaltery, and a timbrel, and a pipe, and a harp, before them; and they will be prophesying. And the spirit of the LORD will come mightily upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.” 1 Samuel 10:5-6.

The prophets made numerous references to metaphorical visions of the presence of God, particularly in the context of the Tabernacle or Temple, with figures such as thrones or robes filling the Sanctuary, which have traditionally been attributed to the presence of the Shekhinah. Isaiah wrote “I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up, and his train filled the Temple”. (Isaiah 6:1). Jeremiah implored “Do not dishonour the throne of your glory” (Jeremiah 14:21) and referred to “Thou throne of glory, on high from the beginning, Thou place of our sanctuary” (Jeremiah 17:12). Ezekiel spoke of “the glory of the God of Israel was there [in the Sanctuary], according to the vision that I saw in the plain”.

The tree of life and the trees of knowledge of good and evil, will guide you like a bright star, when you gather insights from it, you drink of it, the holy grail. When learned and lived, it is the alchemical transformation of lead to gold.

Even though all this knowledge is within reach at the close of this age, it is also said that at the close there will be no more true believers. This is very true at this time, between all the theories floating around one has become blinded and cannot recognize truth.

Man has become selective, they all have created their golden calf, their personal-ised Gods while many speak of a collective growth. Dr Michio Kaku speaks of this time as the shift from a type zero civilisation to a type one civilisation. In his vision there are 4 types, all based on their scientific ability to utilize the powers of nature/creation. Dr. Michio Kaku is a Theoretical Physicist.

“When we physicists look in outer space for alien life, we don’t look for little green men. We look for Type-1/Type-2/Type-3 civilizations.” A Type-1 civilization has harnessed its planetary power. They control earthquakes, the weather, volcanoes, they have cities on the ocean, anything planetary – they control. That’s Type-1 civilization.

A Type-2 civilization is stellar. They have exhausted the power of the planet, and they get their energy directly from their mother star. They use the power of the sun itself to energize their huge machines. Eventually they exhaust the power of a star and go galactic. They harness the power of billions of stars within a galaxy (That’s a Type-3 civilization).

Now what are we on this scale? We are Type-0. We don’t even rate on this scale. We get our energy not from stars and galaxies, but from dead plants, Oil and coal. But we can calculate when we will attain Type-1 status – In about a hundred years!

We are seeing the beginnings of a Type-1 economy. Huge planetary trading blocks are the beginnings of a planetary economy (Referring to European Union, NAFTA, etc.). And what is the Internet? The Internet is the beginning of a Type-1 telephone/communications system. The mathematics says that there should be thousands of Type-1, 2 and 3 civilizations in the galaxy. But we see no evidence of it anywhere. And why is that? Because, the transition from Type-0 to Type-1 is the most dangerous of all transitions. We may not make it. It is a race against time.

On one hand, we have the forces of Integration – the forces of tolerance and multi-cultural fabric emerging before our eyes, on the other hand, we have weapons of mass destruction, germ warfare, nuclear warfare, rise of international terrorism – They are obstacles to reaching a Type-1 civilization.

While the knowledge of type 3 is right under mankind’s noses this so called jump to become civilised needs more than these technological advancements and will only be revealed or seen when the inner being is found. And this great system of creation is protected and only limitedly open to protect misuse. The truth could walk among them and not be seen. The very reason is mankind’s blindness, Jesus Christ stood for truth! But in the following “so called spiritual truth” taken from http://www.kisol.com/general/emmaus.htm shows how blind they really are:

“On the way to Emmaus Luke 24:13-29
Jesus walked with His disciples for hours without being recognized by them. Have we ever asked why? Have we ever on our own pondered over this question? Why should Jesus not have been recognized by those closest to Him?! This is indeed baffling and as thinking human beings we should seek the answer to this question. Under normal circumstances, Jesus would undoubtedly have been recognised by those who were closest to Him, but after His death, He became unrecognisable. It is not clear how contemporary religion has explained this happening away if indeed they have attempted to answer it. They would perhaps say that Jesus was in a kind of transformed physical body. How He would have acquired this body is not clear to anyone.

This is one of the best proofs in support of the fact that man is not just the physical body and that Christ did not resurrect in the way believed by contemporary Christianity or indeed by most Christian believers. If indeed Jesus resurrected in His physical body, then He would undoubtedly have been recognised by those who knew Him. It would not have been possible for Him to walk amongst them for hours without Him being recognised. The same happened on the beach and in many of the instances that have become familiar to Bible readers. Note must also be made of the fact that He was able to go into rooms without opening doors, something that He never did until His transition.

What do all these facts tell us? Now suddenly we have Jesus, Who was no longer recognizable to His closest associates; a Jesus Who could now enter into rooms without opening doors. It is obvious that unless one has made a decision never to open one’s mind to other possibilities or that one has decided not to think for oneself, then each and every one of us would at one time or the other have given these events a thought or two and perhaps have asked these questions without finding an answer.

Jesus was not recognised because just like every other human being, on physical death, the physical body itself is dropped and what then remains are the other coverings made of the substance of the Beyond. This substance, being different would also appear different. It is lighter and as such is able to penetrate the heavier material substance of this earth, hence the ability of Jesus to enter into rooms without opening doors. This substance of the Beyond, of which the outermost cloak of Jesus at this point was made of is lighter and can easily penetrate heavier matter. This is what those who know about it have called a soul body. Therefore, Jesus on His transition appeared to His disciples with His soul body but not the physical one. This is why He appeared different and this is why He was able to enter into rooms without opening doors. This is also the reason why He was able to ascend. He could not have ascended in His physical gross material body as this is impossible. The physical gross material body is made up of substance of this earth. It has the same kind of heaviness as the other things on this earth and according to the Law of Spiritual Gravity, it would have been impossible even for Jesus to take this body away with Him.

Jesus, being a Part of the Divine Laws that guide the order in the universe would never even think of going against these Laws. If it is Divine Law that all human beings that incarnate on earth must at their transitions to the Beyond leave behind their physical bodies, then these Laws, being perfect would never have made an exception for Jesus. Perfection means immutability. An impossibility of change or improvement. And Jesus, being a Part of these Laws Himself would adhere to these Laws most exactly. Nor was there a need for taking the physical body with Him.

The early fathers of the Church were afraid of promoting what they believed was a kind of superstition by denying the knowledge of an afterlife or the possibility of the existence of a kind of soul. This is the reason among other things why these events surrounding Jesus has not been pursued and explained as they should have over the centuries. But Jesus with His Words and with all the events that surrounded Him ever again disproved these people and their interpretations. The lack of logic in contemporary explanations about the nature of man and as to where he goes after his earthly death is so glaring that it is a surprise that this has never until now been challenged. Those who are attempting to challenge it go too far in trying to place everything on this earth and on relying too much on Science which denies the existence of everything until it can be proven to exist in the laboratory or until it can be seen with the physical eyes. Therefore Jesus did not take His physical body with Him on His earthly death. He appeared in his otherworldly garment and ascended with this garment.”

With our material focussing we do not see beyond it. The parable, the metaphorical story about the ability to see the truth. Type one? Does the above not clearly show that we kill both the message and the messenger?

Right now it looks like moving from a type one to a type Zero and only when the insights revealed throughout these articles are fully understood will such transition become possible.

But time is running out.



Moshiya van den Broek