284. The eight spoke wheel

The Math of the I Ching The Flower of Life, and Rodin’s Torus. The Grail, the Great Pyramids, the geometry. The Measure of the Fish and ‘The Vessel’. They are all subjects you can find on the internet, and many claim to have found the key to unlocking the great mysteries. Over the last couple of months, I have looked at what seem to be promising sites but was greatly disappointed. Not because they didn’t have anything of value, otherwise I wouldn’t have visited their website or blog, but because they miss the most important key of all while they have it… the eyes to see and ears to hear! Yes their mental ability led them to find the alchemical lead, but their heart/ego stops them turning it to gold. So busy trying to prove the other wrong, or for the right of the discovery instead of working together, it is clear with what eyes and ears they judge. And then there are those who use geometry or/and math to link numbers or lines, the root of this, joining this line with this or that, multiply or subtract without knowing nor its rightful place or function within the whole.

Jesus walked “the path of truth” among them but they recognized him not. Too busy guided by pride, jealousy, greed, fear etc. I once contacted Marko RODIN and wished to point something out to him, his reply was: send me your material and I will judge its value. By what measure? Yes the principle of his torus is in the right direction but is based on the eight “as shown in these articles” and their eight spoke wheel is NOT the circle of the Zodiac or the visual presentation of the I Ching but its reflection in good and evil, that makes the eight, the tree of knowledge and at its heart, its centre the tree of life.

In their book ‘The Sum of Things’ Paul Martyn Smith and Lee Burton, in papers on the I Ching state the following: it provides a means to understanding the symbolism of the ancients, and use the texts of the ‘I Ching’ to show how the symbolism relates to directions of the 2 River Maps of Ho Tu, and then to the Lo Shu (Yellow and Lo River maps). It is said the Two Rivers brings all to order, and out of which civilization (our whole base of Universal Civilization) has arisen, order out of the chaos of a primal dark ocean (ordering the principle below the waters or The Field. The River Maps contain the measure of our universe being – the first map the Ho Tu reveals the transitions of days and nights, quarters, and the years. The sum of the Ho T’u is 8 x 8 x 8 squares or 4 cubic diamonds that constructs the 4 sided diamond of the sacred mountain (U4), and these fit into the Lo Shu (Magic Square of Saturn or Time) to reveal an exact number of years in the movement of Precession (25,920 years x 2 = 51,840 = 720 degrees), the measure of the Earth’s Mean Circumference, and the Equatorial Circumference. In the directions of ‘The Maps’ the movement of time were ordered by our ancestors into a binary sequence that fits natural integers from 1 to 10, as a set of cubic values – and a cubic universal binary code. This code of Heaven is also found in the measure of body, of our body, the dimensions of the universal body of Earth (the field of action).

After talking to someone I came across looking at these sites, he pointed out that there is a group interested in the subject, so I went to have a look and share. The first thing I noticed was about the origin of the royal cubit and seeing that they did not agree on its actual size either. I posted the following:

I am sorry if I might change the line a little but could anyone tell me something about the number 1872 and 1728 ? They add up to 3600.

1872 is 13 times 144 while 1728 is 12 times 144, but both are often mentioned. And 9/13 is 6.92307692307 or 9 x 13 is 117. The Song of Songs, in the Bible, comprises 117 verses, with 5148 characters and 1251 words, and that these numbers are all multiples of 9. But it is also the value of ,and god said let there be light. ”117″

the reply:

1728 would appear to be a cube 12 X 12 x 12 – and thus reminiscent of the New Jerusalem cube et al. It appears to be “The Altar” and “New Jerusalem”.

my reply:

That is very correct, and he selected 144.000 making 1728+144=1872. The city of 888 ”his value” in Greek because as I have explained the eight has 576 as circumference and 888 or 3 x 576 equals 1728. But you will find this number in other ancient manuscripts as well.

And thank you for pointing to this forum. While I have been reading through sacred numbers and the cubit, there is something that joins the above number and the cubit, the royal cubit. And a vital one. But I will get back to this if you like.

The importance is that while there are lots of grains of gold found by the members here, there is something vital missing, something that will bring those grains together to make a nugget and with that nugget you touch ”measure” all other. Without it we might end up selling apples for pears. There is also the hidden one “1″ either on the left or on the right but very seldom in the middle. Some call them pillars the one on either side of the eight, 18 or 81, each make 9 but together they make 99 Amen, as 99 is the value of Amen. So much for the stone tablet in Paris Louvre of the Sumerians which state you do not know the value of 18. Well we know that the tree of knowledge has 32 paths and each are a smaller one of its own kind, therefore 18 x 32. Pnuema. And the cubit? If we have a cube, let’s say of 10 x 10 x10 and have within it a sphere with a diameter of 10, what would be the difference in %?

his reply:

Cube(10 X 10 X 10) 1000 – Sphere 4/3Pi 5 cubed 476.4-ish?

My reply:

Indeed …., very correct again 47.64 Pro cent difference, therefore the sphere is 52,36 and this dear…., is the cubit. Multiply it with itself

1x .5236
2x .5236=1.0472
3x .5236=1.5708
4x .5236=2.0944
5x .5236=2.618
6x .5236=3.1416
7x .5236=3.6652
8x .5236=4.1888

This is 1 of the 3 measures one needs to know to solve many of the sacred secrets. I do not think I have to point out the sort of numbers that flow from it. It is also related to the 1872 as 52 x36 is 1872 and the other points mentioned in my previous post.

5x .5236=2.618
6x .5236=3.1416

his reply:

These two are a tad evocative: Phi Sq and Pi alike’s. Put another way, Pi – Phi Sq relates the different volumes of a certain size cube (10 cubed) and a sphere within it where cube side = 2r of sphere. Neat.

My reply:

All these are, not just 5 and 6 once you know how it works, but for now you can for instance know the true measure of Noah’s ark.

As I said before the whole bible is written upon the trees all 39 books of the old testament and all 27 of the new testament. Please do not think that they came into being by coincidence. Together 66 books.

75 times the cubit gives 3927. Like 24 x 24 gives you the eight or the two circular stone tablets so does 75 x 75 give you the ark of covenant 56.25 and with this you have the second measurement needed. And they know not the value of 18, 5625/18= 3125 the third one, add two by two and you know to which they belong, 52+36= 88 the trees of good and evil 56+25=81 the highest  ”from 18 to 81″ remember the ark 45? 81/18=45 the last 31+25=56 this of course is the 5 and 6 of the blazing star the star of David with its double tail the pentagram not making 11 but the 7.

Now if we take the 45 of the ark and the zodiac 25920 and we divide it by the ark we get 576, or the circumference of 8 which equals of course with 360/45=8. So the picture that emerges is that of a circle ”the zodiac cycle” and within it the 8 of 576. And this is the basis upon which creation is written and based.

While others replied too, they mainly continued playing with numbers without having listened at all. Measuring only with their own measure.

Let’s have a look at the Bible for a moment.

Then God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years, and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light to the earth. Genesis 1:14-15.

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name Psalm 147:4-5

He made the bear, Orion and the Pleiades, and the chambers of the south. Job9:9

Psalm 19 tells us that there is much more to understanding the heart, mind and spirit of God than studying script alone. It tells us that, in addition to studying the scriptures, we need to seek the messages about God that He has left us in every aspect of his creation, psalm 19 shows us that there is a language of God in the Bible, the second verse of psalm 19 tells us that the heavens pour forth speech, how can this be if the heavens are mute? What vehicle do the heavens use to convey these truths of God? These questions are further deepened by verse two of this psalm, which specifically tells us that the heavens speak in a voice without language or speech barriers.

God made the heavens to serve as a tent for the sun. The fifth verse says that the sun is an analogy for both a bridegroom and a champion. The sun is a visual metaphor for Yahweh and his sun Yahshua psalm 19 further tells us that the starry heavens declare the glory of God and display knowledge “verse2” implying that they are meant to illustrate our souls with spiritual light using a language without cultural of linguistic barriers. This therefore cannot be a language based on vocalized, or written words, but a symbolic language consisting of numbers, allegories and concepts.

Firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth, and it was so. One clue, Orion, represents Christ.

Despite the evil advent of astrology in Babylon, godly men also used the mazzaroth or zodiac to foretell biblically prophesied events. Instead of attempting to go against God’s will however, their goal was to prepare for its unfolding in history. The science of sacred astronomy is centred on this practise and operates under the notion that the zodiac and the solar system and the universe, as a whole, is part of a functioning together as a huge highly precise divine time clock.



Moshiya van den Broek