283. 231 gates

The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. (Proverbs 18:15)

There will be 3 different subjects in this article, while they are linked only those serious students will see the true depth of their linkage.

The first is the present situation in the world. On the one hand you see people seeking freedom from dictatorship and on the other hand, a so called democracy that is building up rules and regulations while creating a “them and us”, the “have and have not”. What is really happening? A shift, as it has happened so many times before. Democracy slowly can’t handle the freedom due to the fact that emotions are the driver behind the mind. Motive! Just look at who pays the majority of the taxes, not the big companies or as you have seen on the news, the banks, governments stating the high petrol prices are bad for the economy and recovery of it, yet the real price of oil is a 100% lower than what you pay. It is the tax that kills the economy! When companies reach a certain level, they seek tax havens to avoid paying the high tax and at the same time reap the benefits of the country they avoid paying tax in. A so called democracy eventually turns into a dictatorship and a dictatorship eventually turn into the uprising you are witnessing for instance in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia trying to becomes democratic. But both do not work and the reasons? The Driver.

His malice may be concealed by deception, but his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.

Matthew 10:26 “So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known”.

Mark 4:22 “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open”.

Luke 12:2 “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known”.

This too, you can witness. And many of you can feel something big is in the air, something is going to happen, usually it is a war, as it is the only temporary solution, after destruction there is a rebuilding, but there is a major difference this time round, we are at the end of a long cycle. While I say cycle I could and should say, the end of a known story. A story that is at the same time the script you are playing a part in. Not just the Bible, Koran, Bagavad Gita, Veda’s contain this sacred secret knowledge hidden within, but you carry this knowledge within too. Many have been looking for this great treasure but only a very few found it. You will have heard it said, what you are looking for is not out there but in here within, but this is a misleading statement. Because you look from a within to the outside world, it is the conditioning that blinds you and even looking within is done through the conditioned eye. But what you are seeking is in reality not hidden at all. This conditioning is really like a cloud that blocks the light that reveals. You are likely familiar with the Bible code, the Da Vinci code, and secret societies and the occult groups etc. But none have even a grain of gold of this treasure, but they are the lead that can be transformed. I cannot teach you any better than that which is already given, but I can do two things that will provide a key to this great hall of treasure and show you how you are blinded and how to remove the blindfolds. Secondly, the house that was build that contains the treasure.

What I mean by this is that the text known to you as the holy scriptures are both the cause and are written upon the very structure all scientists dream of, the law “their theory of everything”, the very wheel of Ezekiel, the stone tablets of Moses, the holy grail of the last supper, the Ark of Covenant, yes its true they exist but not as you pictured them. And yes you will come to see that they are really from heaven, that you have found him and the truth is far more beautiful then you could have ever have dreamed off.

You will come to see that the scriptures are alive, that they are timeless and at the same sets the time. But there is a price to pay, yes some say: you have to lose everything, give away all possessions, depicted in story like that of Buddha, but this and similar stories are metaphors and carry far greater truths. You will lose nothing that is truly yours but everything that was never yours in the first place. You may wish to ask a question, but the price asked of you to pay is having ears and this requires stillness. Where a question arises there is noise, this seeking is born out of blindness, let go. Where there is full openness there is room for the truth to see of itself. Where blindness takes the mind to bring about, to seek, it is selective and its measure is what it thinks it knows. It is said if your belief is as big as a mustard seed then you do not need to go to the mountain but the mountain will come to you.

Such belief is not blind, this is related to the story of G-d asking to offer his son to many. This may sound like blind faith but I assure you it is not. It is an openness that sees truth. So it might be that your question may be answered by something else, fall into place so to speak.

All this and the very structure that contains, are the tree of knowledge, can be found in the articles. Insights never revealed openly before, but you need to practice, you need to study and practice what you learn and have learned, then will I answer your questions. Read without the mind, the conditioned mind interrupts, take it for truth as it enables you to link and recognize deep within. And later you can reject it again if you so wish. During the last 8 years many of the revelations were taken by some to make it as if it was their own, even patent it, as if they know the whole, but as they try to make it fit to a whole they get lost and what is more, they seek to gain fame and money. If they do not get money for it, then they think it cannot be worth anything. But anyone who has really grown enough, even only when their eyes are not yet ready for the light, should be able to realise that what they sell will not deliver the light you seek, will not lead you to the treasure. Remember THE DRIVER.

He who perseveres, endued with Yoga, sees the Jiva (soul) dwelling in the inner self, while those of un – purified minds not having mastered the inner self fail to reach me despite perseverance. He who sees the multiplicity of beings as abiding in one and the plurality of beings as proceeding from that one self sees indeed.

In article 282 I mentioned the 288 and 231, whereas the 288 “pieces of the broken vessel” as part of the creational structure, known by several names, but I will call the tree of knowledge and of life, the twice 288 making the 576 or 8 as explained throughout the articles, in other words the true shape of the tree the Kabbalah refers to. The number 231 refers to the gates, these too, are part of the full structure, “the Zodiac and eight within”. God created the world with the holy language. Sefer Yetizrah (The Book of Formation), the very first Kabbalistic text, describes this process and mentions that gates—two letter/number combinations of Hebrew letters —are a central ingredient in the construction of the universe. Because Hebrew has 22 letters, there are 462 or “231 front and back” possibilities for combining two different letters. One of the most beautiful permutations of the word “Israel,” ?????  is ?? ??? , which literally means “there exist 231”, alluding to these 231 gates.

Traditionally, the wisdom of Sefer Yetzirah is attributed to Abraham. The book itself was put into its final form in the Second Temple period, a task attributed to Rabbi Akiva, the revealer of Kabbalistic wisdom in that period and the Rebbe of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Over the generations, many different systems have been proposed for ordering the 231 gates. Of these the most exact and useful corresponds the 231 gates to the 11 sefirot, from crown to kingdom (including knowledge, which makes it 11 sefirot in total), while defining a “front” and “back” side to each sefirah, which can be understood as the conscious and non-conscious attributes of each sefirah as it appears in the psyche or the inner and external aspects of each sefirah as it appears in the physical world.

What is the origin and meaning of the Seraphim name? The name Seraphim refers to more than one Seraph class angel. It’s meaning is rooted in ancient Hebrew, and is literally translated as “the burning ones”. In Old Testament scripture it states that the Seraphim angels that surround God’s throne are burning with light.

There is a set of 11 gates that are called the Albam (so named because of the first two gates: ?? ?? ) and 11 gates that make up what is also called the Atbash (again, so named for the first two gates: ?? ?? ). Without getting further into all the gates for now, let us merely focus on what the first and last gates are. The first gate, which corresponds to the front of the crown of crown is ?? ; the final gate, which corresponds to the back of the kingdom of kingdom is?? . ?? alludes to the phrase “the God of faith”(?? ????? ), a connotation for God strongly related to Abraham, the father of all faithful. Indeed, the Torah notes that Abraham “Had faith in God, and He [God] considered it a kindness”. The gematria of this phrase in Hebrew ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? is equal to the value of Atik Yomin, ???? ?????, the name of the inner partzuf of crown, to which the gate ?? corresponds.

The back of the gate ??, which therefore corresponds to back of the kingdom of the Atbash mapping, which itself corresponds to the back of kingdom, is ?? . This is of course the two letter combination that gives our parshah its name: ?? ?? , “Lech lecha”. If we write out the first verse of our parshah in full, we see that both ?? and ?? appear in it:

????? ?‘ ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????

This illustrates that both the beginning and the end of the actual building blocks of creation are included in the first verse of our parshah, exemplifying Sefer Yetzirah’s adage that “the end is en -wedged in the beginning”. Moreover, each of these two gates appears twice in the first verse:

???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ‘? ?????

and, together ?? ?? = ???? , and therefore ?? ?? ?? ?? = ???? ????  The doubling of a word, even in a pronoun in Hebrew, is understood as a stress of that word (unlike English where normally, there is no meaning to doubling a word).

The gate ?? is not only the first of the 231 gates, it is also the root of the entire Written Torah. The Zohar interprets that the word ?? , in the verse “The heavens speak the glory of God ?? alludes to “God, the light of wisdom”. The Torah, as the Zohar says, “Emerges from wisdom”. Thus, the source of the Written Torah, which is the Torah that comes from Heaven, is in wisdom, to which the gate ?? refers.

Similarly, the gate ?? is not only the last of the 231 gates, it is also the beginning and starting point for the Oral Torah. The gate ?? is the grammatical source for the word “halachah” (???? ), the legal aspect of the Torah with which the Oral Torah is concerned. The literal meaning of the word “halachah” is “a path”. All the commandments of the Torah are paths for travelling the world. Indeed, the sefirah of kingdom is usually related to the Oral Torah, as in the introduction to the Tikunei Zohar, where kingdom is describes as “the mouth. It is called the Torah transmitted by word of mouth [i.e., the Oral Torah]”.

In Hebrew, Abraham, ????? is equal to 8 times the gate ?? : ????? = 8 · ?? . This leads us to analyse the correspondence between Abraham and his servant Eliezer and the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. Abraham corresponds to the Written Torah; Eliezer to the Oral Torah. As we have explored in length, Eliezer was the garment that Abraham donned in order to succeed in refining and rectifying the Canaanite’s and thereby transform the Land of Canaan into the Land of Israel, which his offspring would later inherit. Eliezer therefore represents Abraham’s connection with the mundane reality he has come to rectify.

But, since everything in the Torah appears in archetypes, Abraham’s refinement of Eliezer himself is the source of the Oral Torah, which in its essence reflects the unique ability of the Jewish people to correctly understand the manner in which the will of the Almighty should be applied to the mundane. The Oral Torah is the practical manifestation of the Divine edict that “truth will emerge out of the earth”, i.e., out of the Land of Canaan as it is transformed into the Land of Israel. The seal of the Almighty is truth. But, there are two types of seals: embossed and engraved. The embossed seal of the Almighty represents the Written Torah as it descends from Heaven to inform the earth. The more the Written Torah descends, the more it invites its reverse, the engraved seal that represents the Oral Torah, to fashion the yoke of Heaven by developing the Oral tradition. In fact, the engraved seal of the Oral Torah actually has more impact than the embossed seal that descends from Above, as is known from the famous idiom “Torah is not in Heaven”, and the Almighty acknowledgement to various rulings made by the sages that contradicted the verdicts arrived at in the Heavenly court.

The spiritual energy invested in the Oral Torah originates in the elevation of the 288 sparks of holiness that fell into the mundane. To elevate these sparks of holiness one needs to be able to see the holiness trapped within the mundane. Such insight into reality can only be had from a spiritual awakening that originates in Heaven. Every day, every Jew is called upon to search for the holiness in his or her world. Finding this holiness is akin to freeing the 288 sparks from their earthly prison, as it were. Every successful such deliverance of reality leads to the further development of the Oral Torah, which is symbolized by Eliezer.

The first two letters of Eliezer in Hebrew are ?? (?????? ). This is the first of the 231 gates and the one that we said corresponds to the source of the Written Torah. Thus the first part of Eleizer’s name, ??? , which literally means “my God”, represents the awakening from Above (the descending embossed seal) that transforms the mundane into an instrument for the Divine. This transformation is represented by the last part of Eliezer’s name, ??? , which literally means “an aid or helper”, alluding to the role of Eve, to be Adam’s helper, where Adam and Eve symbolize the first archetypes of male and female of the Written Torah. (Heavenly, masculine, embossed, descending) and the Oral Torah (mundane, feminine, engraved, ascending).

Beside this, we can explain that when the awakening from Above seems to be lacking, when a person feels for whatever reason that God remains concealed from him or her, then the ??? part of ?????? , becomes the call: ??? ??? ??? ?????? , “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me”. But, the words of this call exactly equal the words describing Abraham’s steadfast belief in God—“And he [Abraham] had faith in God, and He [God] considered it a kindness“—even in difficult times when it was not clear to him how God’s covenant with him would be kept:

??? ??? ??? ?????? = ????? ????? ?????? ?? ???? = ???? ?????

From all of the above, we can understand why the Arizal taught that Eliezer’s soul is strongly related to the soul of the Mashiach. The Mashiach represents the consummate realization of the ascent of man from below to reach God. From the creation of Adam, the Almighty has been seeking a man after His own heart, an individual who would live his (or her) own life (and inspire others to do the same) in such a way that it would reflect the epitome of the possible relationship between the embodied soul and God, as the revealer of His will in the Torah. This individual would unify the earth with the heavens, thereby revealing the inherent holiness within the mundane. Far from giving up on the garments and vessels of the world, the Mashiach will indeed sanctify them and focus his efforts on utilizing them as instruments of holiness. The key to the Mashiach’s success is his ability to apply the Written Torah (in this context, everything that was written by the sages and the commentators of later generations, and was accepted by the entire nation as part of the normative Torah, is part of the “Written Torah”) to reality, by expanding the corpus of the Oral Torah.

As such, the Arizal identifies the various (Jewish) reincarnations of Eliezer’s soul with various great figures in the Oral Tradition. The most important rectification of Eliezer’s soul appeared in the life of Benayahu ben Yehoyada, the head of the Sanhedrin in King David’s court. The name “Benayahu” ????? literally means, “the son of Yehu”, where Yehu are the first three letters of God’s essential Name, Havayah (spelled: yud hei vav). His father’s name, Yehoyada, ?????? , literally means “the one who knows Yehu”, where again Yehu are the first three letters Havayah. Thus, the Arizal taught that Eliezer’s soul was reincarnated in both father and son.

The numerical value of “Benayahu”, ?????, is equal to “wisdom”, ????. The first part of his name ?? is the connotation of the filling of God’s essential Name, Havayah that corresponds with the sefirah of kingdom and the Oral Torah (??? ?? ?? ?? = ?? ). Together, the two parts of his name mean that he was the one who added lower wisdom, the wisdom of the Oral Torah, into the first three letters of God’s essential Name, which correspond to the Heavenly, Written Torah. Indeed, his full name ????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?? equals 611, the numerical value of Torah ????, alluding to his contribution to the expansion of the tradition of the Oral Torah here below.

If we add the gematria of these three incarnations of Eliezer’s soul—Eliezer, Benayahu, and Yehoyada—we find that the sum is the value of the world “kingdom”, which is also twice the value of “Abraham”: ?????? ????? ?????? = ????? = ????? ????? !

The initial and final letters of these three names are: ?? ?? ??, whose numerical value is 289, or 172, or ??? ????? (“[In the beginning] God created…”). The rest of the letters ???? ??? ???? = ???, “light”, the first thing that God created, and of course alluding to the Torah itself whose Hebrew name stems from the word “light”.  The value of these letters also equals the Hebrew words for “infinite”, ??? ???, alluding to the infinite nature of the light that God created, as well as the infinite nature, wisdom, and applicability of the Torah.

Amazingly, later this same soul was reincarnated in the figure of the prophet Zachariah. The numerical value of “Zachariah” in Hebrew is exactly that of “Abraham”: ?????? = ????? !

As last, linking some back to the planetary system of the 8. Venus orbits the Sun in 224.701 Earth days, which means that every 2.6 Venus years or 1.6 Earth years the two planets align, or meet, giving the synodic period of 583.92 earth days. Because of this relationship, 2.6 to 1.6, these alignments occur 215.6 degrees, roughly seven astrological signs, apart and over “8” 7.997 years form a pentagon/gram within the ecliptic zodiac. Twice within each 243 year Venus transit cycle does one of these pentagonal patterns align with the Transit cycle. We are in one now, June 8th 2004 to June 6th 2012.



Moshiya van den Broek