282. Octaeteris the cycle of 8

In astronomy, an octaeteris (plural: octaeterides) is the period of eight solar years after which the moon phase occurs on the same day of the year plus one or two days. This period is also very well synchronized with five Venusian visibility cycles (the Venusian synodic period) and thirteen Venusian revolutions around the sun (Venusian sidereal period). This means that if Venus is visible beside the moon, after eight years the two will be close together again near the same date of the calendar.

Comparison of differing parts of the Octaeteris:

Astronomical period                    Number in an Octaeteris            Overall duration (earthdays)

Tropical year                                       8                                                           2921.93754

Synodic lunar month                        99                                                          2923.528230

Sidereal lunar month                       107                                                        2923.417787

Venusian synodic period                  5                                                           2919.6

Venusian sidereal period                 13                                                         2921.07595

The Octaeteris, also known as Oktaeteris, was noted by Cleostratus in ancient Greece as a 2923.5 day cycle. The 8 year short lunar solar cycle was known to many ancient cultures. The mathematical proportions of the Octaeteris cycles were noted in Classic Vernal rock art in north eastern Utah by J. Q. Jacobs in 1990. The Three Kings panel also contains more accurate ratios, ratios related to other planets, and apparent astronomic symbolism.

You already know by having read the articles that the 8 is the basis of all sacred secrets, that it is made up of two circles, like the two stone tablets given to Moses, but you might also recall that there were two other ones that were broken.

The holy scripture contains not just great literal wisdom, but structural and mathematical wisdom and is indeed the tree of wisdom.

The religions teach that the verse numbering scheme of the Torah was made in the 16th century based on random thoughts, but, as recent discoveries indicate, this cannot be entirely true. The Verse borders in the Codex Leningrad can be explained by, that the verse borders must have been derived from an amazing model and are much older than broadly known (even not known by most theologians). For example, verse borders are already present in the 500 years older Torah version known as Leningrad Codex, that is dated to the beginning of the 11th century and is the oldest entirely preserved Masoretic Text Hebrew Bible. It contains: signs after every few lines of Hebrew handwritten text and these signs are traditionally called SUF-PASSUK, i.e. end of verse (lat. passus). So these verse divisions (our mathematical sign for “divide” may have been derived from the suf-passuk signs by Leibniz) are far pre 16t century.

To start understanding the amazing model, let’s forget the belief, the theory, that the Torah is a patchwork of separate scripts of different ages and have a look at the entire Torah visualised as a fictive timeline, where every verse is counted as a day “in Torah studies it is usual to read one verse per day”.

Now let’s look at the days in a year, 365.2422 , a tropical year, 8 years and 8 years equals 16 years (also recall there are two trees, one of good and one of evil) 16 times 365.2422 equals 5843.8752 days, the Torah in amount of verses, the reason for twice 8 is that the planets run their course in the span of 8 years except Jupiter and Saturn, they do in twice 8.

But now to a more direct way in relation to the structural 8, let’s take this circle or cycle around the sun of 365.2422 days, and multiply by 2, as the 8 is made up of two circles, 365.2422 x 2 = 730.4844 but we know that a circle is 360 degrees, therefore two circles are 720 degrees, so we divide 730.4844 by 720 and we get 1.014561666. But to form the 8 we need to overlap the two circles and so have 576 degrees, and multiply this by 1.014561666 , the outcome is 5843.8752.

Now, anyone who considers this to be coincidence in the light of all the other material on the star of Bethlehem, the joined hexagram and pentagram, the 576 of spirit, the eight, is like a man who willingly closes his eyes for the truth.

There are 99 cycles of the moon in a cycle, and the value of the word Amen is 99. The first 6 days of creation, Genesis 1.1-2.1 measure a total of 365 words.

Let’s have a look how 16 years are in a perfect affinity with the waves of the planet with Venus. You can clearly see that after 8 years the year cycle and the Venus cycles met again close to a same day and this meeting-cycle of 8 years is known to astronomers as the Octaeteris cycle (you can study external reference en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octaeteris for details). It is also in a very good synchronicity with the Moon phase cycle (the Lunation) and also with the time that the Moon takes around the Earth. The Hebrew word for “Year” is Shanah. The Gematria for this is 355 (S+N+H), the number of days in a lunar year. What we need to know here is, that the Octaeteris contains 99 full moons and that it is among the most impressive planetary synchronize cycles of all.

All planets from Mercury to Saturn are drawn by their two cycles: visible from earth and revolution around the sun (the circles illustrate that 16 years are 4 leap-year periods (or Sothic cycles for Verses counted as years)). You can see that there is among the planetary chaos, the Octaeteris which is unique and can easily be spotted in the heavens, even in today’s sky that is flooded by city lights the builder of the Torah use a double Octaeteris, i.e. twice 8 years are 16 years, faith- and meaningful as a symbol of eternal law as the basis of the Torah structure. Today there is evidence, that the Octaeteris was known in numbers to the Greeks, Jews and Babylonians in the 1st Millennia BC and that the Jews did use the Octaeteris for their calendars for timekeeping until AD 360, when Hillel II. (note: Hillel means Morning-star, i.e. Venus) introduced the modern Jewish Calendar.

So what is the Bible? A duel 8? Or dual Torah? A dual-Torah arrangement is supported by the Zohar, where it is written that the Torah has 609606 letters, actually the double of the known amount. Because many cycles except the Saturn revolution full fill at least once in one Torah already, that is 16 years, practically one Torah viz. 16 years are a welcome size for a stick to measure (a staff to rule) the world (in Greek: cosmos, but cosmos means also order or arrangement). In the middle of the Torah this happens: Aaron, i.e. the enlightened, is crowned.

Astrology in the Torah/Bible.

For a starting proof that planetary cycles have had a meaning in relation to all other to the writer, read Genesis 15.17: And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces. While “those pieces” is sometimes translated as divided animals (because of 15.10), the absolute number of this verse, 378, is the visibility cycle of the planet Saturn and the “lamp or light that passes between the divided animals” Saturn, known as the protecting star of Israel, on its path along the ecliptic, the solar system plane, that virtually divides the zodiacal signs into two halves, upper and lower. And this upper and lower can be seen in the structure/star of Bethlehem.

In 15.9 three zodiac-compatible animals are named that are divided in 15.10: the heifer matches to Taurus, the she-goat to Capricorn and the ram to Aries. Consider these are the animals. A furnace though is a symbol for man (alchemy), that is Aquarius. A feature is, that Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Taurus together with Pisces as a gap between Aquarius and Aries, are all adjacent one after another and forming a 150-degree (5 o’clock) sector of the whole zodiac. 150 degrees here is not just as significant as any angle. For 150 degrees viz. 5 signs Saturn takes 4483 days. That are 150 days more than a revolution of Jupiter and especially in that time Saturn was 11.8 times visible, while a revolution of Jupiter takes 11.8 years. This means, after Jupiter has passed all 12 signs, it takes 150 days or 5 months more for Earth to have passed Saturn almost 12 times and in harmony with Jupiter, while Saturn itself moves 5 degrees in those 150 days. Astronomers know that Saturn, when it is passing earth, for about five weeks appears to be moving backwards because of our perspective from Earth. Astronomers call that retrograde motion and Saturn has a retrograde motion for around 136 days. In our verse-as-day, the retrograde motion of Saturn would take from Genesis 15.17, where “the lamp” is seen (a lamp is a spot from which light emerges, a star, until Genesis 21. Also, if one adds the 150 days as verses to the 365th Verse that is called Genesis 15.4 (a year), you end up in the beginning of Genesis 21, where Isaak, the 21th patriarch is born. The text of the 365th verse (Genesis 15.4) writes, that Bram will get a son. 150 verses later, that son is born. This has a clear reason that will be revealed, but for now let’s watch the structure, where some details have to be told.

Genesis 15.17 is the verse of a Saturn appearance. The Kabbalah explains: in the Sepher Yetzirah (the important ancient Hebrew scripture about the Hebrew letters) the two zodiacal signs which are ruled by Saturn, i.e. on one hand Capricorn, the beast or animal and on the other hand Aquarius, the man, are attributed to the Taros Cards 15 and 17 and those are the numeral identifiers of the verse that is observed here (Genesis 15.17).

Numeral identifiers are said to be no part of the Torah, but only the arbitrary clerical retrieve system. From these numbers one can tell something. Consider, that the chapter is 15 and the 15th patriarch is Peleg, whose name means division, the division of man (Gen 10.25), that meets the division of beast (Gen 15.10). with this also consider Revelation 13.18, where the number of the beast is the number of a man.

You have to look up the traditional astrological meanings of Saturn and will find, that they match the content of Genesis 15, especially about slavery. Furthermore, notice that slavery is said to take 400 years, while 400 is the number of the Hebrew letter Taw, that the Sepher Yetzirah identifies with Saturn.

What immediately may illuminate you when you see the disks picture, they overlap in conjunction with Moses books and the Torah, is that these two disks resemble the Tablets of the Law. On each disk are 5 concentric rings, measuring 5 Venus visibility cycles or 5 ‘commandments’, can be compared to the external reference of the Phaistos Disk, found AD 1903 in Phaistos, Greece,  www.labyrinthina.com/phaistos.jpg , that may have been some sort of multi-purpose calendar or mnemonic device). Count the divisions on the Phaistos discs, 18, yes “they do not know the value of 18” explained in another article.

The Two or Double has had an effect with the measurement of Time: What might have slipped your attention is that degree of a circle is linked to time.

Language knows.

Sin-ai viz. Sinai contains the Babylonian Moon-God Sin and please remember now, whose phase we said to be measured by the double 99 by the Torah. (Answer: Moon.) Thus Moses has got the Torah on the basis (mount) of the Moon, that is the Moon phase cycle, the oscillating dual rhythm, mathematically a sine or sinus, of new Moons followed by full Moons, which is also called Lunation or lunar synodic month, also known as the basis of the Jewish calendar.

The Torah Tablets,  virtual Disk(s) arrangement is in perfect affinity with the Kabbalistic Hebrew script known as Sefer Yetzirah. The most cited verse of the Sepher Yetzirah reads: “Ten Sefirot of Nothingness … five opposed to five …”. seconds instead of first, like Aleph, the first letter looks like % or 5/5. So far Andreas.G.Szabo.

Are you waking up to the fact of the great truth within the “First” language, that letter/number can tell a truth hidden within the words, and are/is at the same time the very structure of its nature?

Are you also waking up out of this dreamy state where you were blind and deaf to the truth, unable to see a structure behind the mental and physical world, that life was lived through the blinded eyes that started its walk through life by its fall from the known into the unknown, building its house on such foundations ensured it to eventually crumble and fall. That you were a prisoner of the mental and physical body by your own making?

As last but not least, I wish to add something of the Sepher Yetzirah: G-d fixed the 22 letters of foundation on the sphere like a wall with 231 gates and turned the spheres forward and backward… yes not just the Torah but the whole Bible is written through and upon the structure all 39 books of the old testament and all 27 of the new testament, 17 times 231 is 3927, all in 66 books.

You know that 1+2+3…..+17 equals 153 “the fishes in the net”, and 17 times 231 equals the Bible old and new testament now add them together and you get 384 multiply this by the measure of the ark of covenant 56.25 and you get 1/12 of the zodiac 2160. But if 231 is one circle part of the eight ”576” then 462 is the whole and as you might recall there are 3 such eights totalling 1386 this times 17 is equal to the ark of Noah 23562. But do not think that the Bible is merely an astrological book, all is created by G-d and the laws he wrote upon them. For those who study the Sepher Yetzirah, remember that the tree of knowledge is not the one the Kabbalist depicts, but the one shown in these articles, made through the joining of the hexagram and pentagram, which is revered to as the star of Bethlehem in the birth story of Jesus Christ.

In previous articles I mentioned that the letters/numbers are placed upon the trees, and play close attention to All creation, is formed from three sacred principles: Yin, Yang and Balance. These three mothers are Aleph= Balance, Mem=Yin and Shin=Yang.

These three and their transcendental combinations equal 22 Sacred letters: The three mother letters: Aleph, Mem and Shin; the seven double letters and the 12 simple letters.

The spiritual energy invested in the Oral Torah originates in the elevation of the 288 sparks of holiness that fell into the mundane. To elevate these sparks of holiness one needs to be able to see the holiness trapped within the mundane. Such insight into reality can only be had from a spiritual awakening that originates in Heaven. Every day, every Jew is called upon to search for the holiness in his or her world. Finding this holiness is akin to freeing the 288 sparks from their earthly prison, as it were. Every successful such deliverance of reality leads to the further development of the Oral Torah, which is symbolized by Eliezer. The first two letters of Eliezer in Hebrew are ?? (?????? ). This is the first of the 231 gates and the one that we said corresponds to the source of the Written Torah. Thus the first part of Eleizer’s name, ???, which literally means “my God” represents the awakening from Above (the descending embossed seal) that transforms the mundane into an instrument for the Divine. This transformation is represented by the last part of Eliezer’s name, ???, which literally means “an aid or helper” alluding to the role of Eve, to be Adam’s helper, where Adam and Eve too symbolize the first archetypes of male and female, of the Written Torah (Heavenly, masculine, embossed, descending) and the Oral Torah (mundane, feminine, engraved, ascending). It is not that they, “the students which include those who teach”,  do not know these numbers/letters, as they have read the books, but not seen unless the spiritual awakening originates in heaven.

This is another clue concerning the insights given in these articles.



Moshiya van den Broek