279. The mystics known as Essenes

The Magi or wise-men were linked together as one through the order of the Essenes. The Essenes were very strict, observing daily prayers, foretelling the future and being well learnt in the scriptures, logging the motion and movements of the stars, Astrologers and they logged the birth of an individual. This was called biology, not just the sign you were born under but because your father was one sign and your mother another sign each person is born with 3 signs manifesting in their character. The Essenes believed in selective birth for selected characters, and they were holders/keepers of great mysteries. These wise men were also in the story of Jesus, they followed a star, the star of Bethlehem.

Much debate was and is going on whether it was a comet, a star or a constellation. The reason is that a star being so far away can never pinpoint a stable or move in such a way so that they, “the 3 wise men”, could follow it. As for a comet, would it stop above a stable? Some will say: God can do anything as it was Him who made the heavens and earth. But why would He need to do that? The future holds no secrets for Him so it does not need some special act, His coming and time were already written in the stars as is his return.

This great knowledge which led the wise men to Jesus, to a King that was to be born, was written in such a way that only they who were well versed in the sacred wisdom could read it. That it is mistaken for a comet with a tail, as often depicted, can be understood when one looks at the joined hexagram and pentagram. The star of David with a tail, as the arms and top point of the pentagram are joined, makes that only the two legs of the pentagram sort of move away from the hexagram exactly as the star of Bethlehem is shown on old paintings.

Some are of the belief that all religions are really based on sun worship, Ra the Egyptian god etc. bringing it down to some silly kind of superstition, but nothing is further from the truth. Plato gave us the Great year 25920, no says science, it is somewhat smaller, but is it? Anyone who has looked at this number realises there is something magical, something harmonic, something belonging to a larger whole. Do you really think that our brains are bigger or smarter now? That philosophers were simple minded? Yes they might not have built a rocket, a mobile phone or a laptop, as if that is THE sign of civilised intelligent advanced humanity. Yes some people believed the earth to be flat. Today, how many of you could invent all the components for a laptop and then build it? We have GPS and most of you would be lost without it, but look at the pattern worldwide that joins ancient sites. There is a grid the ancients were familiar with and could pinpoint more accurately a location than you can with the help of your GPS.

Where am I going with all this you might ask. I am going to show you “those who have not yet seriously studied that material in these articles” how deep the rabbit hole really is. That all this ancient knowledge surpasses that of all scientists put together. They did not have questions on how the universe and life works or where we came from and where we are going.

Some of you might say, can you not give it in a few lines? I can’t be doing with reading over two hundred articles. But even if you only seriously study this article and the 9 prior to this, with an open mind, then it will open your eyes. But if not and the dime still does not fall, then it will likely never do until it is too late. What could happen if you do? The chances are it might change you forever and give you insights that give you more control over your life.

Let me first start with the Discovery of the synagogues of Naaran, Beit Alpha, the necropolis of Beit Sheraim and, most important, the synagogue of Dura Europos in Syria has provided evidence that Jews during late antiquity were more openly depicting what was before hidden. These Six ancient synagogue mosaics containing images of the zodiac have been discovered in Israel. These pavements date from the fourth to the sixth century and show that the zodiac calendar was employed as a significant framework for the annual synagogue rituals. This recurrence of the zodiac designs in a number of synagogue mosaics indicates its relevance to religious thought and its importance in synagogue rituals.

That the religious conception of the Beit Alpha community was considerably more liberal than that of the previous communities is reflected in the way it decorated its synagogue. In marked contrast to the synagogues before, the well-preserved mosaic floor of the Beit Alpha synagogue makes use of the human figure in depicting the binding of Isaac as well the zodiac cycle, and also includes an iconographic program with the Ark of the Scrolls, the Menorah and ritual objects.

Let me suggest to you that the Twelve Tribes are actually the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the Twelve Cranial Nerves of the Human Brain.

Numbers 17:2 ”take every one of them a rod according to the house of their father, to the house of their fathers, twelve rods”.

The house would reasonably be considered as a Zodiacal house. This is further substantiated in Job 38:32 where the question is ”Can you bring forth Mazzaroth”. Mazzaroth is the 12 signs of the zodiac.

With this in mind, many of you who consider themselves seekers are, to some extent, familiar with the tree of knowledge and of life of which the Kabbalah says has 32 paths. You will also know the expression, as above so below, and that you mirror words and numbers mirror too. So 18 becomes 81 etc.

We also know that each word and number has different levels, a good example is the number eight, not only its overall shape “8” but its degrees that describe it, which as shown many times before is 576 degrees. If you add 5, 6 and 7 you notice that there is a hidden one “1” and the sum is 18. In other words, one on the left of the eight. If this therefore is a reflection of the greater than 18 is a reflection of 81. Logic is it not? That this 18 is indeed holding sacred secrets was pointed out on the Sumerian stone tablet on show in the museum of Paris, which says: you do not know the value of 18, pointing to other information as shown above. Each path “32” must by law be 18 too, so the full length of all paths on the tree is 32 x 18 and equals 576. If this is also a reflection from above then 18 is a reflection of 81 and therefore we multiply 81 by 32 also which equals 2592 which brings you to a more familiar number because 2592.0 is the great year revealed by Plato.

What we also know about the zodiac cycle is that on a personal level you go through the 12 signs each year and on a larger scale it takes many of thousands of years to go through the cycle. And how do we go through this cycle? A vehicle mentioned in the Bible is the Ark of Noah “the zodiac animals are reflected in it, reflecting meaning male and female”, does the maths match up here? Yes it does, 81 divided by 18 is 4.5 or 45 as the ark was given 300 x 50 x 30 is 45.000 let’s sum them up 576 divided by 18 is 32 “paths” 25920 divided by 81 is 32 and how do we travel through the cycle? 81 divided by 18 is 45. 25920 divided by 576 is 45.

So the ark, you, with the zodiac signs reflected in it travels the great galactic ocean now others such as the Mayan calendar use other numbers such as 324 and 432 which you do not directly find but are based on the same knowledge: 25920 divided by 6 is 432. and 25920 divided by 8 is 324. As you see they are just calculated from another level, just like 576 as shown above. If we multiply 576 by its shape “8” we get 4608 and if we multiply this by the ark of covenant 56.25 we get 25920 again and if we divide 576 by 45 we get 12.8 if we then multiply 12.8 by 56.25 we get 72 we know that 25920 divided by 72 is 360.

So 432 and 324 and 576 and 756 are the same. Just both sets have their numbers mirrored differently if we add them up you get 1332 which is 666 and 666.

One other thing, having explained in other articles what the cubit of 52.36 represents, 52 weeks on a 360 degree circle, the ark of covenant 56.25 also has another thing within it, 5 and 6 are of course the 6 pointed star “of David” and the 5 pointed star, the pentagram or crown/star of Lucifer. And 25 is the measure or radius. So 25 x 3,1416 “Pi” is 78.54.

Not only does it reveal that their knowledge on the cycles, the zodiac surpasses that of today, but on every field of science (many examples can be found throughout the articles).

We are living in a time of great turmoil and we need to change our ways. We see governments coming up with cuts which affect nearly everyone, but mainly those who are already living on the brink of poverty. They use words such as an offer to be made, and an offer for a short while to ensure we can continue. Yes, change is needed and change is difficult as it is within humanity’s nature to hold on to what it knows and has. But the change that is needed is not more laws or driving a bigger wedge between the have and have not, but a change of heart and through it a total change of system. Environment, yes, but not as a marketing instrument that is only profit driven. Many point at the power houses, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies etc. But who gives them that power? Who connects their wellbeing with their products? Mobile phone, car, air planes, plastic, chemicals, you are being manipulated in so many ways. You will be familiar with N. Tesla who found a way to supply every house hold with free energy, but funding was withdrawn because they could not make money and power from it. To keep the commercial wheel going, factories going, we need a consumption society. Products should not last too long, new products are already waiting to replace the one that is put on the market today. Yes, new technologies but driven by the wrong reasons. Democracy, human rights? You only have to look at England’s visit to China to see which is number one. A system that has proven not to work in the long run, they call it economy. A change of Heart starts with you. Do not point at others if you make it possible for them to use you.

Yes it is scary to make such change, but that fear is just another tool you provide them to control you. Read the articles so you start to understand what really controls you. Only then can you take back the power that was taken away from you. Your change of heart by truth will create the garden you all deeply long for, one that last and last. Share this knowledge by being that change. Make the knowledge in these articles known to everyone you know. Challenge your friends and loved ones to understand and become free. That is a gift that comes from a change of heart from you to them.



Moshiya van den Broek