273. Understanding the Divine

Ancient philosophers such as Pythagoras incorporated arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and harmonics into their study and said; “An understanding of the universal forms that underlie the structure of life and the cosmos is key to understanding the Divine”. When the ancient Greek spoke about the “music of the spheres” they also gave the number 7920 which happens to be the earth’s diameter in miles.

Another initiate, Jules Verne wrote: Nautilus had now covered 8100 miles, the log indicated 7920 miles. This number is found in many ancient writings ranging from books on alchemy to holy scriptures. It is understandable that to most, the relationship between the diameter of the earth and those writings is nothing else than coincidence, unless it fits within a complete structure such, that it is the key to understanding the Divine.

As I have shown in other articles, the first language of creation was that of number, not simply something to measure quantity but an expression of quality. Lost in the days of Babylon as told in the Bible. Some will be less familiar with the numbers apart from the 7 and 12, the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven horsemen etc. and the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 disciples. These two numbers are the two basic parts of the structure, a circle divided in 12 segments or zodiac signs and the wheel of eternity that hold 7.

This wheel of eternity, “Greek ?”, an eight “8” on its side therefore contains the 7. Let’s for a moment look at two shapes also found in just about every culture, every religion, the hexagram “star of David”, and the pentagram often associated with evil, face of the devil, some consider it nature, black or white magic etc.

The Bible mentions a star, the star of Bethlehem that showed the “3” wise men the way to Bethlehem and Jesus. To the Jews, the highest is the star of David, the hexagram. Now, to join heaven and earth. The hexagram and pentagram gives you this very key to understanding the Divine. Alchemist, mystic, Kabbalist initiate Eliphas Levi said: He who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secrets. Done correctly gives you seven “7” points on the outer rim of the 8 or wheel of eternity. If you are not already familiar with this joined pair of stars, then please look it up in other articles, this eight or wheel of eternity that encircles both stars perfectly and overlap each other to create the Vesica Piscis.

This eight with seven points is placed within the 12 or bigger circle, the zodiac. This was the roadmap star of Bethlehem, take away the circles and you will see the star of David with a double tail, much like a comet, this structure, its divisions full of numbers are a creative language. In fact the language of creation, the tree of knowledge that show both His birth and location. Placed within the zodiac circle/cycle and each of the seven points reflecting part of the zodiac, a picture can be drawn that foretells, much like today’s astrologers are trying to do. But this ancient knowledge touches everything, every aspect of life, it contains all know-ledge.

Now let’s move back to numbers and the many ways they express themselves and their relation to each other. We have a 5 pointed star and a 6 pointed star that make 7 points. When encircled, it creates the 8 which has a circumference of 576 degrees.

Within the 5 and 6 lies the 7, 576 and 567, confusion between writing and number, 567 x 576 equals 3265920. By the way, 5+6+7=18 so the structure created by the 5 and 6 and 7 not only creates the eight, the wheel, but an extra 1 “one”. But back to this 3265920. At first sight this might not have any significance, but Nineveh with its value of 19595520 divided by 6 is 3265920.

The speed of light is 2997.92458. If we multiply each individual number with the next: 2×9×9×7×9×2×4×5×8 is 3265920. Divided by 144 gives you 2268 Jesus Christ.

The Ark of Noah with its reflections of the animals of the zodiac is 45 which travels the great heavenly ocean “zodiac” and the beast keeps you on it 666 x 45 is 29970. But 666 is also 6x6x6 is 216.0 the length of one sign, 2160 years for one sign. And 45 times 216 is 9720 the diameter of the earth. It felt like being rudderless but there was guidance from up high, reflected within in relation to where which point is. It is translated from number into letter, it spells out the Bible, and spells out your life. It speaks in geometric and in astronomical ways and expresses itself in what we call creation. And ultimately your personal-ised life.

576 is the number value of spirit, and twice 576 is 1152. In ancient gematria 1152 also means witness. 9 being the highest 666 minus this 90 is 576 minus 9 is 567.

The four-fold golden age Yuga lasts for 1728000 years divided by 4 is 432, divided by 3 is 576, another combination of the e numbers 5, 6 and 7 is 756 this times 432 is again 3265920. This 1152, the eight and its mirror, eight with its circumference of 576 degrees times two equals 1152 is also the base of the distance the sun travels in one day, 1152.000 miles.

576 is the tree of good and its mirror, that of evil. And there is the tree of life in the centre of the garden. The sum of the ratio of the planets is 20736 and if you divide it by eight you get 2592,0 the duration of the zodiac years.

I have explained in other articles about 96, but it is sufficient to say that it stands for change or turning point, and 96 times 216 which is equal to 12 x 216=25920 x 8=20736 99 for completion and 2+0+7=9 and 3+6=9 and it is also a total of 18 “9” he surely completed it. Now you must start to become aware of the fact that everything is connected, has one source, that life is not merely chance, a set of coincidences, or natural selection, but written in a long forgotten language. Words might assist in trying to bring across an idea or desire, fear or love, but they are always used or heard in the colour of personalised experience. When someone talks about hunger, the listener might interpret it as appetite, when one speaks of anger the listener will measure it by his personal experience of it.

There are many today who say: I am searching for the truth, but what they really seek is confirmation of his or her idea of it. Ask yourself, ask those who are dear to you, How do you recognize truth? Then ask yourself and others what recognition means. Only by knowing it can one recognize it. Therefore seekers cannot find it, yet only a seeker will find the way.

Thou shalt not judge, you should not measure with a bend ruler, a bitter lie is best served with a sweet sauce of truth, this bend ruler who measures by personalised ideas of what truth/wisdom is was given a name, and when it was said he’d win your soul, then do not seek him in others but recognize him in yourselves, and how he influences you.

You will have experienced fear and thought and recognized its reason for being. How can fear remain alive? Where does it get its food to stay alive? Where do those thoughts come from if not from its collective memory? It seeks for itself and uses you as its tool, it does not care how it makes you feel, it will use your eyes and ears, makes you walk, talk and run. This switches many times from one desire to another, from one fear to the next, from one to the other, the more you let him rule you the stronger he becomes. What you call personality is but carved in experiences. The word personality is derived from the Greek word persona which means mask.

A seeker who seeks within himself and has discovered these things, who goes down into the underworld to fight the un-pure will clear a path that will lead to it. It was said that the dead will rise, they did and do every moment of the day, each moment left behind, but when it sees its reflection, it will send thoughts and or feelings to which you respond. Letting go often is nothing more than holding back. Each experience good or bad becomes like a coloured lens through which you look, such is his way to which you cling. Be it love or despair. Some might be able to not lending him an ear, or give him their eyes, but he knows you better than you know yourself. He will draw your attention away and hit you out of the blue. You have given a personalized value to each word you know. With them you listen and talk, with it you seek the truth. You keep your eyes open, but who receives the light that is reflected from the world?

They say He is coming, but he is already here.



Moshiya van den Broek