271. The Royal Art

You live in a special time, whereby deeply hidden spiritual knowledge is made public. Spiritual wisdom is your birth right, it was safeguarded so it would become available in this moment in time.

One of the most fundamental and essential part of this spiritual knowledge is to know the actual patterns, the energy blueprints, which everything in creation is based on. Everything is based on a specific pattern; knowing that pattern unlocks the ability to make full practical use of it. This is true whether speaking of patterns of higher spiritual realities, psychological and behaviour patterns, energetic patterns, or actual structures manifested in the physical world.

Only through you knowing these spiritual and energetic patterns, can you achieve your full potential: to become conscious, responsible creator beings in the world. In recent times, the term used to describe these core spiritual, energetic, and physical blueprint patterns is Sacred Geometry.


You will become aware that behind all the systems of modern technology, all the forces of Nature and specific patterns are being avidly studied by both scientists and by governments. Alongside of the usual mathematical studies of modern science, there exists a thriving sub-culture of advanced scientists studying pure structural patterns as a key to everything from Nuclear Physics to Human Biology. These studies are being commissioned by Governments, and even by NATO, that analyse the pure pattern information of natural systems.

It will become apparent to you that much of modern cutting-edge technology is coming out of these pattern studies. In Nano-technology, the new field in which human beings are now able to create any kind of matter by creating structures at the molecular level, researchers were unsuccessful in their experiments until they studied the pure geometric patterns identified by the modern genius Buckminster Fuller. In gratitude, they named their early discoveries after him, such as the “Buckyball”.

The foundation of all Life and all Creation is this geometric language in nature, which modern science is using to tap the powers of Nature in modern technology. All modern technology is based on the twin variables of SHAPE and MATERIAL; different shapes create different energetic effects, just as different materials offer a full spectrum of different useful energy qualities.

One key to understand this hidden energy science of Sacred Geometry is: Shape is really a pattern of energy movement frozen in space, a pattern which nature gives a specific power.

Realising how important this geometric language of nature is for modern science becomes obvious when looking at some spiritual traditions who have known this information for thousands of years. Legends of ancient high cultures such as the Egyptian Temple Science and Atlantis indicate how advanced and how secret this information was in earlier times.


When you study the inner spiritual initiation teachings of any of the great world traditions, and look at the Sacred Geometry forms they knew and used you’ll notice that some patterns were known and used by every one of these traditions, while other patterns seemed to be safeguarded. This has a reason, if and only they join together as brothers and sisters were you able to join both the wheel and the engine to make a car.

What you should become aware of is how most of the patterns known and used in modern technology were also clearly known and used in ancient times, and in due course you will become aware of them.

One little-known example: the same geometric form known and kept very secret by the Greeks over 2500 years ago (because they said it could cause great destruction if misused) is shown in modern declassified military documents to be the exact same shape used to create the world’s first atomic bomb.

Similarly, Sacred Geometry patterns taught in the ancient schools as being related to Alchemy are the same as those found in modern technology to transmute chemical poisons to be harmless, even lethal toxins like Nerve Gas; these same alchemical patterns frozen in matter can destroy pollution and are even present in your car’s catalytic converter.

As great as the achievements of modern technology are, they are creating pollution and death in many cases. Modern science has rediscovered many of the patterns, blueprints of creation, known to the world’s great spiritual traditions, but only in materialistic fragments; it desperately needs the holistic understanding and greater context the spiritual traditions have regarding these patterns, in order to create a technology which is healing and life-positive.

The practical energy science used in the ancient spiritual traditions could create life-giving effects in a way described today as “magic” or “miraculous”; however, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, “Magic is what we call any science we do not understand”. This science was based on the knowledge of precise geometric energy blueprints within and behind all things and the energy functions of these patterns.

In Ancient Times, the Initiates of this great knowledge were called THE MASTERS OF THE NET.


Modern Physics teaches that the essence of creation is not Matter (despite what you may have learned in school); it is actually a flexible geometric energy grid behind matter, the “Matrix of Space-Time”. Matter actually warps this background spacetime grid; you can find this illustrated metaphorically in many Physics texts, by a picture of a squared grid printed on a rubber sheet, distorted by the weight of a bowling ball on top of it (which represents, for instance, a planet distorting the space time matrix) and is shown as the Torus on the website.

This same energetic Matrix of Creation was known in ancient times, when it was called THE NET. Similarly to how it is shown in modern physics texts, this NET of creation was shown as a squared grid, often metaphorically as a physical Net being used to catch birds or fishes inside of it. Such illustrations were extremely common in ancient Egypt.

In cultures all over the world, the spiritual knowledge of this energetic NET (the geometric matrix both behind all of creation and within every created being) was one of the highest levels of their Temple Science and Spiritual Initiations. For instance, in India it was referred to as the “Jeweled Net of Indra”, and was part of a detailed initiation system which included learning to activate the power potential (Shakti) within geometric forms in the ‘Yantra’ practice. In Egypt, the Initiates of this knowledge were known directly by the name The Masters of the Net.

Below is a very short introduction to the appearance of the NET initiation in a series of Western cultures, leading up to the story of how this knowledge has appeared in a new form in Modern Egypt. Each of these cultures has a wealth of knowledge and practices which go beyond the brief descriptions below.


Egyptian spiritual texts and Temple wall illustrations are filled with explicit references to the Net and to the Initiation process of becoming a Master of these geometric energy patterns. Human Initiates are shown in Temple illustrations learning how to use Nets to “Catch and Cast Magic”. The spiritual beings who serve the Initiator of the Egyptian Culture, called the “Baboons of Thoth”, are shown casting their Nets into the water to catch fish; the hieroglyphic texts which accompany the illustrations give the true meaning of these Temple teachings. Their hieroglyphic texts refer to uninitiated human beings “caught in the Net” in the spiritual world after their Death and not capable of free movement, whereas the Initiate understands the Net well enough to be able to use every part of the Net (all the geometric blueprints of Creation) and move freely in the spiritual world.

Thoth himself was shown on the Temple Wall at Karnak in the act of “stretching the cord”, which is the act of moving from a spiritual centre outwards in order to create forms in the physical 3-dimensions of space; the great hermetic Egyptologist Schwaller de Lubicz labelled this Temple illustration “Thoth, Master of the Net”.

Chapter 153 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (in Ancient Egypt this text was known by the much more beautiful title The Book of Coming Forth into the Light) has a long description of every part of the Net which the Initiate has mastered. Having mastered the Net, the Initiate in the text constantly refers to himself as Osiris, having merged in Resonance with this divine being who has conquered death and knows how to navigate the higher spiritual realms.

When the Egyptian high spiritual culture began to decline with foreign invasions, its knowledge went in two prominent directions: to the Jewish culture in Israel, and into the Greek tradition.


One key representation of the NET of creation in the Jewish Kabbalah is called the “231 Gates”: this arrays the 22 Flame Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (each a divine force from the Godhead) around the periphery of a circle or sphere; a line of energy connects each letter with every other letter, creating the NET.

The cubit of 52.36 x the 66 books is 345.576 the difference between 345 and 576 are the 231 gates.

This tradition also holds essential knowledge of the Energy Blueprint which creates the human being: the well-known ‘Tree of Life’. However there are many layers of the Tree of Life which are not well-known. To give just one very important example, the Kabbalistic text Sepher Yetzirah (”The Book of Formation”) emphasizes that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet break up into three sets:

3 “Mother Letters”( the 3 trees)
7 “Double Letters” (the 7 created by the 5 and 6 shown on the website) and
12 “Elemental Letters”( the 12 signs on the outer zodiac circle)

What even most modern Kabbalists do not know however, is that these numbers represent the actual coding pattern of the human subtle bodies. There are THREE key anchor positions for the human soul (astral body) at the head, heart and hara (belly area). The human life body (etheric body) anchors at SEVEN positions, and the human physical body at TWELVE specific locations. This coding system — the secrets of which are also part of later medieval alchemical manuscripts — also includes details on the sources of power for these parts of the human subtle body at the planetary and star levels.

With this knowledge take a look at the well-known Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram (if you don’t know it, a picture of it can be found in the articles). Within these sacred geometric patterns there are deep secrets of the spiritual construction and potential healing of every human being.


In Greece, the NET was referred to very directly, as it was in Egypt. There was a famous Greek Gnostic text bearing the title of “The Net”. Ancient Greek coins depict Apollo (the Sun Being) sitting on the Foundation Stone of Delphi; beneath him a Net of energy covers the Foundation Stone of this spiritual city. Interestingly, modern esoteric energy research has shown that the Sun does indeed create critical energetic networks and effects on the surface of the Earth.

231 x 153 = 35343/5.625 (Ark of the Covenant) is 2.Pi 62832/2=3.1416. 6x2x8x3x2=576. The circumference of the eight.
153 were the fishes caught in the net in the story of Jesus and the fishers.

The term “The Net” was also integrated directly into the Greek temple designs. Greek (like Hebrew and other languages) has a system which exchanges every letter of the alphabet for a given number: the Greeks called this system ‘Gematria’. Names thus have a specific vibratory number quality, in addition to the power of the vibrated sounds of the name. In Ancient Egypt the ‘REN’, the name of the person, was understood to be so important that it was considered to be one of the levels of the human subtle body. The Egyptians and Greeks knew that the ‘Names of Power’ carry the true Vibrational Code of the being they name, and can access the power of that being through the Name.

Just as similar sounds will resonate together (one tuning fork, struck and brought close to a second tuning fork of the same musical note, will create vibration in the second fork), so similar number qualities will resonate together also. A Greek Temple for example may have the name ‘Apollo’ translated into a number, and the name ‘The Net’ also translated into a number, and those numbers become then a particular measurement used in designing the Temple. This hidden practice is also related to the power of specific sacred measurement systems. The Egyptian Royal Cubit, the Remen, etc. used in the ancient world.


Spiritual references in the New Testament are derived directly from a combination of Jewish and Greek esoteric Initiation teachings. References to the NET can be found in the New Testament and are also embedded in the later Holy Grail Tradition. Examples include Christ telling his disciples to cast their Nets into the ocean for a miraculous catch of fishes; this is the same image as found in the aforementioned Egyptian temple wall illustrations of the Baboons of Thoth casting nets into the water, to catch the “fishes” of human souls caught in the ‘Net’ of the geometric space-time energy matrix. Reference to their being precisely 153 fishes caught in the Net (in the Appendix of the Gospel of John) is a direct reference to specific Sacred Geometric numbers taught in the Greek mysteries.

As protector and caretaker, knowing that we are living in a time when the Mysteries need to be made public as a natural step in human spiritual evolution.

To give just one example of the information revealed in the articles: for thousands of years, initiation traditions have used the symbols of the five pointed (pentagram) and six pointed (hexagram) stars in public material to represent certain ideas; however they never taught the public the real energy science behind what these forms actually are and what they do. The Pentagram actually exists as a key pattern within every human being’s Etheric Body of life energy, and the Hexagram in 3-Dimensions (commonly referred to today by Leonardo’s term ‘Star Tetrahedron’) is one form of the human Astral Body. The five and six pointed stars (and many other important forms beyond them) were used in Initiation to resonate with higher beings & higher planes, to activate functions within the human subtle bodies, and for powerful spiritual protection.


Even from this very superficial overview, the Masters of the Net initiation tradition is of obvious importance for your own modern spiritual knowledge and practices. A true “Master of the Net” would not only clearly understand the divine principles and the Sacred Geometry Blueprints of Creation, but could also practically apply their knowledge and create any energy effect needed. The Unified Energy Science understands how any one (or all) of the different qualities of nature can be used to create a desired energy effect. In practical terms, the master of this energy science can create a wide range of beneficial effects through knowing how to find and apply the correct shape, angle, proportion, movement, colour, sound and location.

SOUND etc.

SACRED GEOMETRY: is the foundation of knowledge, because it offers the principles of all creation in their most “packed” format.

The “Divine Alphabet” of Shape: every major energy pattern in the world is like a letter in an alphabet. We can learn to read this Divine Alphabet the same as you learn to read an Earthly language as a child, one letter at a time. This is the true language of Creation and the foundation for practical work by knowing the functions created by each pattern.

The Hidden Energy Science of Sacred Geometry: The history of the “Masters of the Net” lineage and the specific principles and practices behind the true Temple Science.

Every holy site around the globe is located in accordance with the holy structure, something which can only be so if all of them used one and the same source of knowledge, these numbers relate to the zodiac cycle and the eight within it.

For instance Stonehenge, its latitude is 51 degrees 10 min 42.3529 sec. 21600/51 = 423.5294118. Divided by 10”min” is 42.35294118. 2160.0 is of course 1/12 of the great zodiac cycle, other sites will show numbers such as 288,576, 1728 etc. which are the numbers associated to the eight. Anyone who has seriously studied the material in the articles will also realise that they are placed related to the completion. The grid of course is an adjusted one, taking the Giza pyramid as the zero line.

A transformation process which the classical Masons called “The Royal Art”.



Moshiya van den Broek