268. Self-awareness

Self-awareness, even as or of a single thing needs everything.

Each signal that reaches us through the sense receptors imprints itself and this signature is then able to recognize itself and connects itself to all other signals associated with it, including the very words we give to it. When you see a glass in front of you, you do not need to think of it or seek for a word, it is simply directly there, as it is connected to the image, and when it, “the stored image”,  recognizes itself through the light that falls upon the object, and is similar to that which is stored, it will trigger associated thoughts and or feeling to arise, “glass” and perhaps “thirst”. These signals, call it a frequency fingerprint, is a geometrical one, much in the way water stores information through arranging it in geometrical patterns.

The more similar imprints the stronger its point of view becomes and the more judgemental it becomes, ideas become fixed, that is the way I see it, a conditioned mindset, they solidify.

A cell recognizes an equal cell. A leave recognizes an equal leave. A branch a branch, a tree a tree and a forest a forest. The one is the object, the other the “field” in which the objects are. This field is aware of the whole, the object only of itself. But the one cannot be without the other if there is no reflection, then there is no recognition. More complex organisms recognize more of itself as a whole and identifies itself with its reflection.

This field is both the clay and the model, the flower and its seed, the tree and its fruit. While it becomes more complex it loses its recognition as a single thing. In other words you do not recognize self on a cellular level any more but as the sum of all its parts. The imprints that come through the senses build “personality”. This collective of single points could not be unless there is a whole.
In other words it solidifies and becomes less fluid, more material.

So your self-awareness has another level, that what scientist call the sub-conscious. The unconsciousness does not exist, merely levels of connectivity. And just like you, your daily self-awareness only recognizes to its level of its connectivity. Its tune, and that which resonates to its likeness, triggers a note like a string of a harp being pulled, tuned by that it has reflected. It, in turn, resonates all that is closely related to it, this principle causes thoughts and feelings to arise.

Without reflection there can be no recognition no self-awareness, no uni-verse.

Each level of cells as a whole is an organ that connects to the next, one might not recognize the next but its influence is there nevertheless. And because the whole as cells resonates its own collective, it paints on the canvas we call life. Due to the barriers between the individual cells and its collective, we lose awareness of one level and blindness sets in. It can only relate to the sum. Not the cells that make up the hand, but the hand as a whole.

Receptiveness is limited to the senses, while the field, “the whole of whole”, is unlimited. By letting go of the identification the lower grade of self-awareness, which is like a cup with a lid on it, one can unify with the whole.

Identification on the material scale is like identification with the reflection in a mirror, the Holy grail, the cup from which one drinks gives eternal life. The living water is the sum of the whole without the loss of awareness of all its parts. No matter how small, because their source lies in the non-material.

Light is already one step towards the material, the so called nothingness, a field of potentiality is the paper light writes on. Yet this so called nothingness is aware of all within it. And in the heart of every part within it is a full and perfect copy of this nothingness that is connected with all. Its nature is expressed in: in the fire of wisdom burns the flame of love. This is the true light, it differs from the light you are familiar with. This light too, is like the flame seen in the mirror, it might look like it but the qualities are lessened, its heat and revealing power, that it only reflects that which is already material.

These two videos above will show that sound, frequency, light and words cause geometrical patterns, and God said: “let there be light”.

Once such pattern is imprinted it tends to imprint itself on others, just like sound itself. Someone once spoke of morfic fields, and showed it with a monkey that started to wash a potato in sea water, once a critical number of monkeys did the same, monkeys on other islands which were not physically connected were starting to wash the potato too. Be it a mental or physical action both cause a resonance that effects the world around it.

Such are the memory imprints, the electric magnetic waves (electricity has its own natural flow), and carry information in its geometrical pattern.

Each utterance has its own pattern. Each action has its own imprint. Some originated from the very beginning and like a once imprinted “geometrical pattern” that causes a sound to be expressed to its pattern so does man. One guides and man’s limited insight who does not know the source, tries to force its own imprint which is unbalanced. Do not words have an impact on your well-being? Are they not the cause of all things? Even if they started in the mind of God like that of man? We embody our thoughts, we cloth them to our own image, filled with desire, fear anger etc., but do not go pointing to others as the cause, as in truth you are all one body in which my heart beats. Find it so you may hear my voice and know I never left you.

You wanted to see for yourself and I gave you eyes but you looked away. You wanted to hear for yourself and I gave you ears but listened not. You were untouched but you wanted to feel yourself and I gave you feeling but felt me not.

Now I give you the truth because you were deaf and blind, even in your life I was there every step of the way, each time your limited insight miss-guided you I was there but you did not listen to me but your self-created guide.

Let go so you can be like children again, not the limited mind that holds on to its own tune, but that one that includes all. You are all brothers and sisters, you are all one, each of you has a unique role to play. Seek not in your brothers and sisters that what does not fit you, but seek in him what makes you whole.

Call me in harmony, be that harmony that unity, the architect, the contractor and subcontractor and the workforce all as one for the good of everyone. Each with the love, compassion and forgiveness that God has for you.

Remember what you see in others is also in you. Focus on the good so it may flourish, become strong and resonate in the world.
Remember, what you do for others you also do for you. In such world there is no need for rulers that make rules to protect part of itself from itself.

It heals itself.



Moshiya van den Broek